Pancreatic cancer fears

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i am a 39 year old male. diagnosed with fatty pancreas in 2016. issues have been off and on since that time until Feb 20 of this year. since that time i have lost 20 pounds going from 240 to 220.

Since February 20

Lower back pain

Pancreas area pain

Stomach grumbling when I don’t eat

Gassy in morning upon waking

Nausea when I do eat

Constipation (!!!)

Pain in pelvic/bowel area left sided

pain specific to upper back band (where a womans bra strap would be roughly, this pain shoots in waves)

Loss of appetite

Flank pain when active

Groin pain

Nausea persistent

Buttocks pain

vein pain? in scrotum


Feeling in bowel/pelvic/hernia area like I have to go to the bathroom but it’s just trapped gas

my bloodwork showed a blood glucose of 102. lipase was 25.i had a ultrasound that did not show my pancreas, but showed fatty liver. this has persisted so long that it cannot be anything besides Pancreatic cancer i feel like. i have a 5 and 7 year old who are my entire life. by the way mg CA-A-19 was 14.3

i have an MRI i need to do and an upper scope. i dont drink or smoke for a decade but i have chewed tobacco as a risk factor. i just feel like my time is up, and there is nothing else it could possibly be.

looking for someone to talk to as i feel alone and sad and have lost joy with life beyond other thjngs as i have a senior citizen father j care for. my heart is broken and i feel no hope

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    i have an upper scope scheduled this friday and ab MCRP/MRI on the 21st. i am very concerned at what will be found. is there anyone here with similar symptoms or advice?

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    had an upper scope today. gastritis was the main thing they found. still need to do a contrast MRI MRCP but doctor said with the testjng i have had like tumor markers i should not be concerned. didnt talk about pancreas at all for some reason

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    of course upper scope only revealed gastritis and was given medication for that. seems like doctors love to just pin it on gastritis. but its my pancreas that hurts

    man no one ever responds here. just updating on my situation in the event somebody someday reads this. The GI doc said he was confident its not cancer due to the testing he did but my general practitioner said that CA-A-19 is not a good diagnosis tool

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    pain in my left flank hasnt subsided at all. there is deep left pelvic pain as well and the pain between my shoulder blades hits like a lightning bolt at times. still convinced this is some kind of tumor or PC.

    I heard there is a sharp rise in PC due to the peptides found in COVID which i had in January before all this started. it "targets" a set of organs and among the liver, and heart one of those is the pancreas

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    on top of the pain; there is actually spasm or twitching going on in the area of the organ which isnt good. at best this is chronic pancreatitis. at worst i would have to imagine its pancreatic cancer.

    the pain in my pelvic area and in my left buttocks which seems like some kind of inflammation cant be normal or just related to gastritis

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    doctor after my scope said it could be pancreatic insufficiency syndrome but the pain feels too bad for that

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    anyone read anything here that looks familiar

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    here is the results of MRI/MRCP


    The patient is status post cholecystectomy. The cystic duct stump seems normal. The common bile duct measures 3.4 mm, the common hepatic duct measures 2.9 mm. The right hepatic duct measures approximately 2.0 mm, the left hepatic duct measures approximately 2.1 mm. There is normal tapering of common bile duct to the ampulla. There are no filling defects in these structures. There is no segmental narrowing to suggest strictures. The pancreatic duct is normal as well.

    The visualized lung bases, cardiac chambers seem normal. The liver demonstrates signal characteristics compatible with fatty infiltration. There are no discrete lesions on T1 or T2 weighted images in the liver. Postcontrast, there are no obvious abnormally enhancing lesions in the liver. The spleen, pancreas, adrenal glands, kidneys appear normal. The abdominal aorta has normal caliber. There is no retroperitoneal or mesenteric adenopathy. The bowel loops are of normal caliber.

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    hi Clint, does this mean your pancreas isnt the problem? I'm having lots of the same symptoms, my doctor is adamant that its not pancreas related and is pushing for a gastritis diagnosis but my pain and strange symptoms dont seem to fit that.

    they wont even entertain the pancreas as they say I would be in excruciating pain and vomiting

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      it seems as though he wants to pass over the pancreas entirely. i am trying to demand to see a pancreatic specialist. the pain is very pronounced. its my pancreas.

      its a new type pain too that comes with all the other symptoms i mentioned. doctors even GI specialists just seem stumped when it comes to it.

      i asked about did they look at it during the upper scope and like they said "we stay away from that organ."

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    everything is exactly the same for me. pain, gurgling, rumbling. twitching by the pancreas. nausea a little bit better but overall theres clearly something wrong. pain in my left groin and buttocks. like a weird cold feeling or sensation if its not a burning feeling. its very different. how could they be missing this? appetite comes and goes

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    wanna note that dairy definitely seems to make it worse which i usually 100% avoid but yesterday had it accidentally. its awful today

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    my pain is in the upper back. it seems like all GI docs want to blame irritable bowell or gastritis when its clearly pancreas

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    all issues pretty much continued except the nausea is better and the pain in my left side is a little better. discomfort in my upper back is worse.

    i cant see a pancreatic specialist until the 5th of september.

    i dont think its for sure cancer but i do think at best its chronic pancreatitis

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      any update Clint?

      Having similiar symptons. where is specifically your pancreas pain location?

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