A Fib After Moderate Fasting/Dehydration?

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Hey guys! I am a 31 year old female, have had a few A Fib attacks. One really bad one that took hours in the hospital to get down and then one after that happened at home but mercifully stopped when I made a bowel movement. I have had A fib before these most recent episodes, almost always after drinking. I quit drinking and smoking after the A Fib that put me in the hospital. It has been 6 months since quitting.

I did a 2 week monitor, it found nothing. I have been ok for a couple months now, I do always get heart palps but that is nothing to be concerned about apparently.

My last A Fib (before the one today) was 100% caused by some kind of indigestion. I had the urge to poop, couldn't go because someone was in the bathroom. I also had some trapped gas and boom, all of a sudden A fib!  I have noticed other people mentioning this connection as well, which is nice to hear (means I'm not crazy or unique!). I have been more careful with my diet and it has gone well.

Today I was trying a semi-fasting routine I wanted to experiment with, for weight loss and health. Well- it ended badly. I ate a very small (piece of turkey and a spoonful of potatoes) breakfast and then was out and about the rest of the day. I usually drink a ton of water and had barely drank a glass by 5pm, when I sat down to eat.

I ate something normal to me, kale, rice, chicken and peas. I did not overeat. Within a few minutes I was feeling strange. I could tell something was going on with my heart so I used my Alivecor Kardia A Fib monitor and sure enough, I was briefly in A Fib. 

I was getting weird readings after this as well, one more that said A Fib, and then it calmed down. I drank a butt ton of water and feel pretty much fine now, a few hours later.

I guess I am just sharing with you to hear that the semi fasting and possible dehydration was the cause of the A Fib.

A Fib is scary as heck, I do not want a repeat so I will not be trying even partial fasting ever again and will be sure to load up on water!

I take Magnesium suppliment as well as Potassium, Vitamin D and B12.

Have any of you guys experienced A Fib due to dehydration and fasting? I know dehydration can be a cause but I actually read that fasting could HELP A Fib.


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    Hi there, sounds like you are on the right track. I too have issues with food sensitivities, vagus nerve etc. The FODMAP diet has worked wonders for me. I've noticed water plays a VERY important part in all this also. I find when there is a lack of water the stomach acids must build up causing a possible irritation in the stomach which in turn possibly irritates the vagus nerve making it very easy to go off even after a bit of food is eatin. Sometimes I find if my heart is a bit cranky, just a large glass of water with maybe an antacid will do the trick.

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      I have BIG issues with food sensitivity! I stick to a diet like FODMAP but more strict. The list of food I can eat is very small but I feel awesome now (usually). I have been plagued with stomach problems that got worse and when the doctors couldn't help, I turned to diet. 

      I am going to buy some antacids today. I did not feel any gas before the attack happened but I realize the dehydration and eating after not eating much that day were the culprits.

      It is so refreshing to hear that people have the same triggers! I would much rather there be a trigger then  it be TOTALLY random. I can work around triggers.

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    Hi chicken loop,sandiishealthy,  food sensitivities is a big part of Afib and dehydration I went on a program to lose some weight and wasn’t eating very much or drinking enough  and it set my heart into a tailspin I find that if I don’t eat enough or if I eat too much I’m going to Afib if I don’t drink enough water I’m going into Afib it’s such a sensitive balance but as much is I don’t like water Or I should say drinking that much water I’m still very aware of what will happen if I don’t.Gassy foods like brussels sprouts cauliflower,vegetables that cause gas I cannot eat and I love them but I notice as soon as I eat in my heart starts being funny. I take magnesium 800 units a today,fish oil liquid form and Vit D3.I have been taking the magnesium for about eight years now .my magnesium is low and so I have to take it. A-fib is indeed scary.i don’t travel anymore it  has totally changed me. I wish you luck you’re in the right place as far as knowledge goes and peaceful with different experiences with this dreadful condition .God bless you
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      I can't tell you how nice it is to hear people saying the same thing I have discovered... that it is majorly related to food. I have food sensitivities that I thankfully figured out awhile back.

      I eat very few things but feel great. Interestingly enough when I had me 2 week holter monitor on I decided to add in some foods to see how I react. I tried squash, immediately had a mildish allergic reaction (felt tingly and slightly itchy). That night, my monitor went off a few times, I found out in the morning. Why? My heart rate had gone super low to 40bpm. Which is highly unusual for me. Food sensitivities absolutely have an effect on the heart. That low bpm did not happen any other time.

      I also cannot eat gassy foods. I can eat kale thankfully but any other cruciferous veggie is bad. I actually itch everywhere when I ate broccoli last.

      What a great message board, I am very happy to have found it.

      I always drink a ton of water, I will keep doing that. 

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