Chronic Pancreatitis?

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I have been dealing with upper left quadrant pain that rides the rib line or moves to lower left side from time to time. Urine, blood, CT Scan, HIDA Scan, Ultrasound, and MRCP came back normal.

I am worried that I somehow skipped passed Acute and straight to Chronic without any warning. Possible? Is this just the beginning until it starts to become worse and identifiable in a few months and years?

Pain sometimes correlates to food and other times not. No nasuea after eating or major discomfort. The pain never feels internal but on the ribs or a warm tingle sensation below sternum or mid back or around lower rib.

Stomach has seen an increase in gurgling and multiple bowel movements from the time I wake up through the first hour.

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    Hi Tyler. I don't have any answers for you but can say that I am experiencing the same exact thing as well. Mine came on suddenly one day and has never left since. Have had all the same tests done as you as well. I too, am wondering if you can skip acute or miss it and go right to chronic. Sorry you are going through this as well.
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    Natural31943 - Sometimes eating big meals makes it go away or less painful. I have quit drinking and chewing tobacco and seems to help. I also had an EGD that was negative but wondering if it was a missed ulcer or gastritis. I am relatively young at 32, never would have thought I would have to pay this early on in life....
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      I'm with you. Only 33. I have given up alcohol completely myself. It's very frustrating, the pain and how it affects your quality of life. In addition to that, not having any professional be able to identify what is wrong. My GP set me up with physical therapy to help release some of the muscle tension in that area. I have only had a few sessions so not sure if its helping yet but something to look into maybe.
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      I would assume inflammation/scarring would have to be present to correlate to the pain one is experiencing. Which none has been detected. Small hope that it is some transient GI issue but reality isnt painting that picture. Is there anyone on this forum that dealt with months and years of these symptoms prior to positive test results? In my vast research of the web, I have not come across a chronic story without positive test results or a history of acute attacks prior to their chronic diagnosis.
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    Hi Tyler, I was diagnosed with IBS years ago and just put up with constant symptoms ongoing.  I never had the acute abdo pain many describe that is diagnosed as acute pancreatitis.  Only last year did I have more of a stomach ache than acute pain in that region which was unusual for me, I was pretty sick and admitted to hospital, they thought it was a dodgy kidney (duh) but found nothing so I asked for a thorough investigation when I saw my GP after discharge. 

    I had abdo CT with contrast which showed calcifications on my pancreas and was given the diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis by the gastro guy I saw as a result.  The scan shows the entire abdo region so that might be a good idea for you.  

    Anyway I guess the acute stage was missed, or rather viewed as something else until a more throrough investigation showed I'd advanced to chronic.  My problems have been constant since despite meds/enzymes.  I've never been a drinker.

    Having severe malabsorption meant I had malnutrition and I have ongoing problems associated with that. (I can't count the times I asked my doc's over the past 6 years whether it was possible I wasn't absorbing nutrients prior to diagnosis, I'm so cranky about it).

    I think there would always be symptoms of one kind or another in the lead up to chronic, I don't think that stage doesn't happen, perhaps the symptoms aren't recognised or are fobbed off or put down to something else incorrectly.

    I had constant discomfort after diagnosis and was prescribed an anti-inflammatory, Ranitidine, a few months ago which has helped.  I'm due for more tests because my bones seem to have been impacted, I have a lot of pain which affects my mobility and other things

    I still have bowel issues, discomfort and a constant very bloated abdomen.  I take 2 x 50,000 Creon immediately before food and sometimes twice that, it depends.

    I'm not happy that perhaps the symptoms could have been arrested much earlier.  I have no idea what the future holds as a result.

    Yesterday the gastro prescribed another med which he said will eliminate the bloat (I'll believe it when it happens) but unfortunately the script isn't with me so can't tell you what that is at the moment.  If it works I'll post because a lot of people seem to have the problem without resolution.

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      Hi reefsider I have been having flares/episodes for 7 years now & was diagnosed with ibs. I really don't think this is what I have though. I have constant upper mostly central pain about 3 inches above my belly button. This pain is constant 24/7 that can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. It then magically starts to get better than disappears completely. I can be fine for a few months & then it comes back again. This pain is a constant ache/burn. I have had all the usual tests a few years back, ultrasound, colonoscopy, endoscope, tested for celiac etc...diagnosis was ibs but my symptoms don't sounds like ibs... any input would be greatly appreciated 😀
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    I have had severe pain in my upper left quadrant and also in the middle, between my breast bone for about 4 months now.  It is excruciating and I also have deblitating nausea with it.  I don't always throw up with the nausea, although sometimes I wish I would as it feels like it may help it.  I have been to the ER multiple times and finally went to a GI doctor last week and he performed an EGD of which I am waiting on the results. he took several biospys.  I had my gallbladder removed (about 10 yrs ago) and also have had to have 2 seperate surgeries to remove stones from my bile duct.  I had one acute attack of Pancreatitis about 3 years ago, and have had attacks of this pain and nausea ever since, even though I have been told it is not my pancreas, it sure feels like it. Only once has my lipase levels been elevated since the acute pancreatitis attack, but my white cells and platelets have both been low. So,  I am at my wits end to find out what is going on. The pain and nausea have now gotten almost constant and I have just been almost constantly confined to bed.  My doctors seem to think I have an ulcer, but I don't believe this is ulcer pain.  I am taking Dexilant due to over production of stomach acid and eating only seems to make it worse.  This is absolutely driving me crazy!! From all the research I have done, my symptoms point to chronic pancreatitis or maybe even worse.  What are your doctors saying about your pain and elevated lipase levels? I am just wondering if my pancreas was damaged during one of the surgeries associated with my gallbladder and ducts!
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    Tyler dont know if my experience can be of any help since I still do not have a conclusive diganosis of CP.  Have suffered back pain to varying degrees for this last 18 months, in the lower left quadrant, which impedes my walking and on occasions gives me pins and needles down my leg.

    Am convinced the problem first started with an episode of excruciating pain in my left side which only lasted for about 2 minutes.  I am assuming this was my bout of AP and am convinced it resulted in enough scaring to cause CP. 

    Have had blood test which showed elevated levels of the enzyme amalyse which apparently supported my theory but more recently a repeat of the test showed it had normalised again. 

    In conclusion your bout of AP may have been very breif and perhaps mistakenly assumed by you to be indigestion.  Fianlly, GPs do not seem to give much credence to the condition of CP and this I can empahtise with your situation; it is also a very difficult condition to diagnose which also does not help.  


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    I have this too.

    its been 7 months, i already had ibs and am certain its not that.

    ive been taking mebeverine when i wake up so that im no longer on the loo all morning, its cut down to twice now with less urgency.

    my actual rib cage & my back has started to hurt, too.

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