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nicole 93135 nicole 93135

How I treated Pityriasis Rosea in two weeks!!

I first noticed a patch of red skin on my inner forearm. At first I thought it must be a burn from a straightener but after a week i noticed other patches of red dry skin on my lower stomach. I didn't think anything of it for a few days but it soon spread all over my stomach and chest. I lost all of my confidence and felt so ugly with it. Unless you have it I don't think people understand how it can make you feel. I eventually went to a doctor and she diagnosed it pityriasis rosea. She told me there was nothing I could do and it would eventually go away, however, it could last up-to 3 months. I'm going on holidays soon so I wanted to get rid of it ASAP. I scanned through many articles and forums to find a solution. I started washing with head and shoulders shampoo and aveeno body wash. Once I had my shower I noticed the head and shoulders really dried out my skin and the patches started turning into dry skin and flaking off. I used e45 to try even out the skin so it wasn't too dry. I then went to a sunbed for ten minutes. The rash got really red but by the next day my chest was back to normal and I only have a few flakey dry patches on my lower stomach. It looks a million times better before. Whats better is that this has cleared up in two weeks so hopefully with one or two more sun bed sessions it will be back to normal!

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  • candaceclo nicole 93135

    I totally agree with you when you said "Unless you have it I don't think people understand how it can make you feel" because I've literally cried because I didn't know what was going on. I'm rarely ever get sick, so for this to happen to me really scared me. I went to the urgent care and that doctor seemed like she didn't know what she was talking about and just said it's something I'm allergic to, I stopped using anything new I would've bought but it only got worse. I went back to the urgent care and they stated I have PR. I really am going to try the things you've used. Head & Shoulders shampoo, aveeno body wash, and e45. Do you recommened any specific Head and shoulders or aveeno body wash since I know they vary is different kinds..?

    • nicole 93135 candaceclo

      I just used the aveeno skin relief bodywash ( baby blue lid). It moisturised my skin after using the head and shoulders because I found my skin was very dry and the rash became flaky from the shampoo. I used the normal head and shoulders. Try not to agitate your skin with any perfumed lotions .Dont give up and try not to stress to much , mine tended to look worse before it got better. I have very faint marks where the rash is and Im hoping after a week or two they will vanish completely. .

  • MissLanna nicole 93135

    I hope I'm as lucky as you are! I thought mine was just a burn from a straightener too, which is why I delayed on starting treatment. Mine has spread all over my torso and even to my neck! It's so embarassing and I'm really hoping it goes away before summer! There's no way I'm going to be able to wear dresses/tanktops with this all over my upper body haha

  • paige 63501 nicole 93135

    Nicole I am eager to hear how you are doing since your last post. How long did it take to go away? I am on round 3 with this nasty issue...all 3 times I've had this it's been caused by having strep throat about 2 weeks prior. I am currently using a steroid cream. How long after you started breaking out did you start going to the tanning bed? I don't want to go until the PR is done spreading...don't want the sunbed to make the rash worse.

    • nicole 93135 paige 63501

      Hi Paige! Thankfully my rash is completely gone now :D Also because of the sun beds I dont have any white marks from where the rash used to be! I used sunbeds a little over a week after i started breaking out! Bare in mind the first few times you use the sun bed the rash will look very red and worse then it was before! Dont get discouraged because after a few days you start to notice a major difference!

  • rosae901 nicole 93135

    I got rid of mine in a week. I feel so blessed and I had to share. I noticed a random patch for about two weeks. On a Sunday, my body exploded with bumps and was out of control Monday. I was diagnosed Tuesday. I took it upon myself to get extra strength head and shoulders, vitamin c gummies, and a prescription of prednisone. I'm pleased to say it's Fridays and my condition is gone. I will note that I have suffered from a severe loss of appetite

    • ali86963 rosae901

      Hi rosae901,

      That's amazing. Did you do anything else beside the head and shoulders, vit c and cream? 

      And what did it look like when it was starting to go away? 

      I'm stressing about this so much. 

    • rosae901 ali86963

      That is all that I did. I bought vitamin c gummies that support your immune system. It left my arms first then stomach and chest. It took about two more days to leave my stomach area. It's definitely stressful. I know everyone may be different, but I wish you the best!!!!

  • karen13257 nicole 93135

    I too am suffering from this nasty rash. I first noticed the herald patch on my collar bone and initially thought it looked like ring worm. A few days later the rash had spread to my upper chest and was driving me crazy with the itch which was burning and stinging. I've had chicken pox as an adult and this rash was so much worse! When it spread to my legs, back and arms I went to the GP who diagnosed PR. I had never heard of it so started looking up blogs for help as GP said there was no real cure and it could take up to 12 weeks to disappear.  I followed every hint and tip I could find from fellow sufferers and thankfully after 3 weeks it seems to be going. I still have the rash on my arms and legs - the itch is bearable.  I don't know exactly what seems to be working but hopefully it is definitely on the way out.  My regime is: luke warm shower twice a day washing with head and shoulders then moisturise with Aveeno lotion. The GP prescribed two weeks of antibiotics which he said seems to work for 70% of people - I'm still taking along with antihistamines. I'm also taking Vitamin C and zinc supplements to try to boost my immune system.  The most significant difference I noticed was after a sunbed session. I'm not an advocate of sunbeds but being desperate to rid myself of this nasty rash I was prepared to try anything. The rash seemed worse straight after the session but after my third session all the spots on my torso disappeared the next day. I was amazed as I was completely covered in spots. These are flaking now.  As I said earlier I still have spots on my arms and legs so I will have one more session at the sunbed in the hope that I get rid of this once and for all.  Incidently when I mentioned the sunbeds to my GP he said that although there is no real cure there is evidence to suggest that UV light, natural or not, can speed up recovery. I don't usually contribute to blogs but I felt I had to share my regime in the hope that my experience helps a fellow sufferer. Good luck! 

    • brittney85513 karen13257

      When you say washing with head and shoulders, are you buying the shampoo and using everywhere and following up with a lotion? Mine is not very itchy and relatively new, so it hasn't exploded yet. The dr. wasn't confident it was ringworm and feels the non-characteristic aspects lead more to PR. Want to get in front of it before it erupts. Thanks in advance! smile

  • sara38301 nicole 93135

    Hey!! My husband has PR for the 2nd time. The 1st time it was misdiagnosed and got way out of hand. I'm trying to keep that from happening again. Can you tell me with the head and shoulders and the aveeno body wash how you did it? Just the patches with the head and shoulders and the aveeno everywhere else? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


    • karen13257 sara38301

      Hi Sara...I showered twice day in a luke warm shower and washed all over with head and shoulders.  A couple of times I covered myself in Head and Shoulders and left it on for 10 minutes before showering.  It did dry my skin a bit but the aveeno helped.  To be honest I was trying everything but the most dramatic results were after the sunbed sessions.  Hope your husband gets some relief from this.

      Take care  Karen


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