CP. What can I expect?

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I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis 8 months ago.  I went to the ER and was hospitalized for 2 days with no food or water until the pain subsided.  The doctors told me to give up alcohol so I haven't had a drop since.

In June I went to my regular doctor for a follow up.  She did blood work and found that my Lipase and Amylase levels were still high.  She referred be to a GI doctor.  The GI doctor did blood work and saw that the levels were still high.  He scheduled me for and endoscopy.  I had the endoscopy this morning and I was told that I have Chronic Pancreatitis and that the pancreas is inflamed.  He prescribed an antibiotic.

I have been searching for information about CP and all I've seen are stories from people talking about managing the pain.

I feel fine.  I haven't had any pain since this first started in January.  I know that alcohol is a contributing factor so I will remain sober.

Can people live the rest of their lives with CP and no pain?  Should I expect pain in the future as part of this condition?


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    From what I have read (I don't have cp but have symptoms) you can have it with no pain but your in the minority so very lucky! Just keep away from anything that irritates the pancreas, alcohol, tobacco, high fat foods, coffee....if your on face book they have some amazing support groups with people from all over the world that have more advice on the illness than any google page. One is called chronic pancreatitis support the other Pancreas Pals. Hope you remain pain free for a long time.
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    hi dear..i have chronic pancreatitis from the last 3 year....from the last 3 year ... iwas on enzyes to digest my food.. now its normal ... the overall suggestion coming out from my experience is that you should focus on your eatables.. drink water as much as you can and walk as much as you can... walking is the best exercise.. eat porridge in all your meals.. because for digesting porridge ..your pancreas dont have to put more efforts.. reduce you weight to 3 to 5 kg(if near 60 to 70 kg) will help again pancreas to work less.. eat small frequest diets.. remember you have to walk after every meal for at least 15 minutes.. if you found porridge tasteless.. include vegggies into that to change taste.. 

    now wht not to eat is more important:-

    dont eat any nuts

    dont eat any milky products

    Avoid anything that has fats

    dont do exercising and running or gymming till time u get back to normal

    no alchohol, smoke, no skipping food

    Now where to concentrate:-

    Eat porridge or oat meals only for at least two months

    Drink water as much as you can but after an hour post meals

    walk for at leat 2 hours every day.. 

    sit straight like Leonardo DiCaprio

    talk positive.. eat coconut oil cooked porridge

    sleep on time.. avoid outings and take rest as much as you can..

    again i would say to just walk more and more.. be 100% on this.. u will surely see result in 1 month..

    this is the only thing i followed from last 3 to 4 months and now i am out of chronic pancreatitis.. ii thanked my homeopath and my self for putting 100% dedication for overcoming such disease.. hope you get well soon.. 

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      Hi Kapil,

      very interesting post you wrote.

      My questions are:

      - do you work?Can you maintain your rules together with standard duties?(family, work, ...)

      - is your pancreas ok or you still have physicial findings like calcification or other?...

      - do you still on enzymes or you cut them off?

      - I am not english native speaker so please explain porridge and would be thankful for some examples/recipe ...links...

      thanks a lot and congrats to your achievment...


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      hi ML83.. thnks for asking.. i would always welcome you to ask if anything i could do for you to get you out of this situation.. 

      1. i do work at investment bank:-- it has never been easy to manage when the situation was too chronic.. but then started developing good eating habits.. remember that your physique is very important for being you as you.. i knew that.. i kept on doing the above mentioned things for long time.. because this is the only way i could get back my normal physique again.. 

      2. i am single but yes i live with my sisters.. we are almost all same age.. earlier i used to fight and ignore their importance.. but now i realise the true importance of sisters. i ask my friends and family for help in where ever i think i can have less physical work to do and get less tired.. being 100 % to yourself would always be good .. 

      3.  my pancreas was not ok earlier.. when i started taking homeopathy medicines.. my doctor told me the reality that your pancreas is ill .. and whenever u eat, it has to work. think it as your mother's perspective .. that what if she is ill and still you give her too much task to do.. would you ever want such things to happen with your mom.. i said i got the point.. then become 100% about wht not to eat and what to eat..

      4 i recently a week ago has stopped taking any enzymes.. i reduced it from 25000 to 10000.. and now i dont need that...smile

      5. porridge is basically oat meal.. which i cook in pressure cooker.. adding veggies and then eat it with curd... intitally it may seems to be untasty but later on u feel good as it really good for stomach.. u can search for this on internet also... in india it is called as DALIYA..

      6. my serum amalyse was 2500 3 months ago.. now its 200 .. lypase normal... and all other things also normal.. i m on same routine .. will have test next month..

      6. reciepies you will find on internet for less fat diet.. eat fruits as much as you can.. drink water and walk and walk.. my believe is with you .. you would definitely get cure.. love to all..my motivation is "prem rawat" my ideal.. have a nice time.. bbye and take care.. 

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      Hey kapil..i m a pakistani...

      I was diagnosed with pancreatitis 2 mnths ago...amylase was 291 and it reduced gradually to 195 then to 158 and now finally it is 23... but my pain is still here... bett3r than before but still making me uncomfortable and experiencing excessive gas buildup too. I was on oatmeal, cornflakes, fat free milk, boiled rice, beans, boiled chicken, boiled pasta sometime, juices and water.i also eat Roti but not frequently...only after a week... but pain is here....whereas amylase is 23... what do you think...is that an indication of chronic pancreatitis?? Pain is not completely subsiding. No fever no vomits and no diarrhea... constipation is here smtimes... ultrasound was clear...no gallstones no pseudocyst one month ago. What should i do now?? For how long i should bear fat free diet and when my pain will go away??

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      Hi saiza this indicates that you are getting back to normal but the system is still not enough strong to cope up with normal activities efficiently... Please consult homeopath.. Who is gold medallist.. The idea is that she will have good idea about how to make your tummy happy.. She can only give such medicines that will help in strengthen your digetion system .. Don eat outside products.. Only and only home made products.. Eat amla(indian gooseberry) as much as you can.. Eat fruits of all kinds after every two hours .. Drink plenty of water .. Specially think that what you can do to make your physique most healed.. Be assertive.. Be focused.. Love all.. Have fun.. Don panic yourself.. Its just all about wat you eat . Your are out of cp.. If u get chance to go India.. Meet Dr. Jyoti Gurbaxani.. Jaipur .. Rajasthan.. India.. She is the lady who cured my cp.. Now I can digest almost all things.. It took two months of treatment of homeopathy.. And I m out of it.. But o used to eat porridge in most of my meals.. Because I my system remains awsome with that.. Any thing else.. Do let me know
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      it is ok have yogurt.. Infact best.. Eat all types of fruits after every two hours... Eat indian gooseberry (amla) as much as you can.. Will update you once I receive any new updae from my Dr. u also update me too. Thnx
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      Thanks kapil...yes i.have consulted a homeopath here in pakistan...i am taking his medicines... but the problem is that my doctor have'nt told me that i have CP...he used to say that i have mild pancreatitis.... but if it is mild then why the pain does not settle down... and it is still here since 2.5 months... my symptoms were so weird in the beginning too... i had no fever nausea vomitings from the start... i only had pain... nd the pain is still here that is not too much killing but makes me uncomfortable ... but the point is that my amylase is normal now then why pain is not going away?? Is that a sign of CP?? I have read on internet that in CP amylase drops to normal nd even less than normal nd it indicates the progressive damage of the pancreas
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      And i want to ask one more thing kapil... when i will be able to eat homemade foods like which everyone is eating... whether with less oil in that gravy...like Alu bhaji, beingann, any kind of sabzi... if i find any gravy with less oil can i have it with little chappati?? Or i should carry on my fat free diet for more months.... for how long i should be on non fat foods?? Pain is not subsiding nd i m frustrated now..can i eat soft mayo chicken sandwich?? In which there is less mayo nd more chicken??
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      We are using olive oil in our homemade food items... even i only make my dishes with two table spoon of olive oil... is that ok?? But still pain is here i think my pain is just careless of all the dietery precautions i am taking and it just wants to be with me always :-/
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      your doctor is right.. you have mild pancreatitis , that means it can worsen if you igore things that you should not eat.. focus more on what not eat,, 

      now about cooking:-- i would suggest you to include 1 tea spoon of edible coconut oil and rest olive oil in your food.. have porridge cooked with lots of veggies except chilly.. have juices early morning,,, and focus on walk and water

      your condition will get better with the time only.. while taking homeopathy medicines.. make sure that you dont eat anything after and before at least an hour so that the medicinal effects can heal stomach.. 

      the only exception is you can drink water if you want ,, but after 10 minutes only.. 

      all your reports should be normal.. because the whole stomach is impacted and the absorption capacity of intestine has affected so homeopathy will help in getting it back to normal.. 

      time:-- you may have to wait for next two to three months for getting back to normal.. but the relief you will feel after every week.. you will get to better conditions .. but complete healing can range between two to three months.. 

      have faith in yourself .. and cook for yourself.. you only can heal yourself.. others like family .. doctor.. friends \. they only can support but you will be required every time when you need yourself... dont get casual but be focused on what is really good for your stomach.. eat amla as much as you can.. this will really help in any case.. so anything else you can ask.. hope this will work...smile

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      you are right.. i felt same things few days back.. i thought it will never go.. understand it that coming out of the situation is not really easy.. even after doing all the efforts you may get things going wrong.. but believe me your healing after the attack or any pain would be more quicker as compare to other episodes.. hv coconut juice also if possible.. 

      you can include coconut oil also

      the pain will subside with only time and your true and honest efforts.. i again telling you that dont get casual... be focused on wht really can be quickly digested.. have frequent fat free diets... 

      all we need is ur attention + patience ... thats all.. 

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      i can understand.. but be as of now dont eat anything out of date.. but still if you want you can take half chapati with any of one sabji you like.. but finally i would say that focus on ur passion... every worry would go away.. hope you feel goood soon
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