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You may not remember me but I came here last year in denial about my alcohol consumption. I was drinking about 240 units a week and didn't see a problem. People on here insisted that i needed to do something about it and i did. I'm so much happier for it. I began reducing my alcohol intake but my unrelated health took a turn for the worse and i had to go into hospital. Since i couldn't drink in there they put me on a detox. When i came out i did 100 days of sobriety. After that i decided i would cautiously return to drinking sensibly. 4 months on and I am still only drinking 4 units once a week.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone on here for making me see i had a problem and supporting me through it. Thank you!

Speckled Gecko

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    Totally amazing! Outstanding for certain. You are showing many people that the addiction can be beaten. I would not even know what 240 units mean?? Great!!!! Robin
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    Hey good to hear from you again. I certainly remember you!

    So pleased you’ve been able to address your problem and are now in a much happier place.

    Its so good to have an update from people who’ve posted before and whether (good or not so good), In your case a huge achievement and hope you’re really proud of yourself.

    Thanks again for the update. Well done

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    Hey, Just wanted to say Hi to you and well done. Also hello to all, I messaged you guys last year when things were also very bad with me....I was the girl who was moving to Scotland...

     By all accounts we all know cutting down or giving up drinking when you drink massively to cope with life in general is very, very hard. So well done and I am sure you know now its been worth it...

    We'll me too, I remember the last time i drank and i knew that was it, I was done with it. Had to be. I could have easily just sat and drank my life away and even when i was sober my kids would have always had that doubt and disgust in their minds. I was so tired of drinking. Either way I was only ever going to be miserable if i had chose to continue drinking. I was close to death at times, i honestly believe that. I know i have been given second chance and i do look at life in a whole different light now. Just basically make the most of the chance i have been given and i suppose give myself. Not to mention the chance my family gave me and them to actually be a family even with everyting that happened

    I am now living in Scotland with my partner, daughter and i travel over to Ireland to see my son as much as poss, happier, three jobs later i am honestly glad I dont drink anymore. I do work in a shop now which sells alcohol, that is weird if im honest when i serve it. Not that it makes me crave it, if anyting the i want it less....

    Whatever goes on in my mind at times, I have learned that the harder times pass, the feelings do pass. I used to be a person who always thought about when i was going to have my next drink, constant ball of anxiety, depression and guilt. I now try to make the best of what i have in as many ways as i can. Relationship a million times better with daughter and working on things with my son. I like being able to look people in the eye these days and dont look away in shame

    Yes i do get down at times (i have learned to accept that its part of me, drinking didnt solve it, made it worse so i have to focus on other ways to cope with it) but the the need to fix this with drink has gone. Put very simply I will never let anything like drink control me again. Like you and many others it is hard in beginning but life is far worse with it. The guys on this forum will help anyone without judgement, so anyone who is finding it hard right now, keep coming on and at least talk, its a start. It was one of the things that helped me most in the begining.

    Take care all, I will keep in touch biggrin 

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      Totally amazing Sharon! What a new start you have been offered. I looked at an amazing Gin bottle at Tesco 2days simply because it was stunningly designed, but not because I wanted to drink it! Celebrated 5 years sober 31st Dec 2017 with my twin girls, wife, my mother and more and felt blessed like you.Enjoy it. Robin
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      Hi Sharon - it is so good to hear from you again.  I remembered your post name and number straight away.  Really chuffed for  you that it has worked out in Scotland and especially travelling to Ireland to see your son  has worked out.  I remember you were really worried about it.  You have done so well as have many on here.  I do believe this forum is the best and has helped you, me and many on here so much.

      Life sounds good and I am truly happy for you.

      Keep smiling smile x

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    I've written before about seeing if I could drink sensibly after a long time without any. So far I haven't but I've been very tempted! I think I'm too afraid to experiment, if that's the right word. Well done you, keep it up! 

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    I've written before about seeing if I could drink sensibly after a long time without any. So far I haven't but I've been very tempted! I think I'm too afraid to experiment, if that's the right word.Well done you, keep it up! 

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    I don't know why or how that post got on twice. Sorry about that... 

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    Thank you for all the kind messages! Its been hard getting here but I am back to loving life, like back when i was 10.

    Lovely to hear from you again Vickylou! I hope your health is ok at the moment. Do get in touch if you ever want to talk.

    I understand that going back to controlled drinking isn't an option for everyone. But i felt it was right for me now that I'm not having to use it to cope with issues. I can enjoy a drink without using it to forget. I know it is a delicate balance and if I start struggling emotionally again I will cut the drinking out again.

    Well done Sharon! That sounds fab. Keep up the good work.

    Thanks again for all the support. 😊

    Speckled Gecko xxx

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      I drink about 20 units a day sad How did you find it reducing it on a daily basis? Was it working? I've been trying to get in to my GP for months! Hope you don't mind me asking and well done!

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      Hi Kenboon,

      Thank you. I don't mind at all.

      It was hard at first but thats mainly because, one, I didn't want to stop, and two, I was using it as a coping mechanism. The actual reducing wasn't too difficult once I accepted that I needed to and it was working. You probably know this already but make sure you do it gradually. Stopping suddenly can make you have fits and these can be quite serious.

      Once you get your head around the fact you need to reduce, make a plan of how much you'll drink each day and try to stop once you've reached that limit. I found writing down what I was drinking really helpful as it made me see just how much I was having.

      Don't give up on your GP, they can point you towards an alcohol service and i found them really helpful, i still do and may be becoming an ambassador for them.

      If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. 😊

      Speckled Gecko

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      Thanks so much for the reply. To be honest, I suffer with Anxiety. I mainly drink to mask this and to give me confidence. It doesnt help I work from home......... I'll try and drop a unit a day. I tooo have heard stories about just stopping. That's what I'm worried about.

      And again well done to you!!!!! I hope I can be on the same path soon.

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      No worries, very happy I can help. One of my issues was anxiety and it gave me confidence too. But that got me into trouble a few times. Now I'm at a sensible level of drinking, I am still anxious but I don't have the problems that come from drinking high quantities and I'm no longer anxious about being drunk and what might happen. Working through anxiety is better than masking it with drink.

      Yes that sounds like a good plan dropping a unit a day. If some days you struggle don't beat yourself up for sticking at the same unit level. If it takes longer that's fine, the main thing is you're doing something about it. But try not to go back up, that's a slippery slope.

      I'm certainly no expert but I hope what I've experienced can help others in the same position.

      Thanks so much, I'm sure you'll get there, you've made the first step already. Anything else you want to ask, feel free. Good luck!

      Best wishes,

      Speckled Gecko 😊

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