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Extreme Constant Back and Neck Pain After a Lumber Puncture

I had a Lumbar Puncture 2 months ago to rule out meningitis and it turned out to be negative. I was admitted to the hospital for extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, and headaches. I was diagnosed with migraines and the lumbar puncture was just one of the many tests that they ran. The procedure itself took about 10 to 15 minutes and was very painful, however unlike a lot of the stories on here the doctor didn't miss or have to stick me several times in order to get my spinal fluid. They had me laying down flat on my stomach and used an x-ray to find where where he was going. After the procedure the tech. that helped the doctor told me to move myself to the other bed so that I could be transferred to my room as I was being admitted for further testing. The doctor told me to lay down on my back and be completely still for four hours which I did. I only sat up in my bed after the 4 hours were up however about 3 hours after I did sit up, I was in extreme pain in my back. I never had a headache after the spinal tap apart from the Migraines that they diagnosed me with but it did not result from the spinal tap. It has now been 2 months since this has happened and I have still not been back to work because I cannot bend over at all. My pain is from the puncture site in my lower back and shoots up my spine to up upper back and neck. It also will shoot down my right leg from time to time. Sitting is the absolute worst for me it, I can stand for a little while before it starts to hurt me really bad. A week after I had the spinal tap, I went to a pain clinic and had a MRI done to make sure that my spine is not leaking and its not. I am now in physical therapy twice a week and it does help but only while I am there. My doctors and my PT have never seen anything like this. Has anyone experienced anything like this?

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  • tisawar19517 tisawar19517 Autumn3267

    Hi Autumn

    I too have had a lumbar puncture done two days ago for possible aneurysm but thankfully fluids came our clear. I also never had any follow headaches but a very sore back. I asked my consultant when will the pain stop he replied usually a few days after the LP but if it continues after a week consult with my GP for further advise.

    Maybe your GP can investigate why the pain is lingering. I'm hoping my back pain doesn't last and pray you recover soon.

  • summer 60308 summer 60308 Autumn3267

    I know this is months later but can you tell me if it ever got better? I had one lumbar puncture a year ago and felt perfectly fine almost immediately. Then this time i had another 4 weeks ago and i am in pain since. My back, my neck, and i do get headaches. The tension in my neck and back is the worst though. I thought maybe since its been sometime you can share some insight if it gets better. Thank you

    • Autumn3267 Autumn3267 summer 60308

      Hi Summer, its been 7 months today since I had the LP and I am still in pain but not near as much. After about 3.5 or 4 months the pain in my back and neck started to localize in my upper back and neck. It did get better but I am still not where I was before this started. I still can't bend over all the way without being in extreme pain. It took me a long time to even get any doctors to believe me because this is so abnormal to happen after a LP. I am still not working because I can't bend over all the way or pick up objects. Something did happen because of this though. I was diagnosed almost 2 months ago with fibromyalgia. Now they aren't certain about what causes Fibro but, they think it can come from Physical or emotional trauma with the pain for 7 months did. So i believe that the LP caused me to have fibromyalgia. If you are still hurting go back to your doctor because something is wrong. You shouldn't be hurting like this after a LP.

    • summer 60308 summer 60308 Autumn3267

      I would make sure u beleive that diagnosis. I am not a dr and i am not saying dr is wrong. Just my neurologist sent me to get checked for fibromyalgia cause she started saying that to. The dr i went to said you dont just wake up with it like that and you would be surprised how many people with csf issues get misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia. She said im sending a report back to your dr that they need to look at cause and effect you were fine then had a lp and now arnet they need to look at that. Again not saying your dx is wrong just letting you know my experience. sad

  • summer 60308 summer 60308 Autumn3267

    Thank you. Although not what i wanted to hear i thank you for replying. I have been to my neurologist as well as the er where it was done they all just keep saying give it time. Its been to much time though. It is pretty scary.

    • summer 60308 summer 60308 jennifer071376

      Yes, agree. Sitting does make it worse. I have that same feeling. I did find a neurologist who now saif even though its late doesn't mean they cant do a blood patch. So they teied one that day but they couldnt get blood from me. Only got 4cc and needed more. They said my blood kept clotting before they could get to put it in. Thwy are going to attempt again next week. In the mean time they gave me a pain pill that helps but isnt great and said they can do spinal injectables for back pain but i don't really want that. I almost feel like its to high pressure not low like a leak but she thinks its a leak. I told her if you are wrong and no leak will it make my pressure higher? She said no just circulates through. It really is an awful feeling though. I am sorry you feel this way as well. I can't even sit for my 8 hours a day job. Its been a struggle. Just hope one day i become normal.

    • jennifer071376 jennifer071376 summer 60308

      What are your other symptoms Summer? I have extreme neck and back of head pain as well as developed hyperacusis which is severe pain in my ears sad please keep me updated on your blood patch. Did your neuro say leak can cause the pressure and pain in the spine? Worse when sitting? 

    • summer 60308 summer 60308 jennifer071376

      Blind patch didn't work. They have checked everything in mri and ct and say looks fine. Definitely isn't fine. I was hikeing and active before and now hurt all the time and cant sit to work. Anyways i have pain in the neck and back of the head, also upper spine, and lastly ringing in the ears.sad at this point i am pushing for someone to check my pressure cause maybe its high instead of low. Problem is they say mris and stuff dont really accurately tell about pressure. So checking means another lp. I dont know id want to do thatsad what do u think?

    • jennifer071376 jennifer071376 summer 60308

      Ughhh. Not good. I wish I could rewind and say no to the LP. Maybe the blood patch takes some time?? Or maybe you need to do a 2nd patch? I don’t think I would do another LP after this experience. Perhaps the symptoms will lessen with time sad 

    • summer 60308 summer 60308 jennifer071376

      I have to hope it will go away with time

      I see to many stories that theirs didn't though. sad i am worried its like to much pressure. I saw someone somewhere say they had to much pressure after. Idk anymore. They did look at things do mri and a ct and say all looks normal. I have no idea. Its crazy drs look at u like your nuts i feel. My dr was like i havent heard of neck and back really but back of head yes. Which is why she tried blood patch. I wish everyday i could go back. I used to hike weekly and do yoga now i barley do stuff cause the neck pain is so bothersome. The upper back is to but the neck bothers me more.

    • jennifer071376 jennifer071376 summer 60308


      Ask yo try a medicine called Diamox. It would help with high presssure headache. If it doesn’t help it’s probanly still low pressure. I wish I could go back too. My life has been turned upside down.  I’m so sorry sad My Dr today did say it is low pressure spinal headaches etc. I will see a new neurologist in a couple of weeks and hope to have another mri done. I’ll let you know what she says. Also my Dr said this usually works itself out over time. I saw somewhere the longest spinal tap headache on record was 19 months. But of course there are those who suffer daily and don’t know why. I’ll let you know what the new neuro suggests. 

    • summer 60308 summer 60308 jennifer071376

      A recent visit to the er they did give me that ned. I didnt take it cause i wanted to ask my neuro first. I asked her and she said thing with that is if it isnt high pressure it will make your headache even worse i got scared and havent taken it.sad its all scary to me now. Ringing in my ears getting so loud and they never checked my pressure in the lp so.

  • car61670 car61670 Autumn3267

    Hello everyone, it’s bitter sweet reading your posts. I had a c-section 5 weeks ago and a lumbar puncture 4 days after as I went to the Er complaining of back pain. Ended up being kidney failure but now 5 weeks later I’m in emence pain. Feels like the middle of my spine is just going to snap in half. It’s super hard with a new baby as every time I pick her up I could cry. 

    Doesn’t really sound like anyone can help us hey? sad


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