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Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Disorders

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  • mike996 2

    Pancreatitis or something else?

    I am a healthy 20 year old male, I don't drink or smoke. I have never had any major health issues. The last month or so I have had occasional discomfort in my stomach after eating with some nausea. I went to the doctor 3 days ago and got my blood tested and got a call to come back because my

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  • Sadwinkey 1

    Possible pancreatitis. Please help!

    Hey everyone. In a bit of a bind here. 24 years old here, moderate drinker. Only beer though, never drink liquor. About 3 weeks ago, i began experiencing a dull, constant ache in my upper abdomen, that was especially pronounced after eating. It wasn't excruciating, but after a few days, it was

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  • Skribbler 2

    Can chronic pancreatitis cause constant burning tongue?

    I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis approximately three years ago, mainly based on slightly elevated lipase levels (usually appr 50-75, with the normal range at this particular lab being 15-48), as well as an intermittent slight tingly, prickly feeling in my upper left back. I also had a

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  • JSJLMS72 3
  • Guest M

    My mother was diagnosed with severe actute Pancreatitis ...

    My mother was diagnosed with severe actute Pancreatitis last month. Until then I had never heard of this condition. Mum was admitted on the Monday with severe abdomen pain and vomiting. The hospital quickly diagnosed Pancreatitis, at what stage was unknown. They immediately put Mum on a drip

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  • carlyone 2


    I had acute pancreatitis a few months ago. Now, the doctors are thinking that it ma be chronic or autoimmune pancreatitis.   I am achy, in lots of lower and upper abdominal pain, but no vomiting,as yet. Can't eat because afterwards it always makes me sick.  My question ls:  can you have

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  • David94001 2

    Does this sound like Chronic Pancreatitits?

    Hello! I have been struggling with chronic undiagnosed Abdominal pain for 4 years. And I want to know if what I'm going through sounds like chronic pancreatitis. To start off I'll tell you my background I am 18 I am a male and I have had my appendix out (acute appendicitis) and gallbladder out (

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  • lynds214 2

    Low lipase level. I'm scared.

    Hi everyone. A little about me first. I'm a 35 year old woman. 133 lbs. Non smoker. Occasional wine drinker. So in the past 2 months or so I've been very dizzy and weak off and on. In the past 3 weeks I have been very sick with diarrhea and still have the extreme dizziness, fatigue and weight

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  • sharon2510 2

    Do I have Pancreatitis?

    since September 2015 I have been experiencing pain below my left rib that travels to my lower back and sometimes to my shoulders. The pain happen after I eat. It used to be about 30 minutes after I ate but now it can be about 15 minutes when the pain starts. I had a blood test and the Amylase

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  • stacey25656 3

    Help what's to eat???

    I have pancreatitis & um struggling what to eat as in meals! Also what sugar can I have I feel weak as I've had no sugar. No-one has really sat down with me & told me what I can & can't eat. I've looked on various websites but some say you can eat things & then some say you can't! It's like I'm

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  • lucy98147 2

    21 year old female, terrified I have pancreatic cancer!

    Just putting it out there - I have suffered with health anxiety in the past but I'm so convinced I have something wrong this time. For a month now I have had left side pain, in my back and stomach between ribs and hip bone. The pain is dull and persistent - not bad. I can continue as normal,

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  • pasqual 2

    Afraid i might have pancreatic cancer or other problem

    I'm 21, about 2 and a half weeks ago i woke up with a mild pain on my upper right abdomen near the gallblader area, it would come and go, went to the doctor got a urine/blood test and abdominal x-ray and they all came back fine. ​now i am having some pain to the left of the bellybutton and

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  • kathy0279 1


    I have had chronic pancreatitis for 2 years. I have been on creon for several months now. Of and on this past year I get very intense cramping type pains in my stomach and back. It is not the typical constant pain of pancreatitis. Has anyone felt this or know what is causing it? Please help

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  • huascar30 2

    IBS or Chronic Pancreatitis

    orks - I guess I will find out soon 10 years after my first EUS. I still don't have a diagnosis for CP but 10 years ago I had an EUS with 3 criteria for CP with a slightly elevated lipase 400 (ref 54-165). For the last ten years my amylase has been normal except the last two blood work which showed

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  • alex21614 2

    TPAIT cost?

    Does anyone know the cost of the TPAIT? And has anyone here had it done? Could you let me know what you know about it thanks

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  • kwstratton 2

    Chronic Pancreatitis - surgery - HELP!!

    I have never posted on a site before but hoping someone has had a similar experience and can provide some guidence.  I was diagnosed with CP in 2014.  Have had 15 or more stones and more that 8 stents put in through ERCP.  I have had 4 psuedo cysts that have burst that have had to be drained.  I

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  • ibot 1

    Whipple surgery

    Hi! My husband has had Chronic Pancreatitis for three years. A year and a half ago he had stents put in his pancreatic duct. He had to have the ERCP twice in six months. He handled his pain during the year and a half with helps with the inflammation. His diabetes was under better

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  • alex21614 2
  • basten 3

    pain in middle left back

    I had pancreatitis. All checked out unknown. I have no gallbladder. late at night on eating last meal I always still get pain middle of back to the left. It feels like something is inflammed. Bloods all ok. Eus all ok. Does anyone else get this????

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  • huascar30 2

    How fast did you progress to severe CP?

    Dear All - I hope you are having a better day today. I want to take a quck survey regarding the progression of the disease for those of you who were diagnosed with mild chronic pancreatitis.  I was inconclusive in the EUS 10 years ago. I have mild symptoms but nothing significant. Anyone out there

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  • bb123 3
  • phillyboy 1

    Pancreatitis and diarrhea

    I had very acute pancreatitis and was in the hospital for a total of 68 days. I didn't eat for 96 days. I had a pic line for over 90 days and now I have had a feed tube for the last 4 months. I've been eating regular food since the feed tube hasn't been used for the last month and a half or so. It'

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  • alexis91489 1


    My story It began when I was 14 years old. My mom took me to the doctor for severe stomach pain and nausea. The doctor ran no tests and said it was pain from "vomiting." Days went on and the pain got worse. I remember my mom making me go to school after a few days of "faking it." I remember being

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  • huascar30 2

    Question about pain location - please help

    Hi All - I am just curious to know the description of your pain and location. For instance, I feel some mild pain in the middle-left part of the abdomen after 1-2 hours after consuming a meal. Rarely have I felt pain in the epigastric area. The pain is felt 90% of the time with movement. If I am

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  • siteshrajan 1

    Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis_Problems and Life Expectancy

    Hello, I have been diagnosed with Chronic Calcific Pancreatitis 6 months ago with epigastric pain, radiating to back and increased postprandially associated with steatorrhoe undoucmented weight loss. CEC Abdomen showed chronic pancreatitis with dilated pancreatic duct and extensive calcification. I

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  • huascar30 2

    Is this pain from the pancreas?

    I have been somewhat symptomatic lately, and perhaps you can help explain. In recent months while taking long showers, I feel mild pain in the middle-left part of the abdomen. It is almost too low to be considered pancreatic pain. It gets really bad when I lay down face down on my bed. I grab a pillow,...

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  • bb123 3

    Pancreatitis or Gastritis? What is going on?

    Since last year, have been having warmth in back off and on for a year after eating. Ct scan was done and only showed thickened adrenal gland (no cancer) Blood tests were ok. This year having pain in Center and a bit to the right side after eating (no gall bladder). Just had endoscopy and showed

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  • clarald 1

    Chronic Pancreatitis took me to hell and back!

    Hi, I believe my history of this condition started in 1977 at the age of 24, I began to get discomfort in my abdomen which my GP could not explain and would do anything about, it was not a major problem to me at that time I just new something was not right. About 10 years later things got a lot

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  • chepox 2

    Suspect Chronic Pancreatitis. Need help with my symptoms.

    Hi everyone. Male/37y/83kg. I need help with my symptoms. I believe I have CP but doctors reluctant to call it.  Symptoms (Going on for 8 months now): - Dull pain in upper abdomen right under the right rib (always right rib never left side) sometimes radiates to back like muscle pain. Kinda like a

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  • karen07883 2

    Chronic functional abdominal pain or Chronic Pancreatitis

    Hi There, I am posting this in the hope that someone maybe able to steer me in the right Over the past year I have seen 3 GI specialists and one chronic pain specialist to get to the bottom of my pain. I have had epigastric pain and pain under my right rib a little over a year now

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  • huascar30 2

    Is this Chronic Pancreatitis? 10 years later

    In 2007 and was flying from a business trip and had several shots of whiskey.  I fell asleep and woke up with some abdominal discomfort, a sense of fulness and lost of appetite. I went to the ER and blood test revealed mild elevations of serum lipase (less than twice the normal). Amylase was

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  • lance95170 1

    Looking for advice on lifestyle changes with Pancreatitis :(

    Double Newby here New with haveing Pancreatitis and Forums so feel free to help with that. I've had 2 episodes on Acute P in the last 150 days. Both sent me to the ER for a sleepover for 4 days. The problem I've noticed is that it seem to flare up on me and is freaking me out. I haven't had to

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  • linda86611 1

    Preparation for pain control

    After months of scans and tests, it appears I have chronic pancreatitis. I am now being referred to a pain consultant. I have had no treatment for the substantive illness, and no indication as to whether the cyst abutting my mesenteric artery may subside, or remain as a permanent fixture. Any

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  • malves2014 2
  • chrisd625 2

    How long do symptoms from pancreatitis last?

    I had pancreatitis a few weeks ago. I was in the hospital for 3 days. The pain in my back has subsided, but I seem to be having some symptoms with digestion that don't seem to be getting better. Does anyone know how long this is expected to last? Does it get better eventually or is this something I

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