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Hi, I am new to this, I suffered a miscarriage on may 2oth my daughters 1st birthday, we took her to the scan, it had been a difficult pregnancy we were told the baby died I had a d&c the next day, i had planned a big 1st birthday party for her on may 21st bouncy castle and everything, I had to cancel it though, just wasnt up to it. On the day that was supposed to be her party some idiot neighbours had the nbiggest loudest party ever, i felt like the were stampin g on the babies grave. Sorry to give all this info.

Ever since and just before I lost the baby I have experienced the house vibrating, and a large black figure stood at the top of the stairs, it moves like a snake but is the size of a man. There is a terrible smell of rotting meat too. No one else experiences this but me. Since may 21st I have not stayed in the house, my husband and daughter and me are living in spare room at my grandmas. house is on the market but wont sell, we cant rent our house out everything seems hopeless. I know the thing on the stairs wants to kill me. I dont want to die, but i dont want to burn. If I had to go back to the house I dont know what I will do, we cant live at my grandmas for ever. sometimes when i go into the house I can see how it looks when it is burned down. I know this sounds mad, but I know it does not want me there, ( i think this is how the entity will kill me) the dr has given me cialopram on my 3rd day now, hoping that it will work.

I still believe there is an entity in the house though, we have had two priests in to try to get rid of it, but no luck.

Thanks for listening....

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    Bluebubblerose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thast not good! Listen, heve you explained this to the doctors?

    your house is either haunted and then, in that case it would good to get rid off, OR, you have internalised the miscarriage and inside you, you balem yourself and youre projecing innerturmoil into what sems REAL into something that may not exist.

    Listen, what has happened toyou is really reallly horrible-but you need to see someone pronto before this takes you over, and it almost sounds like a schixoeffective thing your doing-this , you cant get treatment for. You can sleep better, not feel guilty ( i know ou havenet siad that) but thats how i interpret it) and enjoy life again with your one yearold!

    None of this , here and now tings are your fault-NONE OF THEM! You need to know this!!!! You need to know that you are also grieving and thats allowed, but pleases tell the doctors and professional s about his DEMON, otherwise they will only treat it as depression and not someting else that needs treating.If you ignore it, it WILL get worse ( im otsaying this to fighten you, im sayint this to make sure you get the correct help and meds you need!)

    im also saying this because there ishistory of such things in our family. After a rape, an ex who gambled everything away, and watching a womanget crushed between a boat and a pier, aomone lost it completely-never to be helped again, because her hallucination and delsuions got so out of it that she got abusive because of what she believed to be real, but no none else could see them. Im begging you for your little girls sake to get thlep , also you never know whats round the corner, so chin up and give yourself a cuddle. You can get better!

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    Sorry , but sometimes my english ) grr!

    IMEANT [b:7904d05c5d]YOU CAN, CAN GET TREATMENT TO HELP YOU![/b:7904d05c5d]

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    Hello bluebubblerose,

    so sorry to hear you are having such a bad time, you are most certain to be suffering and going thru' grieving and I hope you have someone to help you. I am glad you have seen your doctor and sincerely hope that the tablets help but third day is too soon to tell I think - please do go back to your GP if things do not get better for you and tell them everything you are experiencing,

    god bless Dougalxxx

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    I have been experiencing the same thing but my demon has been pining me down and even trying to do things to me! my little boy is aware when its around aswell.. everytime something happens he says!! i went to the doctor... i thought he was going to thiink i was crazy but he didnt.. he gave me citalpram to help me through it and told me to seak spirital help... yesterday i went to see a healer... he was fantastic... he described what had been goin on and what mt demon looked like, i used to see the same demon as a child! i had been messing about with drugs and it had opend me up to it more! the healer spent about an hour with me and cleared me of it!! i knew it wasnt in my house it was with me, maybe you should try seing a healer... you have nothing to lose.. i havnt started takin the citalpram yet im goin to wait and see if i get any more bad experiences but so far i havnt felt it near! good luck/.x
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    It sounds like episodes of [b:1c41de04c4]Sleep Paralysis[/b:1c41de04c4] if it happens around sleep. Look up Sleep Paralysis and Hypnagogic / Hypnopompic Hallucinations. This experience happens when entering or exiting REM (dream) sleep. You continue to see, hear, feel, smell dream sensations whilst awake, like your in-between being asleep and awake only fully conscious.

    I suffered from this chronically during my 20s and still do occasionally. I can tell you that with Sleep Paralysis vibrations are a very common experience and so too are black figures. I've experienced similar things myself and it can feel extremely real and terrifying...

    your not alone, there's a lot of people who experience this..


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