A PR story from start to finish: I developed the condit...

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A PR story from start to finish:

I developed the condition after going through a very stressful rought patch with my partner. It started in the usual way, with the herald patch on my back close to my underarm. Then the rash appeared within 3 weeks on my chest, eventually spreading to my arms, back, stomach, and upper legs. I was covered and felt horrendous, my skin was so dry and itchy and if I showed anyone they would recoil as it looked so "angry'. Luckily, typical of the condition, none on my face and very few on my neck. As time went on the spots became larger and very dry.

Mine was a very severe but textbook case. I was extremely self-conscious and very blue. I had read on this forum that the spots can last for up to 9 months+ which scared the beejesus out of me.

I went on the sunbed twice, the second time for 6 minutes at which time I burnt my stomach and back. This seemed to have a great effect. I think I literally "nuked" the suckers off in those two areas as they cleared within a couple of days. The spots on my arms and legs took longer to disappear where the sunbed had had little effect.

I am writing this as I read on this site a lot of stories of people in the middle of having this condition without coming back to say how they got on . I wanted to back and reassure sufferers that the whole thing lasted for 8 weeks. I have no scars (which at the worst point I's thought scars were inevitable, especially with all my scratching) and my skin is back to it's soft self. Ironically it helped my relationship with my other half as he was so supportive and reassuring when I was feeling at my most self-conscious and, at times, pretty ugly.

Please don't worry - it comes and then goes just as quickly. Best wishes to all PR sufferers x

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    I am in my second week of PR, feeling like a freak and itchy as hell, so it has made me feel so much better reading of your experience - thanks for sharing it! You are absolutely right - so many people come on to this site who are in the middle of this horror but aren't logging back in to share how it ended for them. It is reassuring to hear everything DOES turn out OK in the end. This has reminded me to come back on, when it's all over, to (hopefully) give some comfort to others several weeks behind me in this nasty disease.
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    Hi, after reading other peoples experiences I just wanted to share my own with you & let those know who are currently suffering that there is an end to this bizarre disease.

    I got PR in 2001 & it lasted for about 6 weeks, I class myslef as quite lucky reading the length of some others. I believe mine was stress related after a nasty break up with a boyfriend. It started on my neck & then spread very quickly covering the entire top half of my body and strangly stopping at my knees! I had no cold like symptons just severe itching & pain from normal movements where the spots/rash were either raw or very dry, I lived in my joggers & a baggy t-shirt for most of the time. My neck & face were the worst areas effected, so much so that my Mother took me to hospital Christmas Day as my eyes were starting to swell, it looked so raw that I thought I looked like a burns victim. I cannot believe that I have had no scarring, it is quite a miricale. I was left with some dark patches on my arms & back but after a year they faded completely. I was diagnosed very quickly & put on steroids whilst using soothing lotions in the bath.

    My best advice is to remember that as horrible as it looks and feels it is not life threatening, there is an end to it you have just got to sit it out. We are quite light hearted people in my family, so much so that my sister nick named me the lizard, but my honest feeling is that I really tried to stay positive about it & I kept laughing, staying calm can have a great effect on the body especially if you feel that your PR has been triggered by stress. Good luck & I wish you all a speedy recovery.

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    Thanks to both of you for posting your success stories.. I'm starting the second week with my rash, 3 weeks since the initial patch on my back.. my stomach / chest is completely covered and it seems to now be spreading to my legs and arms.. .. this forum has been a godsend.. good luck to everyone dealing with this currently.. it's nice to know there is a light at the end of the red spotted tunnel -
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    Dear Bekkie ,

    How is your PR now ?

    I'm in my 4th week now .. less itch , the mark turn from reddish color to greyyish brown .. some part like sunburn with some mini blistter :oops:

    Issit same goes to you ?

    What medication u applying right now ? My skin turns very dry nowaday.

    I just hope it goes away .. and I'll love my skin more from now onwards ..

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    I have just found this site as I was looking up PR symptons (again!!) as Im still not sure if Ive been diagnosed correctly. The symptons make it sound like PR but I have had it on and off for over a year now and Id read that it was rare to get it again. Im lucky in that mine isnt too noticable but I am getting married in September and am starting to get quite anxious that I will still have it then!

    Has anyone else had cases of it going and then returning repeatedly?

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    Dear Hyde,

    Did u go to see doctor ? What did the doctor said ?

    What did u mean by on and off ??

    I guess it may return ? because mine seem to be healing last 2 weeks , as in the rash turn from anger pink to pale brown , but suddenly it backs to pinkish color again .. and it's itchy again :cry:

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    Im almost 100% i have this condition, am going to check it out tomorrow at the doctors.

    Started with a flakey patch on my back (which freaked me out as it felt raised and i initially thought i had ring worm!)

    I have no developed red spots (almost like insect bites) on my neck, and all over my chest and stomach area. It's really freaking me out because every time i shower i discover more.

    They don't itch, but they are making me misreble, particularly the visible ones on my neck.

    I wish there was a cure sad

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    Dear Stephanie T,

    May I know how many days this rash appears ?

    Usually shower will temporarily make it worsen. Try to get cold shower. Hot shower will definitely make it worse.

    Besides , you can use this alternative soap , Ego Pinetarsol Gel. My doctor advised me to use it. smile

    Hope this help. I'm in my 7th week of PR. The pinkish red rash had turns to fade brown ...

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    Hello to everyone

    I have just being diagnosed with PR which completely freaked me out - firstly I had thought I had ring worm but after visiting the doctor he told me about PR

    Reading all your stories makes me feel soooo much better!

    I am so itchy all the time and have been taking benedryl plus, after searching on the web site I have found a natural remedy called Retitin - has anyone else used this?

    Look forward to your replies

    another PR sufferer!!!

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    At last - somone with a positive experience if that is possible with this awful condition. I have had my herald patch for roughly 3 weeks now and fingers crossed, the rash is now out in all it's glory (there is no room on my body for anymore!). I have spots down to the tips of my fingers and on my feet and even have a small patch on my tongue. I cannot stop itching even with the steroid cream prescribed by my GP and this is really getting me down as it keeps me awake at night. This whole experience has left me feeling dirty and the worst thing is that no-one can explain how you get it. I normally use sunbeds and am tempted to go this way however, any heat at the moment even warm water seems to aggravate things. Thank you for posting your words of encouragement. :cry:
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