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Well my Husband went for his check up a few weeks ago, which was interesting. After a recent CT scan as an outpatient, the results have come back saying the the Pancreas now has no evidence of Acute Pancreatitis. No damage, which is great. A bit confusing though as we were first told it was badly damaged?

The Doctor them went on to say that Hubby can now go back to eating normally as we have been so careful as not to eat fat, milk etc.

He then read the notes again and said 'this is interesting, you have sludge on your Gallbladder'. Apparently this was showing on the previous CT Scan when Hubby was admitted into Hospital, but we weren't told about this at the time? Surely this should have been brought to our attention?

So the Doctor then said 'actually, don't change your diet, carry on with the low fat, dairy etc as I think we need to remove your Gallbladder so we have no repeats of your Acute Pancreatitis'. It was put down as an Urgent Operation.

So we are now waiting for a date, but with everything that's going on at the moment, I think this could be a while.

So for now, we are in limbo. Was the Pancreatitis caused by the Gallbladder? Why weren't we told about the sludge before? What does 'no evidence of Acute Pancreatitis' mean?

One more thing, recently the last couple of weeks, my Hubby has been having extremely large stools and has trouble passing them sometimes. He's eating lots of food and has a great appetite. Does he still need to take his Creon if the Pancreas is OK? Unfortunately, 2 doctors I've spoken to don't seem to have the answers?

Thanks in advance

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    this actually makes alot of sense because acute means sudden and usually passing if it was chronic then that would mean life long or until it gets fixed gallbladder issues are notorious for cause acute pancreatitis so when it says no evidence then that means it was just an acute attack so this is all good news. the gallbladder should come out if docs are recommending it

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    The gallbladder, pancreas and liver all share bile ducts. If one organ becomes inflamed then it can cause grief for another. The gallbladder is very common to cause pancreas related issues. Most doctors get the symptoms mixed up, if the patient still has their gallbladder. Once the gallbladder is removed, your hubby will not be able to digest fried anything … he will literally run to the bathroom about five minutes after eating! As far as Creon, I don't know why he was prescribed Creon for an Acute attack, usually Creon is prescribed for chronic pancreatitis because the pancreas is too damaged to produce digestive enzymes. Given the fact it was just an acute attack, I would ask for a fecal test (they're called EPI tests where I'm from) but they measure how much the pancreas is actually digesting/absorbing fats. If he didn't have a test to see if he needed them before, I would strongly ask for the test. As with any organ, inflammation can happen at any time and cause a backup/sludge. Depending on the specialist, some know exactly what it is and some have no idea because it's out of their expertise. For example, my primary doctor saw no reason for my abdominal pain but my CT Enterography showed atrophy of my pancreas. The atrophy was associated with CP but she didn't know because she was only a primary, luckily I was a paralegal and did a ton of research so I brought it to her attention. I was then sent to a GI who ordered a MRCP. The MRCP revealed I had two pancreatic ducts that were clogged and caused CP but that GI still thought my symptoms were IBS. I went to a pancreas specialist and he did 10 procedures before I ended up having my pancreas removed. Make sure he's seeing the right specialist, not every doctor knows the body.

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    Just because there is sludge in the pancreas, that does not mean it needs to come out. (Stones means it probably should.)

    Removal of the gallbladder can not only result in diarrhea, as Shortie said, but can also result in Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. It's an intolerance to opioids that can feel like a heart attack. It's horrible. It can also cause more severe pancreatic problems.

    The doctor may have deemed it "urgent", since many procedures are being put on hold due to Coronavirus. It might be his way of trying to help by elevating the urgency. It's not a disposable organ, though.

    Make sure your GI is a pancreatic specialist, not just a regular GI. Yours may mean well, but a second opinion is warranted. Whenever two people give you radically different answers, keep digging before agreeing to surgery. Ask for EUS or MRCP. A CT isn't sufficient.

    I would continue on the low fat / high protein diet (it's not a bad idea in general). Also, avoid alcohol and fried food, and eat steamed veggies, not raw. Monitor your husband for future attacks. Some people can prevent attacks via diet modification. Monitor very closely for rapid weight loss. That points to a chronic condition.

    I would also look into Colace and Magnesium Oxide to help with passing stools. I take Colace at night and Magnesium in the morning, so I don't get the "runs". Be careful to get the right magnesium, as there are many kinds.

    Just remember: you can never get an organ back once it's gone. Get more information before making a decision.

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    keep taking g creon I would you really want to talk to your surgeon,doctors are only practioners the surgeon would give you more of what's going on

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