90% cured! Getting close to 100!

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Hey everyone! I was suffering with ETD for almost 4 months and I think I’ve found the light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to give you all an update. I tried everything the ENT’s had given me. Nasal sprays, allergy meds, steroids (Prednisone), antibiotics, sudafed and pretty much everything else you can possibly think of. Nothing helped in the long run. So after doing a ton of research online, I decided to finally try my luck with an upper cervical chiropractor. Two of my friends who live out of state are chiropractors and they had told me that they treat people with ETD frequently and always had great results. They told me specifically to go see an “upper cervical” chiropractor.

So I found one in my town and he told me that he’d had to do X-rays and a thermography scan first to see if he could help me with my ETD. So we did the X-rays and scans and boy was I surprised! Turns out I have a reversed curve in my spine. It’s not normal or straight, it’s completely the opposite of a normal curved spine. I have several issues with my C1 and C2 vertebrae. As shocked as I was, I was relieved because these issues can cause symptoms of ETD.

I've been going to get adjustments for almost 3 weeks now. 5 out of my first 6 adjustments are complete and I'm feeling amazing! I never thought I'd feel this normal again. My symptoms are just completely starting to fade away as my neck/spine gets fixed. My suggestion for those of you looking for answers is to go see an upper cervical chiropractor. Get X-rays taken and see if you have any neck-spine-C1-C2 issues.

My last piece of advice would be to STOP taking any medicines unless its a life and death situation. I felt 1000% better the day after I stopped taking sudafed, Allegra, nasacort, ibuprofen, and any other drug. THEY MAKE ETD WORSE. Most of those drugs are otoxic (which cause tinnitus/ringing in your ears) and my ringing went away 2-3 days after stopping all the drugs. I even stopped taking nexium for my stomach issues because it’s also otoxic as well. Now I’m taking all natural supplements.

So please get rid of all the drugs and go see an upper cervical chiropractor and give it a shot. If you have any neck, spine, C1/C2 issues then chances are that’s the root cause! Adjustments take time so be patient. It’s getting better and it will go away for good. I never thought my ear pressure, clicking, tinnitus, and misery would go away. It finally happened. Please everyone stop taking any drugs unless you 100% need it. Don't let your anxiety control you. You don't need those stupid nasal sprays and allergy meds unless you actually have confirmed allergies! You don't need sudafed because it isn't actually helping and all of these things (especially steroids) will only make it worse. Go all natural. Make sure you're healthy (diet, vitamins, water, etc) and get your body checked with a good upper cervical chiro. Good luck everyone. If you have any questions let me know smile

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    Does Medicare or insurance pay for this treatment ?
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      I'm not sure. I'm actually paying out of pocket for now, and then I will figure out if my insurance covers it later. It cost me $150 for x-rays and scans to start. After that it's $40 per session, so it's really not that bad. I'm happy with my results so I can't complain. 

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    I agree with you re meds, all rubbish and make you feel crap.

    Where do you live? 

    I’m in UK. 

    I’ve also come off all meds and feel better for it.

    I do see a chiropractor but not an upper cervical one, what’s the difference?

    Do you still have a closed eustacean tube?

    Sounds great that you are 90% there.

    Good luck for the last 10%.

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    I agree ,these  meds. Can mess you up even further . I take non . Interesting what you have written . 
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    Brilliant for you Nikos, wonderful news.  I don't think I have any spines issues,

    but certainly have neck and shoulder problems.

    When I next see my ENT consutant I'm going to mention this to him and see

    what he says.

    I was so much younger when my problem began, in the 80's.  And definitely

    I would put mine down to allergies Sinus and Post Nasal Drip ptoblems.

    Thank you so much for sharing.


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      Honestly, ENT's don't really believe in chiropractors. At least mine didn't here in America. If you've been suffering for years with ETD, then clearly the ENT doctors aren't helping you. I think you should go see an upper cervical chiropractor, get diagnosed properly, and get the right treatment. Good luck! God Bless.


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    Thank you for sharing. I have been suffering with constantly stuffy, crackling ears for 3 years -- they crackle in response to tinny sounds -- plates hitting other plates, silverware hitting other silverware, tinny voices on my cell phone, etc., etc. Been to 4 ENTs, including one that was not within my insurance network and which cost me $1000 for one visit as a result. 

    During this time, I did have a Physical Therapist suggest that I might have some C1/C3 issues causing the stuffiness/crackling, etc. and he suggested I go to a chiropractor in April 2017. I have not followed up on his suggestion, but I think I will now, thanks to your suggestion and I will make an appointment with a Chiropractor. I will post again if it helps. 


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    This is the first time I gave ready a real postive answer in this forum. Thank you. And for those who don't think you have a neck, etc. problem, remember the Mexican saying YOU ACCUSTOM YOURSELF TO EVERYTHING EXCEPT NOT EATING.

    Good luck to all who may try this new insight.

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      No problem! I never would have guessed that I had neck/spine issues like this, but I'm glad I found out now. I suggest everyone in the forum go and get x-rays done by a chiropractor. It's a very big factor with ETD. I'm still feeling great! A lot of people are too stubborn to go and find out and thats unfortunate. I care about others and if my experience can help anyone, that would make me even happier. 

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    I doubt I can get upper cervical chiro free in NHS However I could probably ask for physio pharapy would that help?
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      Honestly, I'm not sure. For starters, get x-rays done of your neck/spine and see what the results are. 

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    Hi, i know you posted this 3 years ago but i wanted to know did the treatments work? did the ETD go away? Have you had to endure ongoing treatments afterwards.

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