A little scared.... Again!

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Hi all,

I have had my date for my combined endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy (not colonoscopy like I'd agreed with the consultant rolleyes) it's on 24th april.

I am not really bothered by the sigmoidoscopy but the endoscopy is scaring me a little. I think I'm gonna have the sedation but I'm scared of being out of it. I hate that feeling of being "high".

Can anyone share there experience of having one with me? Good or bad?

Does anyone have any tips? Suggestions?

The diet sheet was a bit confusing aswell! So any tips with that would be gratefully recieved.

I know I need this investigation done and I am happy to have it done. I just need to know what I'm in for.

Thanks for reading!


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    Hi gem,    As someone who has had probably far too many endoscopies I wouldn't worry about being 'high' it's just a sedative to relax you, not a hard drug but I understand your concerns. I take it you won't have the throat spray ? 

    I know you can ask for a lower dose of sedative which will make you feel less detatched. The doctor can literally put as little or as much Into the canular so ask him to put in just enough  to make it comfortable rather than so much to make you feel out of it.

    ok the diet, do you mean pre endoscopy diet ra diet for your symptoms .

    hope this helps


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      Hi Paul.

      I didnt know a throat spray was an option. Does it just numb the back of throat?

      I will ask for a lower dose of sedative smile

      I will re-read the diet sheet and summarise what it says.

      Thank you for replying


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      Hi gem

      Yes the throat spray is a local anaesthetic that numbs your throat

      And yes you can ask for a low dose sedation I prefer the low dose sedative to the spray


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    I have had both done a few years a go.

    I like you got very worried , I opt for sedation for my endoscopy.

    The sigmoidoscopy not as bad as I thought.

    I got the results the same day and given a perscriptions for my problem.

    hope everything goes ok with you

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      Sorry she made a mistake on my key board i put (like you got very worried) I was typing do quick.

      I mentioned to say I was sorry you were worried.try not to worry,I did but after it was all over I new I worried for nothing.

      sorry x holly

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    Gem don't worry.

    I have had an endoscopy for my stomach. It's a tube with a camera. It goes up the nose and down the throat. Absolute no pain and yes, a little uncomfortable. The Drs are dab hand at it and it's all over quickly...my stomach one took less than five minutes. Don't tense up and just let it go! There are a few types of endoscopy and your place for a look around may be somewhere else.

    You are given a place to rest afterwards and a cuppa!

    Oh and a nurse held my hand throughout!

    Wish you well



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    sorry i cant help hun but just wanted to let you no that my mum had it done both ways with and with out and she said it was extremly painful with out .

    plus they try to talk you out of it so they dont have to keep an eye onyou after wards . 

    so make sure you get it done with i would say . rather you then me hun ,would scare me stupid . good luck hope it comes back with good results 

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    Hi Gem,

    Having had all the different scopes, I would opt for sedation. It just relaxes you, & stops you panicking about any discomfort or pain felt, & you sleep/doze for about 20mins afterwards. you will need someone to pick you up afterwards though, but it feels like it wears off completely within a few hours. I wouldnt suffer unneccessarily if you have the option of sedation. take care

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    Thank you all for your replies.

    I will be having the sedation. I just hate the feeling of being out of it. After my recent c-section I was in space for a long time. I don't like not feeling in control.

    I've just heard neutral things and bad things about an endoscopy. I just wanted to here other peoples opionions.

    I will let you all know how I get on smile

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    I didn't have any sedation for mine, and it was fine. With sedation Gem, you will have a smile on your face!


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    Hi Gem

    Everybody is different

    I have had 10 endoscopes and always had the spray

    I didn't eat for 14 hours before and before I k re it the camera was in my mouth into my stomach and start of the biq before I knew it

    It was not and has never been painful ever

    So it depends how you feel at the time.

    Good luck and you will be fine

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    Hi Gem

    sorry you still are worried, have a hospital appointment that day,I have liver problem.

    and have to have some tests I'm not sure about.but I have had both tests you are having and believe me you have nothing to worry about the nurses will be with you all the way.I would ask to be put to sleep or sedation during the endoscopy.

    I was worried about both test and came our wondering why I was so worried.

    I will be thinking about you.x holly

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