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Hi Everyone,

I posted a while ago about my experiences with migraines, very similar to most of yours.  It is a very debilitating thing, and I've tried everything.  From herbal remedies to triptans, tryptalines, a LOT of medications, MRI, optometrist.  I have had a migraine 24/7 since November - it never goes away, ever.

BUT, just this week I went to a world renouned accupuncturist, and I am so hopeful now.  I have never had any relief at all and his treatments (I had 2 that day) gave me some.  The progress was quick and is so promising.  It has not completely gone away yet, as to be expected, because it takes time.  But, if any of you have also tried all of the medication options and are at a loss, I highly recommend giving it a shot. 

I live in Canada, but people from as far as Europe and Afghanistan have travelled to see this accupuncturist. 

I have so much simpathy and undertsanding for all of you, it is so horrible and so scary - it feels like you're actually having a stroke when the aura comes on and it's very anxiety provoking.  It's almost like it can't be a migraine because 'migraine' just doesn't explain the magnitude of what it feels like.

I will be continuing treatment twice a week for a while, the results so far make me very optimistic.  

Modern medication may help the symptoms, but this is helping the actual central nervous system problem, for me at least - I know everyone is different.  

Give it a try if you can find someone near you that is very experienced and has reviews from migraine patients.  I am a patient at the Ontario Migraine Clinic (an acupuncture clinic for migraines) with Dr. Cleary. 

The procedure isn't frightening, they don't stick needles in your head, it's actually in your hands, feet, ankles, sternum, back - depending on your symptoms, so don't feel hesitant because of the needles.

I truly hope everyone finds relief for this, it is something only other sufferers can understand.

My Best,

Frankie Rose

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    Thanks Frankierose, I live in the N e of England. It

    May well be unlikely I could travel to Canada currently but I will bear this treatment inundated. Let me know how you get on and best of luck.

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      I will keep you posted about the progress, it will be a long one to get back down below my threshold where I'm not in pain anymore but so far this is promising.  I will be in England next week doing some exploring, I've heard the medicine over there is far better than the system here. 

      Good luck with your progress, certainly keep acupuncture in mind if all else fails

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    Hi Frankie

    So glad to hear that you have found something to give you hope.  It must be awful for you to have had it 24/7 for such along time.  

    I agree with you acupuncture is good. In the UK it is recognised by many conventional doctors as a valid alternative treatment. In fact one of the GPs in my practice has trained in it. I have had acupuncture treatment over many years for different conditions and would recomend it, although it didn't cure my migraines, it gave me some relief. I've visited two different practitioners over a twenty year period, both of whom I have recommended.  

    Hope you continue to progress. 

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      That's wonderful that the UK recognizes it in a positive light.  Over here, most conventional doctors have told me that it's not the way to go and to continue with the medicine route, my neurologist seems a bit judgemental about choosing this route but I'm glad I'm starting the journey regardless.  It will be hard to keep up with because of the cost, but it will be beyond worth it if it works for me. 

      Thanks for your support, I hope you progress as well

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    Please keep us posted this is really interesting. I've tried acupuncture with no benefit but I would travel to Canada to see someone who knows what they're doing and I live in the uk! I've had constant migraine aura since Christmas and am completely debilitated too. It's awful. Much luck to you. X
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    Hello Frankie Rose,

    I  have lived with HM for 24 years since waking up from an operation  to remove a brain tumour. My main triggers are fluorescent lights, bright and flickering lights and loud noises. Unfortunately, in Australia I received no help because the specialists didn't know of HM. It was only after my last attack 4 years ago that  I googled my symptoms  and found Migraine Action in UK who sent me literature on HM. It was such a relief to realise I was not the only person to suffer with this insidious condition. I have had 24 years to work out my triggers and avoid them and  it has changed my lifestyle completely. I live with permanent photophobia(sensitivity to light)

    and phonophobia (sensitivity to noise) but the specialists say there is nothing  that can be done.  I was wondering if  I contacted Dr Cleary at the Ontario Migraine Clinic I would be able to use your name as a reference. 


    Margo Bartley

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      Hello Margo,

      I'm so sorry you are dealing with that, it is extremely unfortunate the specialist have made you feel like a lost cause. But I believe there is a solution to every problem, someone just needs to spend some quality time figuring out how to help you. Of course you may use my name as a reference when you contact them, but you won't need it. I suggest you look at their website and read some of the amazing testimonials from other patients who have actually successfully stopped their attacks for significant periods of time, as I just started my treatments. You can also email them from their website, which I found convenient because while I am fine with lights, I am over sensitive to noise so often phone calls irritate me. I believe you could benefit from this type of therapy, though it is quite a commitment it would be worth it to give you some relief. It took many doctors to get here and I'm sure you've been through even more, but it is nice that there are others with similar problems who can share in this - it is hard to make someone understand who has not experienced migraines, cluster headaches, HM, etc. I would suggest sending an email detailing your history and everything you've just said here and ask if he would be willing to help you. The plus side of this type of treatment is that it is a natural way to help your central nervous system recover from years of pain, the way our human bodies were intended to heal.

      Good luck with your journey, always here for support,


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    Following as really interested, I too would travel to get any relief, The last 10 years have been non stop pain 😪
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