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post LP headache for 3 weeks long did yours last ?

hi i had a LP done 3 weeks ago today to test for meningitis came back clear Lp was a bit difficult because they tried 3 times i had whats called a bloody tap anyways ive been having headaches ever since the LP like a pressure feeling in my head and also ringing in my ears.ive been back to the hospital multiple times and they said oh it will pass and even did an mri of the brain but that came back okay just found a pineal gland cyst and partially empty sella which they said nothing to do with the LP anyways my back pain has returned 3 weeks into recovering from it. it's not a full on as when I had it done but definitely worrying me a little. did anyone have these symtoms last 3 weeks ? I feel like im never gonna get better and also saw maybe a blood patch would work but dunno if it would now thats its been 3 weeks gone. some advice please sad

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  • matyboyie

    hey i wanted to reply to you cus no one did my post on here and really felt like i needed help/support.

    i had a lumbar puncture on june 26th and today 11th august im still not right have had over a month off work and still not back full time now. its been an awful 6weeks have felt like iv been falling apart.

    i am loads and loads better then i was but still not right and i have a head mri scan tomorrow morning.

    so for me i had the typical lumbar puncture headache for two weeks after. couldnt even sit up to eat my dinner. since then on and off been getting alot of head pains and an almost like drunk but not quite dizzy feeling all the time which is hard to explain. im on tablets for this now which has helped slighty but still far from right. my dr promises me i wont be like this forever....

    recently my arms n legs have started to feel weird too which has been worrying me a lot!!!

  • matyboyie

    Hi Guys,

    I am currently in the same position as yourselves. 

    Had a LP on July 28th and I'm currently in hospital, I have been for the last 11 days. 

    I've had 2 blood patches and also a glue patch but my symptoms are still there.

    Have you had any relief from symptoms? I'm worried I'm going to be like this forever.

    • victoria12171

      my headaches are not as bad just a bit of blurred vision and sometimes ringing in my ears and mild back pain. I went back to the ER a few days ago they kinda just blew off my symptoms and sent me home. I'm currently just putting myself on strict bed rest and increasing my fluid intake. I'm sorry you are going through such a bad time. have they done scans to find if you have a csf leak?

  • matyboyie

    I'd love to know how you are all getting on now -I had mine 8 days ago-was discharged 4 hours after procedure but back In 2 days later as head was in agony especially when upright-now that head pressure headache has gone and I'm home and can do most things-but I am still getting headaches,shooting pains from neck, aching limbs,hot flashes and a lot of anxiety-itd be comforting to know that you guys came out the other side ok x

  • matyboyie

    Hey I’m new to this website my name is LaShanda on Oct 4 I passed out at work and was rushing to the hospital they didn’t know why I passed out they think I had a seizure the first test they ran was CAT scan came back negative but I was having  severe  headache so they did a spinal tap to check for  meningitis but I have  scoliosis  so it was difficult for them to performance this  procedure when the needle went in I felt a sharp pain going through my left leg and hip I screamed and left then know I that my leg I can’t feel my leg but I had to be very still because the needle was still  punctured  in my back even when they took it out I felt the same pain I had to lay down afterwards for long time but I had to use the restroom... before I could walk by myself but now I couldn’t make to the end of the bed my leg gave out I being to cry because here I am 28 yrs old mother of 4 and I can’t walk to the bathroom... so they gave me something for pain moved my room and I waited for my mri I had to use the restroom again but this time I couldn’t put no pressure at all on my leg legs I cried because the pain is severe at that point I knew something was really wrong but my mri came back negative as well I was discharged from the hospital Friday October 6th and now is walking with a walker I can walk on my own I’m in a lot of pain I don’t know what to do... anyone has any answer for us please respond 

  • matyboyie

    Mine was through epidurals but I had a dural tap, had the horrific headache and was sensitive to light after a day and it gradually got worse, after 3days they gave me a blood patch, which didn't work, I was back in hospital 2days later, they tried to hydrate me and it made no difference so after another 2 days they gave me another blood patch, it relieved the pain a biy but it took me a long time to become vaguely normal again it's been 2 years for me and I now have serious back problems due to this, I remember the specialists saying if you lay flat for 3 weeks then it would relieve itself but I couldn't of coped like that for 3 weeks. I'd say go back to the hospital and tell them you can't carry on the way you are if in alot of pain and maybe they'd consider a blood patch? Hope you improve soon.

  • matyboyie

    Hi guys - I had my LP on Saturday. All fine until Monday morning when I got the mother of headaches. It got progressively worse and then I also developed this loud motor like noise in my ears. Today is Weds and in the last 6 hours the headache has somewhat subsided but the noise in my ear seems to have instensified. Did you go back to the same ward for a blood patch? I’m going to ring them first thing tomorrow morning.


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