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  • LeighaW 1
  • carla65 1

    I feel good

    Ive been an agoraphobic with terrible panic attack for over 25 years now. I was taking Xanax by the handful and for a very long time i wouldnt try anything else. I was scared to. I was scared of everything. My therapist finally convinced me to try Celexa and i have now been taking 20mg for about 2...

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  • portugalthecam 2

    Tips for overcoming sleep anxiety?

    Hey all, I'm at about a month now back at my initial dosage of 40mg Citalopram, after decreasing and re-increasing my dosage. Needless to say, it's been full of ups and downs. I feel like my anxiety has generally gotten better, but I am still having trouble with my sleep, which is causing a lot of distress...

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  • robert80755 3

    Stopped Celexa one week ago. Now feeling BAD!!!!

    Hello, I have been on Celexa for Anxiety and Depression for 1 1/2 years. Was in it about 5 years ago for the same thing and came off. First time on was due to Alcohol withdrawal. Second time is because of the loss of my son. I was on 40mg and weaned down to 5mg over a 3 month period. I've been on 5mg...

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  • SelenaNights 2

    I dont think my meds are working anymore

    I've been on 20mg of citalopram for 11 weeks now, and i honestly did feel better in the middle of it. But now i just feel like i did before the meds but more apathetic and less labido. I'm not sure what to do because tbh i feel like i should stop taking them if im just gonna feel the same.

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  • Misdameanor22 2

    Just started 5 mg of Citalopram.....scared!

    I have been prescribed Citalopram for general anxiety and mild depression by my doctor. The past few months I have had anxiety and depression that I just cannot shake, and I thought I could handle it without meds but alas here I am. Initially he gave me 50 mg of Sertraline, but I had to stop after 1...

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  • Vinchenzo65 2

    Insomnia anyone

    i have had insomnia since a bad virus and cancer diagnoses this got worse in January and haven't slept unless taking zoplidem my mood was low then was prescribed citropram anti depressant I have now suffered a week with no sleep exept for an hour or two of night and lay awake, I was anxious and feel...

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  • Vinchenzo65 2

    Insomnia and citalopram.

    I have had insomnia since January this year really bad, I went to my GP and he prescribed zoplidem 10mg but found I had depression partly due to not sleeping not even an hour of a night, I have cancer so my energy levels are very low anyway. I was later prescribed citalopram 10mg this has made the matter...

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  • rex987 3

    anyone taking citalopram and propranolol?

    Hi, I've been taking citalopram 10 mg for about 5 years and lately propranolol 20 mg daily. (started on 40 mg but decreased it due to feeling sleepy). I've started to feel short of breath over the last few days, even at rest. Had tests done recently, all ok. Could it be a combination of the meds? Anyone...

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  • Chrissy50 1

    Coming off Citalopram

    Hi  I have been on 20mg Citalopram to help with my menopause symptoms. These have helped enoumously as my moods and hot sweats where a nightmare.  Saying that I have gained a lot of weight in the past year and I struggling to loose it.  I eat very healthy and exercise, but nothing is budging the weight....

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  • nicola62409 2

    Erectile Dysfunction whilst taking Citalopram

    My Husbands been taking Citalopram with no problems for around 2 years, but all of a sudden about 6 weeks ago he started having problems getting and maintaining an erection, hes also having problems ejaculating, i know citalopram can cause this, but surly these symptoms would have occured before now.

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  • M68 2

    Anyone NOT had any side effects on Citalopram?

    Hi there, After much deliberation, talking to just about anyone I could find and generally scouring the internet for information, I have decided to go with the Docs advice and take Citalopram, starting today. And then I found this site.... Has anyone NOT had any side effects on this? It is making...

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  • brian51374 2

    2nd time on citalopram updates

    I just wanted to start a discussion on my personal experience on citalopram.  This is my second time taking it.  I was on it about a year and a half ago.  I started with Lexopro but that made my anxiety 100 times worse.  Switched to Celexa.  Seemed to get better.  I started with 20mgs of citalopram at...

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  • gillian176 3

    Success on Citalopram😁

    I just wanted to feed back to you all how wonderful I am feeling week12 on citalopram 20 mg This is my second time on this drug since 2013. With hindsight I should never really have come off it but stayed at a very low dose . I spent hours..again ...researching the internet in the early stages. This...

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  • nigel93673 2

    Been prescribed Citalopram for anxiety over insomnia

    Hi all, I have been reading in this forum and it has really helped, thank you everyone. At the begining of January I started waking in the middle of the night with stomach pain, trapped wind, I would have to get up and take Gaviscon to help relieve it and would have to sit downstairs for 1-2 hours...

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  • brian51374 2

    Updating, 10 ->15mgs of Celexa and off of Buspar

    Hello All,      I just want to update what is going on.  I have increased my dosage from 10 mg to 15mg over the weekend, I am on day 6 of 15mg.  I felt a little regression, but not much.  Anxious in the morning where I need a xanax or two.  I have also talked to my dr. and he took me off of my 7.5mg...

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  • john 30086 2

    Citalopram withdrawals insomnia?

    4 weeks after stopping citalopram I've still got insomnia. Only getting 3 hours of sleep a night. Up every night from 2am. Only took it for 7 days too at 10mg. When will this stop??

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  • cmc46 2

    Success stories of Citalopram please.

    I have now been on 10mg Citalopram for 2 weeks, have to higher the dose to 20mg at the weekend, at the moment I am not feeling too good, hightened anxiety which the GP told me to expect, only sleeping a couple of hours a night and tummy upsets, I would love to hear other people's experiences with this...

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  • WolfShark 1

    Cit Problems

    Hi, first post. i'll try to keep it brief but will almost certainly fail I've been on citalopram for many years but over the last few years have been on and off taking it. something i now know was very stupid to do. I started back on 10mg 10 weeks ago and upped to 20mg 5 weeks ago after confessing...

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  • disco123 2

    How long does Citalopram take to work?

    I've been prescribed Citalopram 20mg and have been taking it for 3 days now. I don't quite know how this works, but it's making me very anxious, gives me a dry mouth and fatigue. Is It to soon to see any changes? Should a give it a week or two?

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  • matt39801 2

    Thank you all for lifting my spirit!

    Hi All I have gained so much from these posts. I have been on citalopran for years but cut down to 10mg by halfing my 20's, thought I was fine and then bang ! Left my job to start a new one and anxiety and depression came bouncing back. Went to see my GP and am now back in 20mg, side effects have been...

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  • sarah12598 2

    Three days on Citalopram- Help

    Hi, I've been prescribed 10mg for severe anxiety. Do you think that this dose is high enough? I'm terrified of going back to work and having a panic attack, I'm due back in a week. So far my brain feels really foggy and I'm struggling to make simple decisions and have conversations. Just feel really...

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  • gemma88362 2

    reducing citalophram from 40mg to 20mg

    hi can anyone help me out here... I've been on 40mg for a few years now and recently lowered my dose to 20mg under doctors supervision I've been on the 20mg for 4 weeks now as I'm wanting to come off these fully for the past week on 20mg I feel dead strange very tired and sort of off balance has anyone...

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  • brian51374 2


    Hello,      I am on my second stint of Citolapram.  I noticed I started losing sleep.  I don't remember if this happened last time or not.  Did anyone else go through this and how long did it last. 

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  • ruth24048 3

    So tired sometimes

    i am on 40mg of Citalopram and find that some days I get so tired, I often sleep in the daytime and still sleep at night. Others days I can be ok but I never seem to have loads of energy. Does anyone else feel like this on40 Mg? Wasn't as bad when I was on 20mg.

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  • brian51374 2

    Celexa Diurhetic (urinate often?)

    I am currently on week 3 of my celexa, currently 15mgs, about to bump up to 20 this week.  Does anyone else have the issue of frequent urination?  I wake up in the night to pee three to four times.  Also, I everytime I have a sip of water I seem to want to urinate not long after.  Does anyone else have...

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  • cheryl20077 3

    Increase citalopram to 40mg 4- 5 months ago help please!!!!

    Had my citalopram increased 4-5months ago to 40mg but the last week I feel I'm back to square one but worse I can't eat at all can't sleep just pase up and down. I get really bad butteflys in my belly when I try to relax and sleep head is a mess allowed the place. Will citalopram level me out again....

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  • MediumNeil 3

    Is 40mg better for depression than 30mg?

    Ive been on 30mg for 8 weeks mainly for anxiety which has got a lot better but the last week or so...ive felt quite down and sad. Im not sure if this is depression or not. My questions are...should i go up to 40mg to see if that helps or should i consider trying another AD. I was on zopiclone...

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  • deborah56721 2

    Citilopram eekkk

    Hi iv been a mess for a yr now trying to find a med For my bad bad anxiety im on pregablin which picked me up n iv been slowly slowly getting a bit better the doc wants me to get to 300mg on pregablin but im stuck at 275 it seem to b making my brain weird x u was on 150 mg last yr Fo a bit n it worked...

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  • brian51374 2

    increasing dosage from 10 mg to 15mg thoughts

    I have posted this already somewhere else, but wanted to see if I can get other responses. Hello Everyone,       I am rapping up my second week of citolapram.  I do feel a bit better, my wife says she does see a difference, small incremental difference but a difference none the less.  My appettite has...

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  • cheryl20077 3

    Citalopram increase 4 months ago blip??

    Hello all had my citalopram dose increased about 4 months ago from 30mg to 40mg was doing fine until a week ago. I'm feeling awful again can't sleep can't eat just about drink . I was looking after my nephew he's 1 years old every day shortly after the doc increased my dose do u think I don't to much...

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  • cristan70584 2

    Citalopram withdrawl

    Was only in it for one month stopped due to extreme side effects. Been off it for 13 days and I cannot sleep. I have no energy dizzy and irritable. Feel hopeless. I was on it for anxiety. I am at my wits end. I want to sleep so bad.... I get maybe two to three hrs of sleep a night and have horrible crazy...

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  • MediumNeil 3

    on 30mg and anxiety is much better but i feel depressed?

    I'm hoping someone with long term experience of Citalopram can help me here. My anxiety after 7-8 weeks or so (at this dose), is vastly better than it was, although it still flares up. However in the last few days, i feel more and more down and ..for want of a better word...empty? - Do i need to increase...

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  • shane23112 3

    12 weeks on Citalopram going okay but constant Tinitus?,

    Hi Everyone, I am just over 12 weeks on 20 mg. Good days, bad days, mornings still not great but biggest issue is ringing ears. Terribly annoying and distracting. Anyone else experience this? Does it go away Eventually? Such a struggle this drug. Just when I think I am moving forward another side effect...

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  • cheryl20077 3

    Upped dosage of citalopram 40mg 4 months ago

    Hi all felt very stressed in January with anxiety and bit of depression so doc upped my dose to 40mg been on 40mg for about 4 and a bit months. Felt awful for the first 3 -4 weeks until I settled again now a week ago feel like I'm going back there again 😭 no a apetie at all feel anxious all day and...

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