A drunk trying to talk sense into people...doesn't work..lol

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ok..my bathroom has been undone for about 6 weeks.

I'm at the point where I wish I could take the tile and paste and DO it.

If I were A GUY..I would have it done by now...for various reasons..but #1 reason to make my girl shut up!

now I'm being asked what looks better?  What looks better is a FLOOR...lol.

OMG..I'm not patient..and I'm not understanding....mostly cause I'm very drunk....

Take a drunk..take away their bathroom....and shower..and floor..and what do you get?

A drunk very unhappy.   My bathroom should be my safe place to pee, poop and chill...and for a month it has been a horror show.

I just now said...7, 8,9 beers deep (i dont even know)..get the bathroom done! Its a sh*tty a** house...and all this time to finish a low budget floor is driving me frign nuts..wish I had the skills.

I'm about to devleop the skills....even thou I'm DRUNK..i seem to KNOW...this is taking TOO LONG;

.hello..finsih my floor....I just paid your insurance for 171...I gave you 60 for drugs..can I have a floor?  But I'm DRUNK..so that understimates all requests....a-holes....

His final words..this will be done by tonight...hmmm...I don't see that happening..this drunk is taking a nap...

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    Hi missy lovely lady....

    I know just how frustrating it is !!! waiting to have ( what we view very important jobs ) to be finished....I am sure it will be sometime very soon, missy lovey, try not to worry, have a good refreshing nights sleep. And then it will be another, better day...

    Wake up with a smile....do NOT....NOT...NOT...feel bad or upset about this evening...and do not...please ...feel guilty about anything at all...in any way, shape or form....

    Missy, we all know just what a kind....generous....warm....empathetic...beautiful natured....and most of all .....TOTALLY GENUINELY CARING...person you are....

    Give yourself the massive credit you deserve lovely lady...who I feel is a friend ..I am proud xxx to know.....

    Hugs, hugs and more warm, loving, sincere hugs beautiful, beautiful young lady....

    Always there for you missy...I have been there time and time again and again...I was very lucky....MY husband...children and all !!! Of my family stuck by me...through sections...interventions and many varied things.....you have so, so many people on your side...who really, truly., RESPECT AND CARE FOR YOU....

    Love always my friend...,and very many others friend....dee xxxxx

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      as much as I apprecite your kind words..there is no excuse for my current state of being.

      there is so much drama with alcoholism..and Iam not...in any way to be excused...life sucks on alcohol...

      its so awesome your family sticks by you...AND mine does not.

      I am about to go to bed...I am about to give up on all other resuts...I am done beliveing in any good coming from drinking or any good coming from others saying it is ok.  

      Its not ok..and I hope I soon get that.


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      sleep well Misssy and I feel you should look back on your last message on here , if its the one I've just read !!! 

      Your recognition of knowing drinking will get you nowhere , in your state of drunkeness is a wonderful positive turn around smile 

      Please be proud of that that 

      Ive not been on here for a good few weeks because I was completely wanting to escape from alcohol . I'm doing well smile Not perfect by any means but gradually accepting why and when I feel the need . If I do then I do not get angry  with myself smile 

      Stay strong and take care xx

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    I'm going to go against the flow here, and probably make myself unpopular, but that has never bothered me before.

    People can send you all the best wishes and kindest words, but that isn't going to help you.

    You need to get a handle on this situation or you are going to end up in a very bad place, even worse than where you are now. When you wake up in the morning (I know it is only about 17:30 where you are), please take stock and think where you want to end up.

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      Well I'll join RHGB and be unpopular too. Misssy you cannot carry on like this. F..K your bathroom, in fact f..k everything and everyone except your health and life. You deserve a better life than this. We get one shot at life, don't throw yours down the toilet

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      Yep. I second that opinion. This drama is getting really dumb. Missy you are so much more interesting on this forum when you are sober. The stuff you are posting is getting pretty ridiculous. Come back when you're sober and can make sense. I'm taking a break for a few days from this thread.

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    Missy lovey, do not be too hard on yourself....none of us wake up one morning and decide ...I will become an alcoholic....

    We all try very, very hard to fight it....( i would not !!! Be here now if I had not been forcibly sectioned four times..)

    Every single alcoholic or addict I have met and become friends with.....absolutely, totally, completely hate what we have become...we self loathe every single day...and my God...we pay every single day for our habit....

    We are not bad people...we heed help, love and most of all self respect...

    Missy lovely, you have helped many on this forum...and i do actually feel that I could be totally, and completely open with you, without any form of lack of understanding or repulsion on your side...you are not....and never, ever, ever, have been, or could be a bad person....hugs to you always lovely, lovely lady....dee xxxxxx

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    Hi missy, I hope you are feeling better today my friend...just chill and take life easy....today...or tomorrow...or the next, or next , or next...is a new day....the others are in the past.and cannot be changed...so why worry about them....

    You have given so many people on this site brilliant advice and amazing inspiration....don't forget that ever....

    I have evenings where I drink for maybe three in a row ...then stop again...I still feel guilty, but I stop again...luckily with no cravings in the morning....

    We do not need to loathe ourselves, we have done that for many years...we are not criminals...weak or bad people...we never have been or will be....

    We deserve self respect and also respect from others....we are worth as much as anyone and everyone else....

    Hugs missy, you really are one brave and amazing lady,,,don't forget that....xxx

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