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Pityriasis Rosea

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  • teri1234 1

    How I cleared PR in 3 weeks

    After suffering from a severe case of PR, I quickly got it under control from a combination of doctors. My rash went from bad to worse and peeked at week two. Severe itching and covered on my chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs with a few spots on my face. Tanning beds and clinical strength dandruff...

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  • crystal92788 1

    My battle with Pityriasis Rosea (week 4...)

    I have spent the last four weeks battling what I assume you are battling too ... pityriasis rosea. I had never heard of this condition before, and during the winter months I usually get a flare up of guttate psoriasis. So when I saw the herald patch on my back I thought nothing of it. Just psoraisis...

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  • jkil100801 1

    Just diagnosed with Pityriasis rosea and feeling very discouraged

    Hi, I've just been diagnosed with PR but I've had it for about 2 weeks now. At first I thought the few red/pink spots on my torso and legs were just a few mosquito bites or some other bug bite. I washed my bedding and frequently showered, but no avail. The spots kept on popping up. I itched them often,...

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  • stazstaz 2

    I beat Pityriasis Rosea after one year of trying!

    I am not a "going to the doctor" person. I thought it was ringworm, and treated with antifungal. It spread. After about 10 months, I went to a dermatologist, she biopsied it, and diagnosed me, Gave me a steroid cream, and said most people only have it for 6 to 8 weeks. It would probably go away sooner...

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  • prsucks 2

    Cured Pityriasis Rosea in 1 week!

    For all the impatient people who hate long posts, here's the summary of what I did: - washed body with head & shoulders twice a day (recommend using clinical strength if your case is severe) - sun bathed entire naked body for about 40 minutes. Let the sun hit ALL the areas where the rash is, especially...

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  • clarke836 2

    How I Beat Pityriasis Rosea in 2 Weeks- Tips!

    Hi Guys! If you're reading this, you must have been diagnosed with pityriasis rosea. If you're anything like me, you've probably spent the last few days obsessively reading about it on the web. If you're disappointed by what you've seen (the rash lasting for years, being super painful, etc) then keep...

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  • angie21111 1

    vitamin D works to clear up Rash

    Hello my LO is 3 and she has Pytariosis rosea. I'm not sure if it's a coincidence or not but I have been putting her in the sunlight for about 10 minutes a day and also giving her oranges and fortified organic orange juice and it seems to be clearing up her rash. I think it might have something to do...

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  • Lazydays1 1

    Back pain

    Just dx with PR and back hurts everyday. Anyone else experience this?

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  • Guest M

    Now I know its NOT ringworm!!

    Hello All! This is my story...Around two and a half months ago a red, oval shaped, raised patch appeared on my right forearm. It was approx. 3cm in diameter and there was a similar, slightly smaller second oval patch next to it. I had been giving my kitchen a good spring clean the day before and thought...

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  • tanypoo87 1

    pityriasis rosea cleared up quick!

    I had been diagnosed with this shortly after going through a lot of stress in my life. After it started on my neck, it spread to chest and breasts, stomach and back. About a week into it, it spread to my arms and lower back but not as much. It didn't itch until about a week into it. I started a new supplement...

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  • Cardamum 1

    Rash as well as pain in joints

    Hello, I'm writing this on behalf of my daughter who is nearly 17. Around a week ago, just before she started her major exams she started to develop a rash around her hairline which then spread across her body, changing and growing from raised spots to large circles and then a larger joined up rash,...

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  • ron49769 1

    Anyone experience bruising during this???

    I have Pityosis Rosea and about two weeks into it I have a few small coin sized bruises that don't hurt much that have popped up on my arms and one very hard to see one on my chest. Is this common with this skin rash? I feel great outside of this rash.

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  • CarolynB123 1

    My Pityriasis Rosea Experience - Secondary Breakout on arms

    When I first found out I had Pityriasis Rosea I came stright here and got some wonderful advice on how to remedy my rash. I've had Pityriasis Rosea for about 3 weeks now and my original rash and herd patch have almost disapeared. However over the last week I have been feeling very under the weather...

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  • m47056 1

    Pityriasis Rosea on Black Skin

    I never got the "herald patch". It started as small little red bumps on my lower legs. I paid no attention because they didn't itch or hurt. Weeks later, my whole abdominal area, upper left thigh and lower back was inundated with an itchy red rash that spread to my breast, back, neck and near my scalp....

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  • Guest M

    Pityriasis rosea - little bumps under the skin?

    Hi everyone, I've had the full blown rash for 2 weeks now. It took about 3 weeks to appear after my herald patch first showed up on my upper chest. It is itchy as hell and is covering my entire chest, stomach, back and tops of my thighs. In all these places the rash is the standard oval patches, sometimes...

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  • Pixiepower 1

    Pityriasis Rosea treatment that works

    I developed Pityriasis Rosea 3 weeks ago. It was all over my chest, neck, stomach and back. It was very unsightly and also caused mild irritation. When the diagnosis was to let it run its course and that it might take 3 months, I decided I needed to try a solution. I used an emollient cream which made...

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  • Guest M

    Its finally going! - signs of healing

    I'm so relieved - I can happily say that my PR is finally clearing up. I've had it for about 8 weeks now. About a week before it started to fade I think it 'peaked' it was intensely itchy and very dry and flaky. A week later the itch had all but gone (except when after a shower) The patches enlarged...

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  • angela15036 1

    Pityriasis rosea and stomach pains?

    Hi, does anyone have any experience of abdominal pain caused by PR? MY daughter was just diagnosed today (she is 10) and was in hospital last week due to her severe tummy pain. She has had this for nearly 6 weeks, and has missed school all this time, so very severe, but Wednesday last week suddenly got...

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  • king43121 1

    How I got rid of the rash fast !!!

    I am a 20-year-old female mixed black and white light complexion. When I first noticed the herald patch I thought it was a bruise. I didn't pay it much attention until a lot of little rashy patches started to appear. Naturally, I started freaking out! I went online and swore it was ringworm until I...

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  • lara68585 2

    Pityriasis Rosea with exhaustion and nausea for 7 months

    I was diagnosed in August with PR.  I was told the standard 6-12 weeks no cure routine.  Its now been 7 months and while the spots have gotten better where they were in August they have now moved and keep moving.  First on my lower back and around my sides, then down my butt and the backs of my legs....

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  • lee68913 1

    6 month old recently a concerned mom

    My son recently got diagnoses with this, he's had it for about 3 weeks. He doesn't seemed to be bothered by it so far, not in pain or seems to be itching. I'm at a loss on how to make it go away faster. I'm concerned that it'll never go away. I'm also concerned if this will be something he'll deal...

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  • LeighD1988 1

    experiences with prednisone and PR?

    A little background..I first noticed my herald patch a couple months ago...thought it was eczema or ringworm, midly itchy. abot 3-4 weeks later, caught a bad cold and at the same time broke out all over my body with INTENSILEY itchy rash. At that point, I thought I was dealing with poison ivy AND eczema....

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  • Guest M

    Recurring pityriasis rosea

    Hello I was interested to read other experiences. I am currently experiencing a recurrance of pityriasis rosea. I had the first occurance about 9 or 10 years ago and my Dr too was not only surprised to see a rare disorder but to see it in someone at my age. I was 27 then. Even more surprised now at...

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  • nicole 93135 1

    How I treated Pityriasis Rosea in two weeks!!

    I first noticed a patch of red skin on my inner forearm. At first I thought it must be a burn from a straightener but after a week i noticed other patches of red dry skin on my lower stomach. I didn't think anything of it for a few days but it soon spread all over my stomach and chest. I lost all of...

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  • sydney3113 2

    My advice for Pityriasis Rosea :)

    My experience with Pityriasis Rosea: It all started after I spent the summer up in the mountains for about 2.5 months… about a week after coming back to the city, I noticed a red spot on my stomach. I wasn’t too worried, since I did get dry skin here and there, and it also kind of looked like a bug...

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  • amy10548 2

    Possible Pityriasis Rosa, First time HELP!

    Hi all! I have developed a rash and it was thought to be chickenpox/adult shingles. Was given medication for this but the rash was persistent and didn't seem to be following the characteristics of chicken pox so I went back for a second opinion. They decided it wasn't chicken pox but couldn't be sure...

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  • karen13257 2

    Pityriasis Rosea - started to clear after 3 weeks

    If you are reading this then you probably have PR. I too am suffering from this nasty rash. I first noticed the herald patch on my collar bone and initially thought it looked like ring worm. A few days later the rash had spread to my upper chest and was driving me crazy with the itch which was burning...

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  • joanne37889 1

    Pityriasis Rosea - lasted for years!

    Hi,  I was diagnosed with pityriasis rosea about 10 years ago when I was 17. My doctor at the time assured me it would last around 6 weeks and gave me a steroid cream. It mostly cleared up but since then I have almost always had ONE patch that comes and goes and can appear anywhere on my body. Sometimes...

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  • heidi72921 1

    How I helped the relieve the intense itch....

    I thought I would share with you what worked for me as I found all of my tips on here and they REALLY helped. Thanks everyone who shares their advice! So I got diagnosed after having pityriasis rosea for a week. The whole lot cost me about £40 but I was so uncomfortable I didn't mind because they all...

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  • emfontana 2

    PR Not Going Away/Spreading!

    I first discoverd the Herald patch on my left hip the second week of December 2016. It was the size of a dime and then grew to the size of a quarter. Within a couple weeks, several more patches about the same size began. They seemed to go straight to my pelvic area - basically all the areas that would...

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  • Rbnchick 1

    Spots on my body looks like ringworm

    Hey everyone I'm hoping someone could help me. I've had these red oval shaped spots on my body (one on my left leg, left arm 2 on my face and 2 on my right arm) they are very itchy and burning. I went to the doctors and she said it's not ringworm so she gave me antibiotics and a cream to put on them.....

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  • Guest M

    Soooo tired!!

    Hi everyone! I was diagnosed with PR last week. I got my 'Mother Patch' on the back of my leg about 5 weeks ago, after being on holiday. I went to the docs and they said it was ringworm and I was prescribed with some cream. About a week and a half after that I started noticing patches on my chest and...

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  • johnny1972 1

    Organophosphate exposure

    I worked extensively with organophosphate on the 29th December 2016. On the 1st January 2017 I had a bad skin rash and went to the doctor. She diagnosed me with an unknown allergy after bloods been taken for Uand E Allergy and WCC. She prescribed A hand full of meds and nothing helped. On the 15th of...

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  • ashpic 1

    Pityrias Rosea ... What a Journey!

    I always go to the internet and search for groups and posts when I have a dilemma but I never actually post on them myself.  I gained a lot of information from the posts here and I wanted to take the time to post myself. First, thank you to all the posters for their information and comments.  They are...

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  • Jeanie1960 2
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