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  • yasmin95717 1

    Had a bad night

    Just as I thought my anxiety was going I had one of the worst nights in ages. When I closed my eyes in bed I could see really disturbing faces and weird animals, then my back and arms went completely numb, I couldn't get warm and started shaking, and 2 minutes later I was sweating from over

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  • nickymouse 2

    switching from citalopram to venlafaxine

    please help me guys. i am frightened i must say. a  psychiatrist and two different g.p's have each said that they want me to taper from 40mg of citalipram over two short weeks. i am on day 5 of  20mg of cit, emotionalm frightened, a  little 'drunk' in a  strange sort of way, like im in a  dream, no

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  • Hannah401 1

    Been on citalopram for 1 week...

    Hi everyone! Just thought I would share my story: I have had social anxiety for many years now but I was able to deal with it quite well and it didn't take over my life. About a year ago I noticed my anxiety towards certain situations get a lot worse - I would get an overwhelming feeling like I

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  • MediumNeil 3

    Facebook Citalopram Group

    Guys there is a group on Facebook that might be of interest.. a few lovely people who are going through citalopram treatment and anxiety and or depression. Not sure i can put a link here though.

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  • gillian176 3

    Success on Citalopram😁

    I just wanted to feed back to you all how wonderful I am feeling week12 on citalopram 20 mg This is my second time on this drug since 2013. With hindsight I should never really have come off it but stayed at a very low dose . I spent the internet in the early stages.

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  • charlesv30 2

    Everything just came back, Anxiety, panic etc.

    Hey everyone, maybe someone can shed some light on this. So I had been on Celexa for about 1 month and a half and i had seen and been through the worst of the side effects the first week of being on it, they soon went completely away, I wasn't feeling not too much anxiety and panic was minimal,

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  • Gingerninja1978 1

    Citalopram - week 5 feeling soooo tired.

    This is week 5 of my 10mg, I have taken 10 mg a couple of years ago and it really helped me. This time the side effects have been really bad, lost weight and appitite (appitite is better now) had a fuzzy head and the worst thing is feeling so sleepy in the mornings and not having any energy. Was

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  • Grunthos 2

    Citalopram side-effects. Do they wear off?

    Hi, I've been taking Citalopram 20mg for two weeks now and have two side-effects which I find disturbing.  Firslty I can't stop yawning and secondly I can't achieve an orgasm.  Do the side-effects wear off eventually?  I can't see myself coping with them much longer.

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  • nickymouse 2
  • charliecoplesto 1

    Pressure around my head, dizziness, imbalance?

    Hello,  I've had this for around 3 days now so I'm going to end up booking an appointment to the doctors to see what this could be. Basically 3 days ago I randomly came across dizzy with a sense of imbalance, I felt as if I was going to be sick but I wasn't. My head also felt as if the muscles

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  • sharon24043 1

    CIT (celexa)

    Been on 20mgs and have been experiencing diarrhea. I am on prevalite on a daily basis and it is not controlling the symptoms. I've read that this is a side effect. How long does it last? I can't start diarrhea all over again, I suffered many years with it and now had it controlled and now this. It

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  • cristan70584 2

    Day 10 on Citalopram 10mg for anxiety

    I was put on citalopram 2 yrs ago when my mother passed because I developed severe anxiety. I don't remember the side effects nor anything around that time because of the trauma. I got off Citalopram in November and a month ago my panic attacks came back. I can't go in stores or do ANYTHING. Doc

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  • elaine4 2


    Hi I took my first citalopram yesterday, 20 mg and omg I feel absolutely dreadful.  I feel as if my body is going at 100 mph. Can't sleep can't sit still. Scared now to take another one.  Elaine

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  • sandra07132 2

    Scary thoughts

    Hey y'all, Can someone PLEASE tell me that after experiencing my very first panic attack and anxiety that all these scary thoughts are coming from that? I've been dealing with this off and on for over a year. These thoughts pop up sporadically and I could just look at something that causes a

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  • MediumNeil 3
  • Guest M

    Effects of citalopram 20 mg

    I have felt tired, sometimes light headed, agitated and I sweat a little bit at night. I find it difficult to get to sleep as my mind is often with many thoughts such as \"Am I doing the right choice in going to volunteer outside of London?\" Also I wonder if I am taking the correct

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  • cree38148 2

    Will I have up's and down's?

    I have been on Citalopram 10mg for 10days, for anxiety. And the tablets had affected my sleeping within the first 3days, so i got prescribe sleeping tablets, which helped. But now i'll have to gradually come off, i'm worried that i wont sleep without them? I saw a doctor today, telling them i think

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  • kate76839 2

    Citalopram 10mg to 20mg

    Hi I have recently (yesterday) had my dosage upped to 20mg. And sorry for the tmi but I am having really bad diarrhoea and was wondering if this is normal? It doesn't help that I have terrible health anxiety so I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this? And what else did you experience

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  • M68 2

    Anyone NOT had any side effects on Citalopram?

    Hi there, After much deliberation, talking to just about anyone I could find and generally scouring the internet for information, I have decided to go with the Docs advice and take Citalopram, starting today. And then I found this Has anyone NOT had any side effects on this? It is

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  • pamela51740 3

    92 hours of cold turkey!!!

    Hi everyone I've been on citalopram for 7 years from 40mg to 10mg. I had my last citalopram on Sunday at 2pm and I've basically had enough of them they do nothing for me, I've spoken to 2 doctors about this and they said it's fine to go cold turkey! I'm still on 15mg of mirtazapine which I started

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  • Angel1984 2

    I have horrendous anxiety

    Hi, my mum passed away in 2009, in 2010 I was put on the past 6 months I have slowly been coming off citalopram.. on march 18th I stopped them Altogether, it was relatively easy weaning off them, but now it has been 2 months off them all together and I have horrendous to

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  • SoffieDoffie 2

    Going back on Citalopram

    Three months ago i thought it would be a good idea to wean myself off cit as id been on it 5 years, gained weight, lost my sex drive and couldn't even remember the last time i felt 'excited' or elated about anything. My emotion were pretty much flat steady and non descript. My husband

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  • Phoebepip 2

    Reduced appetite on citalopram

    My appetite is minimal during the day in fact I only eat as I know I need to but just don't feel like it. However after 6-7pm I can eat and enjoy most things!! Very frustrating. Does anyone else feel like this?

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  • michelemuffin 4

    Celexa? Does it help with dizziness?

    I am questioning everyone that has or is taking celexa, does it help with dizziness too? I am currently taking Zoloft but my psychiatrist wants me to try celexa as my main symptom is dizziness. Thanks in advance

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  • sunnycms 1

    Cold Turkey Citalopram Withdraw

    I know, should not have done it, but it's done now. Was on Citalopram for 10 years. Seemed to quit working 4 years ago and doc upped dose. That did the trick for 3 years then some stress and trauma may sent me into a panic state 24/7. I was made the meds weren't working and in my state just

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  • Striderofthedge 1

    Citalopram withdrawl

    Hi im 8 weeks into citalopram withdrawl after 3 years on 20mg for the second time and streuth am i struggling, it would be great to talk with anyone else who is going through withdrawl just to have someone who gets it and we could chivvy each other along

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  • beckylili 2

    How long does it take for citalopram to ease extreme anxiety

    I have been on citalopram for 6 weeks and thought last week I was making some improvements but last night I had the palpitations and restlessness and again this morning. I am on 20mg and been on them in the past but a struggle at the moment as been off work for 7 weeks with it and keen to get back

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  • beckylili 2


    Since upping to 30mg just under 2 weeks ago have never slept so much. Was fine at the weekend and not gone into work today as had repeated nightmares and now slept all day. Is the normal and will it ease? Not sure if body relaxing.

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  • c41168 2
  • MediumNeil 3

    Do Beta Blockers (taken late at night) help with Morning Anxiety?

    My doctor prescribed me 40mg 3 times a day of Propranolol (Beta Blocker) to help with the anxiety (as well as the 30mg Citalopram i'm already on. My question is - will this help with my morning "waking @ 4am in fear" anxiety? If i take it late at night before i sleep? I'm hoping it will make me calmer?...

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  • trish79296 1

    I've been on citalapram nearly 8 weeks

    2 weeks on 10 mg 5 weeks on 20 mg and 5 days on 30 mg ! I am still very depressed and have lost a stone in weight I false myself to eat healthy 3 times a day but have restless sleep too. I have been told by GP to take Temazepam at night as this relaxes the tension in my body and nerves as I am

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  • christophe68851 1

    Anxiety attacks heart flutter and missed beats

    Hi there am 29 and never done anything like this before. Here goes ave always suffered from panic attacks since being 11 and always been able to deal with it sometimes better than others but the last month or so has been horrible can't cope at all and it's turning me into a maniac to the point

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  • Jenneewren 2


    Hi, I've only been on 10mg of Citalopram for 4 days now, day 6 I'm supposed to up it to 20mg . I am feeling very negatively about the way I look these past days. I just hate everything about my appearance. I know my boyfriend is fed up with my constant jealousy of other people's looks and says that

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  • dean59482 2
  • shane23112 3

    3 weeks in at 20 MG celexa/citalopram now.

    Any feedback on when side effects start to diminish? Stated at 10 mg for a week now at 20 MG for 2 weeks. Feels like one long weird hang over with morning anxiety thrown in daily. Exhausting!, Thx in advance for any words of experience and support!

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