A bit fed up of my stupid health... help please??

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This is a long story...

All my life I have had stomach problems well at least as long as my parents and I can remember (diarrhoea, constipation, pain etc) and from the age of 16 to the age of 21 I also had really bad excema.

When I was 21 I became pregnant with my first child Cameron who is now 7 and throughout that pregnancy everything was brilliant, i was healthy had no tummy bothers and my excema cleared up. However after he was born my tummy problems came back with avengance. The excema stayed away however. I ended up in hospital many times for weekend stays and was eventually diagnosed with Irritable Bowel syndrome and got put on medicine for it. The medicine had no effect though and in February of 2014 i was at macdonalds with my friends and had the first burger i had in ages then within 20 minutes of eating the burger I was severely vomiting. I spent the rest of the night and well into the morning severely vomiting and in a lot of pain. On the next day I called NHS24 who admitted me to the 24 hours doctors on call. After examination they sent me up to the main hospital and admitted me due to biliary colic and a very severe gallbladder infection.

I stayed in hospital for 10 days and in that time my lung collapsed as well due to inhaling some of my vomit and I developed a really bad case of tonsilitis. When they let me go I was told Id have my gallbladder removed within 8 weeks. 

I had it removed 12 weeks later due to holidays etc which was May of 2014. In August of 2014 I also had my tonsils removed as well. I still had a lot of pain and diarrhoea after my operation but put it down to recovery period. In september of 2014 the diarrhoea went from normal to a mix of black coffee like diarrhoea on some days and on others it was yellow like steatthorea and difficult to flush. I also had it every day and basically every time I ate.

In November of 2014 I found out I was pregnant but never had morning sickness just the horrible pain and diarrhoea every day. Now that we are in april 2015 I still have the diarrhoea, pain etc but now I also have very weird coloured vomit that looks like yellow jelly most days as well and the worse nausea I have ever experienced.

I had my bloods taken a week or so ago and my red blood count came back quite low so I had it retaken and sent off again so now looks like everything I have experienced recently has made me anaemic.

I should prbably add my muscles hurt like hell, I se floaters in my eyes and sometimes silver streaks every day and it doesnt tend to go away after a minute either and I am now currently scared of food because of the reaction it has. I have become a bit of a shut in.

I dont know what to do or what could be wrong, I am so depressed and fed up with this and have no energy what so ever. I am also 8 lbs lighter now than I was before pregnancy and im in week 23 of my pregnancy.

Help please!!

P.s. sorry if my grammer or spelling is bad I am shattered and it took it out of me mentally to write this so I havent even bothered to spell check.


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    I recommend fodmap diet. It's easy to digest. For me, who has (had) bloating, bubbling stomach seemingly with everything I ate.

    so now I don't get those probkems

    1) no wheat or wheat based products 

    2) low lactose dairy, Parmesan cheese I eat 200 gms at one sitting. Single cream is ok but definitely not double cream. No skimmed milk it's the worst of the worst, even in chocolate.

    3) I put sugar in tea or coffee - espresso but stopped with mars bars or any other sweets. I used to eat too many.

    4) eating half a cucumber is wonderousky good for my tummy as is a whole raw pepper.

    so what do I eat? Potatoes without cream toppings because that's skimmed milk, porridge in mornings, Nicosia salads from morrisons, cheddar but too much makes me constipated 

    this diet has ended a thirty year old problem for me.

    Amazingly a can of coca cola is marvellous for the tummy because it's got phosphoric acid in it - it's a golden tip

    let me know how it goes ....

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    Hi emmacarries86,

    Have you been tested for HPylori or Helicobacter Pylori. It is a tiny bacteria that lives in your gut and duodenum and causes people to be very ill with acid reflux and sickness and diarrhoea it has a spiral flagella(tail) and burrows into the gut wall.  It can be screened via a stool test or breath test (Urea Test). Go to your GP and ask if you can have one if you haven't had the test.  I recommend taking natural yogurt with antioxident fruit like blueberries, grapes and strawberries, or purchase probiotics from health shop. Natural greek yogurt is good also natural Onken yogurt which contain good bacteria to keep you tum and digestive system in good order also bowels. Chat with your GP about taking the probiotics and nat yogs as you are pregnant......hope this helps carries...best wishes... 

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    Following on from my last comment .... I See you have no gall bladder which means even single cream may be no good for you. but they parmisan cheese as its matured for two years and the fat looks to me, already half digested by bacteria. It's not globular but powdery which may be good for you.

    Also forgot to say leave out beans and peas even soya because it's got indigestible sugars in.

    so, please look carefully at what I said, it took me a lot of testing over 18 months to painstakingly pin it all down.

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    so sorry you seem to be having such a bad time.my daughter had colitis and had lots of problems like yours.

    I would go back to your gp and have a word with him / her ask if you can go see a specialist, explain how worried you are and how ill you feel.

    I'm sure you gp will give you some guidence.

    wish I could help more x holly

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