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Hi everyone, Hav just started taking orlistat(Day 2) now. Hav exp the orange stuff-and had one accident lol! Got 6 stone to lose! hope it works this time round?javascript:emoticon('smile')

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    I too am new here. I was prescibed Xenical yesterday, have now taken 3 does in total (am not taking them in the morning as I rarely get a chance to eat breakfast because of work).

    So far I haven't had any of the orange oil that others have experienced, I'm surprised that you have experienced it already. I'm really quite worried about this. I work in a university, and toilets aren't always easily accessible so I'm really very worried about this happening.

    Is it just a really good way of making sure people don't eat too much fat?!! Making them scared of farting oil if they eat too much?! Eeeek!

    I think I have about 7 stone to lose, so a long road ahead. Am determined to stick to it along with attending my usual weight watchers meetings. Do I need to tell my leader my secret, or can I just pretend I'm doing really well?!

    Well, hope to get some advice from you all in the coming months. Good luck and well done to everyone already on the road!


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    Hi Amy,

    I'm Sarah, I started the Orilstat on Tuesday. I too am following weightwatchers and have been for a couple of years. I have 29 points a day and thats great for me. I haven't told my leader I'm taking them, from the impressions I've got they frown upon them. A few members are a bit nasty when talking about ali and Orilstat. (nothing said at me as no one knows). i know it seems like a cheats way but I don't want to tell anyone, actually on my mum and my boyfriend know I'm taking them.

    I need to lose about 8 stone to be my ideal weight, I'm 5ft 10 and 20st 10lb. I obtained my 50lb certificate last year and then quit, BIG MISTAKE! I put 2 and a half stone back on. I'm broad across the back so I'll never be 12stone lol. I'm aiming for 17 by Christmas, thats a start for me.

    All the best x

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    Hi Sarah,

    Point taken about telling them at WW! The problem for me is that with PCOS, WW alone just isn't getting results and I'm getting really quite depressed. I was quite surprised when the doctor gave me them, didn't want to get too excited, but from the experiences I've read on here, they seem to work for lots of people.

    I have no idea what a sensible/feasible/achievable goal is for me. September we're going away, so that's what I'm looking forward to, but no idea what weight to aim for by then!

    Look forward to hearing how you get on. Amy x

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    Hi guys,

    I too have been an avid follower of WW for many years and am a typical yo yo dieter. WW has always worked really well for me . . . until now. It seems like no matter how hard i try, the weight just isn't coming off. I am currently 17 and a half stone and want to get to at least 13 stones so seems like a massive road ahead!

    I am starting the tablets in the morning so here's hoping that this is the start of the new me :lol:

    Good luck both x x

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    Hi everyone who's involved in this post. I too am new and dreading starting. I have the capsules here and start tomorrow, along with an assessment at our local council run gym.

    I have at least 5 stone to lose so a lot of work to do and would be very interested to read any feedback as my GP prescribed it after with virtually no advice so all I know is what I have seen on the \"Alli\" website. Not even sure if using Orlistat with the Slimming World programme is good or not as she didn't know anything about their programme.

    I wish everyone success.

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    Hello everyone,

    Don't dread starting the tablets, be confident and think they are going to work. From reading everyone's posts on this thread we are all exactly the same.

    I'll be blunt, I eat within my WW points. I do try to look at the fat levels and wouldn't deliberately eat something quite high in fat. I've done this since Tuesday, I have been to the loo, not more than normal however my um sorry I did say blunt.... my stools are ok. There are traces of orange oil but nothing too scary. I have only had one small accident and I mean small, that was wind with a tiny bit of oil. But that was because I ate some chocolate, I'm glad in a way beacuse thats something now I know I can't eat.

    I'm only sharing this with you because everyone is different and we all have to learn our limits. In my experience (from now and before) you have to give yourself at least 1-2 weeks to adapt to these tablets, expect some weird goings on but if your sensible and adapt to the changes then I think its a win win situation.

    For the first few days I suffered with wind, had to nip out of the office a few times he he! and I suffered with headaches, I've up'd my water intake now to try to combat that in case I was de-hydrated.

    I have my first weigh in on 21st July, (I've opted for fortnightly) I'm terrible for weighing, I usually weigh on a daily basis at home, my head knows this is wrong due to the changes in water but when your desperate you just do it. I have avoided this so far as I know if I weigh and I've lost a little bit I'll eat something nice as a treat. So, I can't tell you if my plan is working for me at the moment I'm afraid. If by 21st I discover its not then obviously I'll have to make changes, so please don't read what I'm writing as \"gospel\" - everyone is different.

    Amy - this is really weird!!! I suffer with PCOS, diagnosed when I was 21, 27 now. All the hospital said to me was, we've caught it early, heres the pill, if your having trouble trying for kids then come back and see us!!!!

    I don't blame PCOS for my weight but I know its harder to lose, viscous circle hey!

    I'm also going o holiday with my bf and his family September, hence my drastic goal. I wanted to lose 2 stone in 2 months, it not healthy but as I remember how I felt when I lost my 50lb I would like to feel a bit like that to go away. Thats the only reason I've set this massive goal - I am fully aware it goes against everything we gt taught.

    As for yourself, set yourself the standard goals to start. 5% loss in the frst 3 months and 10% total in 6 months.

    My ideal weight - i have to lose 8 stone...... starting now...


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    It seems like theres a few of us on here with PCOS, i was diagnosed only last month but its come after months of issues that the docs couldn't put their finger on. In the last 3 years my weight has crept up from 12stone to 15st 7lbs and no matter what i eat or how i have exercised its been really hard to budge which the doctor explained can be an issue with PCOS patients. I am on my 3rd week of the blues and so far i am 10lbs down and my weigh in is next friday so i am hoping to be nearer a stone by then.

    Good luck everyone

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