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  • kez32 2

    Depression worse in the mornings

    Hi have been taking citalopram 10mgs for two weeks now for anxiety and depression, I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing really bad depression in the mornings and eases a bit as the day goes on?

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  • smallfry 2

    Coming off citalopram. :(

    I've been on 20mg citalopram now for just over a year. I decided to come off about 3 weeks ago as I had started to feel so much better, which I put down to a combination of counselling and the drug which really did do wonders for my depression. I actually hadn't realised quite how bad it was...

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  • melissa59787 1
  • honestavocado9 3

    Scared to take Citalopram

    I've had the Citalopram box in my bedroom for weeks but decided i wasn't ready. My anxiety is still there with moderate depression which all began in August 2016. I'm scared to start because I'm worried I'll feel worse on the drug than I do already, worried about weight gain and feeling...

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  • David 21660 6

    Thanks for all the fish (moving on)!

    Hi, I doubt if many will remember me as I have not been on the site more than a handful of times in the last year. Anyway, in case anyone was wondering what ever happened to that chap well, things have improved so well that I feel I can move on.  I have given back to this forum over the past three...

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  • M68 2

    Anyone NOT had any side effects on Citalopram?

    Hi there, After much deliberation, talking to just about anyone I could find and generally scouring the internet for information, I have decided to go with the Docs advice and take Citalopram, starting today. And then I found this site.... Has anyone NOT had any side effects on this? It is making...

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  • laura79036 2

    Opinions on increased dose

    I'm going to see my doctor today.  But wondering if anyone has had experience can help me.   Started on 10mg. citalopram for 3 weeks.  It fizzled out, so went to 20mg.  Today is day 6 on 20mg..  I had some effect from the dose starting day 4, but now it seems I don't...

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  • darkstar 1
  • gillian176 3

    Success on Citalopram😁

    I just wanted to feed back to you all how wonderful I am feeling week12 on citalopram 20 mg This is my second time on this drug since 2013. With hindsight I should never really have come off it but stayed at a very low dose . I spent hours..again ...researching the internet in the early stages. This...

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  • maya17866 1

    Pain whole right side of body

    Hi there, I wish to get more opinions before I te to see a neurologist. I have visited 4 doctors and can't tell me what I have. I started feeling a weak right leg then pain on the neck and lately on the right side of face. It feels like pressure on my face and basically goes Dom head to toe sometimes...

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  • laura79036 2

    How do you get 15mg. citalopram dose?

    I see alot of people titrating their dose from 10mg. to 15mg. Wondering how everyone does it.  I imagine by cutting the 10mg. pill in half.  But it isn't scored, so is it okay to do?  Would you get the same amount every day or is it not an issue?  Welcome all ideas on how to increase...

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  • johmac 2

    Not taking Citralopram and wish I had kept on it

    I was taking Cit. and was feeling fine, over the last few weeks I was taking the dose sporatic.  I have now had a break up and I feel the anxiety and wish I hadn't stopped. Can someone tell me how long it takes to get back in the system.   

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  • garyflinn 3

    Can't think straight and memory shot

    Was told I was suffering clinical depression by mental health team and been on many ad's been on cialopram for 5 days after trying sertraline , cymbalta and trazadone with no luck , taking 20mg at night , waking after a few hours with sweats , can manage some bits of sleep on and off til around 7:30...

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  • jorge 113094 2
  • kez32 2
  • christophe68851 2

    Going to try come off citalopram help

    So. Even on cit for 4 months and it's really helped with the panic but I am getting palpitations everyday with them have some before it but not everyday so I think it's the cit that is the cause then seen online that they can cause the doctor confirmed has anyone had this and what's the best...

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  • DaleT95 2

    Citalopram - About to tale my first one

    Hi guys, im currently 22 and got diagnosed with GAD and OCD about 3 years ago and suffer everyday with intrusive thoughts and worrying about anything and everything. I got prescribed citalopram at 20mg about 2 week ago but have been to scared to take them because the side effects can make you feel worse,...

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  • Blue eyes mess 2


    The reason for the seemingly overwhelming response is that the block was a dangerous one for police, Sgt. Ryan said. It's because 111 Taylor Street is a halfway house for federal and state parolees; guys who don't like cops much. "It's like having several hundred people in a prison without...

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  • Blue eyes mess 2

    Will be starting celexa

    Hello everyone....insonmia is a b***h!! Even after a Lunesta and 1mg of klonipin I'm up at 12am. Went back to sleep for two hours at 3am. Wide awake again. Off the Dr wants me to start celexa. Kind of scared because if you have heart problems you could just drop dead my Dr. Told me....

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  • ellen40147 2

    Citalopram, Sweating, & Coffee

    After a couple of life changing events over the past couple years caused me to suffer from anxiety and mild depression my doctor and I decided back in January that it was time for Citalopram. After getting past most of the initial side effects and a dosage increase things finally evened out and I began...

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  • jane63977 4

    Should I come off citalopram ?

    Hello there . I need some advice really . I have been on 10mg for a year and a half now and it has really helped me through a bad time of life. I lost my mum two years ago and my anxiety and symptoms spiralled out of control and I'm also peri menopausal , so a double whammy . I went to the doctors...

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  • christophe68851 2

    Cit and palpitations

    Hi there been on cit for about 4 months now and the panic is now minimal so happy with that but I get constant palpitations and just found out they can cause them so I was wondering if anyone can give advice should I stop and see if that works coz there really bothering me thanks

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  • Dawn1208 3

    Can you take gabapentin and citalopram together

    Is anyone taking gabapentin and citalopram together cpn is stoping my diazepam 2 mg to put me on gabapentin any advice would be greatful as she thinks I should still stick to my 30mg of citalopram even tho I'm getting terrible anxiety.

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  • kay19801 4

    Stopped citalopram

    Hello all I was on citalopram 20mg x 1 a day for the last 6 months, I have stopped this medication last week and since then I feel so bad, I am nauseaous, shaky, electric shock feelings in my legs, numbness, tiredness WTF! Maybe I should not have just stopped right? But I felt that it was doing me...

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  • hilary53925 2


    can any of you kind readers give me some advice I  want to reduce my dose (20mg on doctors suggestion). Last time I tried I had nasty side  effect.   Any help would be very much appreciated

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  • maria40821 2

    Less is more

    I am 75 years old recovering from a motorcycle accident that took the life of my husband. The Dr put me on 10mg of citalopram and the side effects were aweful. Nausea ,couldn't concentrate , morning sickness symptoms, and always sleepy but couldn't sleep. At the suggestion of my pharmacist I...

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  • brian51374 2

    30 mgs update

    Hello all, Just wanted to give an update. I've been on citalopram for about 25 days now. I am almost back to 'normal'. My anxiety is very very low. I don't wake up anxious anymore. I feel like I can get back to my life again. The only issue is my frequent urination. Don't know...

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  • kez32 2

    Mood up and down

    Hi all I started on 10mg of citalopram 11 days ago for depression/anxiety, just wondering if it's normal to have a low mood in the mornings then mood improves then feel low again in the evenings? Thankyou, any support would be greatly appreciated xx

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  • Gerrymoo 4

    Extra tablet taken accidently , anyone else done this?

    Has anyone else taken an extra tablet by.mistake? I messed up on holiday and took 2 x 20mg (forgot I'd taken the 1st one!) Instead of my usual 1 x 20mg. Id had a bad fall and just got mixed up. Anyway, this was 2 weeks ago and I've had nausea and bad fatigue since also a little edgy past...

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  • julie46924 1

    Citalopram 2.5mg

    Hi. I'm on day 7 of taking citalopram. I am super sensitive to ssri's and get all the side effects listed. Tried my 10mg tabs a few months ago but it was absolute torture and had to give up after 2 days!! This time I've been chopping them into quarters and I still feel spaced out and not...

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  • honestavocado9 3

    Stopping citalopram after 1 week

    I decided to quit Citalopram 10mg after a week since the side effects are nasty and it worsens my speech impediment. But I'm worried that I'll have bad withdrawal. Do I need to taper off or can I just quit cold turkey?

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  • Gerrymoo 4

    Splitting dose of citalopram- any thoughts?

    Hi, I'm gutted that my GP has advised me to increase the dose of my citalopram from 20mg to 30mg. I had awful side effects on starting up and when I increased to 20mg. My GP said some people take their usual dose at night which I already do and take the other 10mg in a morning. Has anyone found...

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  • Not again 2

    Citalopram day 19 20mg depression anxiety

    Day 19 20mg for depression anxiety, yesterday anxiety didnt seem as bad its back today ... main problem is I'm anxious mostly about being depressed.. and depression seems no better if anything worse as I'm loosing hope in the meds ... was at doc today shes prescribed propanolol 10mg twice...

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  • magic 1

    new to Citalopram

    Hi all, I have been perscribed 10mg of Citalopram for A+D, But the trouble is I'm unsure if I want to take them because of the bad side effects that I've read about on here. I've got to take 10mg for a week then up it to 20mg. Are the side effects as bad as everyone is saying? I've...

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  • Cinnamon009 1

    Need help with citalopram dose

    I started on citalopram about 8 weeks ago mainly for anxiety and mild depression. My Dr really didn't seem to know what she was doing and had no experience of the drug so read online and then put me straight on 20mg. Prior to this I wasn't on anything. I had the most horrendous side effects....

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