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Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

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  • Guest M

    My ear sorted!!!

    Hello, after (i'm sorry but only) 2 weeks of prodding and poking and putting oil in and using every ear product under the sun except for the ear candles (cos I burnt myself last time) I am pleased to say I have sorted my ear. After the doctor said there was nothing wrong with either ear I eventually...

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  • ForMartha 2

    Clogged ear for 5 month - lots of exams that show nothing

    Hi everyone,  I must say that I thought about writing down a post here, but I didn't do it till now.  It's been almost 5 month since my misery had started, meaning, the ear pressure, to be specific, it's only on the right ear.  It all started one day, with lymph node that got swollen next to my tragus,...

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  • michael11955 3

    How about this then.

    Two years ago I was diagnosed by a specialist ENT doctor as having ETD.In all fairness he told me there is no treatment & no cure.Despite that I visited two other ENT specialists both were somewhat vague & one actually said that there was no evidence if the complaint. This last month with the problem...

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  • adnarm 1

    Is this ETD? Please help - problem for 5+ years

    Hi Everyone, I am 25,Male British guy living in Canada I have had what I suspect is ETD for the best part of 5 years. How it started: Flu / suspected glandular fever for a month in 2012 - my hearing decreased rapidly and I had fullness in my ears. This only releived once I inhaled steam regularly...

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  • kelly91202 2

    Eustachian tube dilation success stories

    Who has had the eustachian tube dilation and it was a success for you! I have met only 1 person. Mine was NOT a success. They say the success rate is 80%. I would like to hear from anyone who it has worked for.....was it instant or it took weeks for you to feel that it worked.??

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  • miss00623 3
  • sesamegirl 2

    Balloon dilation of eustachian tube blockage

    Hi, I suffered from eustachian tube dysfunction since I got a serious sinusitis and a cold last September. I saw coutless ear and throat doctors and took numerous medicines but cannot unblock my ears. I am doing exercise, massage, sunna and eating healthy food but no cure. I searched Internet and found...

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  • caddddy 2

    Tmj NOT etd??

    Hi all thank you so much for your reassuring replies to my very desperate post the other week, I'm so grateful for your support as it has been a very hard time for me. I bit the bullet today and went to see a private ENT at my local hospital. I was super shocked when he looked in my ears with a microscope...

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  • caddddy 2
  • kunal74429 2

    Tinnitus and excess mucus

    This started a week ago at night I started getting ringing sensation in both my ears which persisted that night and wouldn't let me sleep went to the Ent department and got diagnosed as eustachian tube blockage as I had popping of ears and had to constantly swallow so that the ears feel better had a...

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  • hannah06392 2

    Eustachian tube drains slowly? normal? and other questions

    About a week and a half ago, I started feeling alot of pressure in my ears. I had just recovered from a cold/sinusitis. My ENT doc confirmed it was indeed eustachian tube disfunction and that it will go away on its own. Well 2 days ago after laying on a heat pad, I started feeling fluid in my ear start...

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  • Tympanic 2

    Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Cure

        As far as I know, there is not ETD cure, yet. I am interested in finding one. I am a Caucasian 34 year old man living in Santa Clara, CA. I have a BA in Psychology and work in a Neuroscience Lab. I was diagnosed with ETD a year ago. I have been suffering from it for 17 years. 13 years ago I had a...

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  • alexia69415 3

    Desperte For Advice on ETs.

    Hi all.  I am at the end of my rope.  After suffering from allergies for over a year - non stop.  About 8 weeks ago, suddenly my ears wouldn't "pop".  I've had the wax vacuumed out and my doctor keeps telling me I have blocked Eustachian Tubes.  I've been given anti histamines, steroid nasal sprays,...

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  • DS123 1

    Eustachian tube dysfunction or something more serious

    Hello all I have had Eustachian tube problems for over 2 months ever since an upper respiratory infection with head pressure. My ears are popping and crackling every time I swallow or yawn. I have been to the ENT and they found no infection or hearing loss. I am having very unpleasant discomfort in the...

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  • Alexwolf 2

    ETD for a year and 4 months.

    Hello everybody, this is my first post on this forum. I'm 21 years old and I have been suffering ETD for almost a year and a half. My symptoms include: hissing tinnitus in both ears permanently, popping/clicking when I swallow/ move my jaw and sometimes when i walk.  A feeling of fullness and sometimes...

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  • joevaz32 2

    Possible ETD Issues

    About a month ago I had my second sinus infection and I haven't felt myself ever since. My ears feel clogged, neck tension, headaches, congestion, and I just feel out of it. I've been to 2 different ENT doctors and an allergist who both said that my sinuses are inflamed but nothing else is wrong. CT...

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  • cbdh19 1

    3 + years with stuffy/clogged/crackling ears

    I have had stuffy/full and crackling ears for 3 years. Driving me crazy. The crackling is triggered by clanging sounds -- dishes, silverware, etc. hitting each other, tinny sounds such as microphone amplified voices, and even voices on cell phones -- with the cell phone up to my left ear, the tinny sound...

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  • AmyYamy 3

    Cured my eustachian tube dysfunction

    I've had this problem off and on for years.  I have allergies, so always assumed it was related to that.  Nope.  This past year, I discovered I also have a thyroid issue, and ETD can be related to hypothyroidism.  Well, even on thyroid hormone I still had the ETD.   So I've been researching the web...

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  • eisenhorn 2

    ETD and temperature or air pressure changes

    I've appreciated reading through most of these posts and responses in the ETD discussion, as they have given some good tips, but most importantly have made me understand I am not crazy. Well, I am wondering if anybody with ETD suffers more on days where the temperature and/or atmosphere changes quickly....

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  • denise87090 2
  • laszlo14520 2

    Ear pressure, crackling and post nasal drip worse after eating

    I've been suffering with chronic Eustachian tube dysfunction for 19 months now. I have crackling sounds in my ears every time I swallow and ear pressure build up every time I drive or travel. The pressure in my ears seems to flare up about 10-15 minutes after eating a meal, the bigger the meal the more/longer...

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  • gb69878 1
  • shaivin85010 2

    My ETD experience & myringotomy no tubes

    Hi all, first off let me tell you that I've been stressed about ETD for almost 2 weeks.. Ear problems started on July 2 while showering, a little water got in my ears & stayed for a good week. I got frustrated & stuck a q-tip in my ear & finally came out the water. After that, a throbbing pain kicked...

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  • merlin17090 2

    ETD update

    Hello everyone, ​I'ts been about 7 weeks since I last posted and thought some of you might be interested in my ongoing progression of treatment of this annoying condition. At last post, I had a tube inserted in my right ear ( only side affected ) After 5 weeks I felt no improvement in my symptoms and...

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  • lisalisa67 6

    Please answer

    I have been having issues with my ears since the flu in Decemebr.  I saw the ent a few times and noted mild etd and not to use motrin. I was getting tinnitus and weird ear sensitvity to sound. They blamed motrin use. Dr. Wouldn't do a  scan. Thru a series of drs was told tmj and ended up beginning acupuncture....

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  • sup12345 2
  • hannah06392 2

    Is head pressure a symptom of ETD??

    When i was first have Ear trouble (pressure in ears) 2 months ago, i would feel a slight pressure in the back of my head. Now that my ears are draining and eustachian tube possibly inflamed says the ENT dr, i feel a pretty constant pressure in the back of my head. Its bearable but very uncomfortable...

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  • ann5678 2

    Euschatin tube fluid in ear

    came home on 5/8 with a cold from flying and found out I have fluid in my euschatin tubes. Went to dr who put me on z pak and 1x day predisone for 5 days. Not better so went to ent and was informed my hearing was fine and my eardrum intact so put me me on a heavy dose of predisone for 6 days and afrin...

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  • ibor 2

    ETD only while weight-lifting or on high intensity sports

    Hello all, I've been having ETD for the past two years only when my heartbeat goes to the roof on a high intesity sport or while doing weight lifting. First they thought it was caused by an allergic reaction to house dust. After I cleaned my house more often the ETD was resolved for a while. After a...

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  • hannah06392 2

    Ear hurts, draining, all tests normal

    Ive had this problem for 2 months now. After a sinus infection. I can actually feel fluid draining from the ear down to the throat. They say draining is good. But I also will feel pressure in the ear, throbbing/pain around and behind the ear. I even feel pressure in the back of the head! It is just...

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  • mike 05061 2

    Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation

    I have been experiencing Eustachian tube dysfunction starting about 4 years ago. Over the last 8 months it has been non-stop with ear closing off, crackling, popping, clicking when I swallow, pressure and tinnitus. I live on the wast coast of US in Seattle and have been to 2 GP, 5 ENT, 2 Allergists,...

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  • needsomehelp26 2

    Are balance problems normal with eustachina tube dysfunction

    Hi, I have been suffereing from eustachina tube dysfunction for 1 and a half months. During this time I have been having problems with my balance among many other symptoms. I was wondering if anyone is having similar problems with ETD. I was given methylprednisolone tablets, I am getting so worried I...

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  • needsomehelp26 2

    Seeking advice with an update on my ETD and ENT visit

    Hello all, I would like to say it has been a blessing to hear from all of you and the amazing help I have received on this forum. It is always nice to have someone to talk with about this miserable condition. I have recently been to the ENT on Monday the 8th and wanted to give an update. I have been...

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  • nellie53 1

    worried sick :(

    i had an ear infection about 5 weeks ago and was given amoxcillin and nasonex .amoxoxcillin did nothing and had another antibiotic. infection seems to have gone and my hearing is not too bad but i have a ringing in my head (ears) and have just today started to "pop" my ears using the Lowery manuver....

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  • needsomehelp26 2
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