How I treated Pityriasis Rosea in two weeks!!

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I first noticed a patch of red skin on my inner forearm. At first I thought it must be a burn from a straightener but after a week i noticed other patches of red dry skin on my lower stomach. I didn't think anything of it for a few days but it soon spread all over my stomach and chest. I lost all of my confidence and felt so ugly with it. Unless you have it I don't think people understand how it can make you feel. I eventually went to a doctor and she diagnosed it pityriasis rosea. She told me there was nothing I could do and it would eventually go away, however, it could last up-to 3 months. I'm going on holidays soon so I wanted to get rid of it ASAP. I scanned through many articles and forums to find a solution. I started washing with head and shoulders shampoo and aveeno body wash. Once I had my shower I noticed the head and shoulders really dried out my skin and the patches started turning into dry skin and flaking off. I used e45 to try even out the skin so it wasn't too dry. I then went to a sunbed for ten minutes. The rash got really red but by the next day my chest was back to normal and I only have a few flakey dry patches on my lower stomach. It looks a million times better before. Whats better is that this has cleared up in two weeks so hopefully with one or two more sun bed sessions it will be back to normal!

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    I am just getting over it now. Had it for just over a month and most of the rash is gone. Just a few scars left that are healing. It took me a couple of weeks to realise it wasn't an allergy, but as mine didn't itch hardly at all, it was a big clue. Once I realised this is what it was, I was taking echinacea and Emergen-C sachets (they have a lot of vitamin C and zinc) every day and washing in luke warm water with head and shoudlers, plus putting Sudocrem (zinc oxide) on once or twice a day. At the monent I'm doing a mild homemade scrub I made with ground coffee and coconut oil and it seems to be good for the skin, though it's hard to tell whether it's speeding things up or the skin's just healing at its natural pace. I started taking vit C about 3 weeks or so after the rash started and new ones stopped coming out less than a week later. Maybe if I'd started earlier it would have gone away sooner, maybe not. Either way, didn't seem to hurt smile
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    I was diagnosed with PR yesterday after FINALLY seeing a dermatologist. I've had the rash for the last 2 weeks and i had noooooo idea what it was when i first got it so i just ignored it hoping that it would go away but it didn't go away. It got worse!! I started using Head & Shoulders shampoo last night in place of my body wash and today - only one day later - i see a huge difference!! The bottle that i bought is dark blue (max strength/clinical strength) and the actual shampoo color is orange. It does dry my skin out a little but but that's the point. You want it to dry out the rash. If your skin gets too dry and uncomfortable you can use a natural and soothing body lotion that will help like Aveeno smile
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    I've had this condition for nearly 10 weeks now. It started with what i've been told is a 'Herald Patch' on my chest. When i first visited the Doctors i was told it was fungal, when i then returned once the rash had begun to spread i was told it was PR. I was told there was no cause and nothing i could do to treat it other than use moisturizing creams to avoid drying out the skin. I purchased Diprobase Cream, Aveeno Cream and Aqeuous Cream. I was told the condition would be over in 3 months and its coming up to that time and the condition seems to be worsening. I am at my wits end with what to do, i'm very self conscious. I have ready a couple of forums and it would seem anti-dandruff shampoos and sudocream might be a good shout. I doubt i will use a sun bed but just want to know what will definitely work as i have already spent a lot and nothing else has worked.

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    Ive recently been diagnosed with this and its driving me mad...well its this or Dermatitus doc cant make his mind up! I do have what seems to be a herald patch on my neck which arrived about 10 days before the smaller ones did..not very itchy just slightly irratated. Started to think it was Ring worm but when the rest turned up i was told it was PR instead. Ive purchased the Head & Shoulders Eucalyptus and have been using Aveeno skin relief as well as using a steroid cream and taking antihistamines but ive literally only had like one day where i didnt get new spots. Well they seem to be blisters? That then turn into sores? I do also have Coeliac disease and im wondering whether that is complicating things? Anyway im going to try the sunbeds tomorrow and see if that helps..its not even been a week yet and i feel like its taking over me and some of them really hurt due to where they are 😣 ruining my life right now!!
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      Hi I know it’s been a whole since you posted this.  But I was wondering if your efforts made to fight this worked?   I got the same kind of head and shoulders as you.  The one with eucalyptus.  It burns pretty badly but I think it’s starting to dry out the bumps.  Which is ultimately what I wanna do.  Haven’t tried the tanning bed yet.  I’ll wait and use that as my last resort because skin cancer runs in the family.  But this rash is so miserable.  Would love to know if your regimen worked out.  Thanks! 
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      Hi Samantha

      I've now had this rash for over 3 months after many mis diagnosis. I'm awaiting an appointment with a dermatologist but a 18 week waiting list. 

      I've used every cream given to me. But reading the messages on here I am going to give sunbedd  and head and shoulders a go.  I find I itch more when I'm warm especially during the night And going through the menopause makes it more uncomfortable. 

      I use the aveeno moisturiser and the oil. It's really depressing and embarrassing Asti have it on my arms too and work I can't work long sleeves. 

      Good luck with your progress and keep me informed on how you get on. 



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    I was diagnosed with PR for the 1st time this Monday. I didn't think anything of it at first because I tend to get small rashes occasionally due to sensitive skin. I am on the 1st week of this condition and I feel like I am losing my mind. I can't sleep & nothing gives relief from the extreme itching. The spots are covering my trunk front & back as well as my neck & even some in my scalp. For everyone who used the tanning bed, did you wait a certain amount of time before using this method? I am very fair skinned so I'm also nervous about burning. I am already at wits end & can't imagine this going on for months. I need relief from this all encompassing itch/burning.... sad
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      Ive tried the sunbeds for 9 mins today and have had this since thursday...will be going on again tomorrow..hoping to see a difference after a few days from what people have said on here.

      If you dont use the sunbeds then i would probs say do it for like 3 or 6 minutes the first few times just to test your skin reaction xx

      Ive luckily not had itchiness apart from on my legs where there is weirdly no sores?! X

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      Further to my last comment im already happy with how my skin is changing, my herald patch has actually nearly gone..baring in mind i still had one this morning..just showing a slight redness but no raised skin or round mark ☺ the ones on my chest look dry too. I have a few new little ones on my belly and legs but im hoping to stop them growing bigger with the sunbeds..i will definetly be back on them tomorrow to get rid of this!
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      Happy for you!  I am going to try a tanning bed today.  I am at the end of my rope already.  I read that only 25% of people diagnosed with PR get extreme itch with it and I happen to be one of them.  It keeps my up at night and it goes through the whole day.  Nothing helps and I have tried EVERYTHING.  It is insanity...  Really hoping the sun bed helps or at least offers some sort of relief or quickening of the process.  I told my husband I wasn't sure if I was going to make it thru this thing when I got up this morning...  lol  What a terrible virus.  Would't wish it on my enemy.
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      Awww Kim i do feel for you..god i dont have it half as bad and still sat crying on monday that it was ruining my life...i was more upset that my doctor whos reviewing it went on holiday dare he have a life when im in crisis! Lol.

      Hopefully the sunbeds will ease it for you..i dont even know what to suggest..when ive had itching from hives a few years back i used an over the counter cream and that helped...i cannot remember what its called but sure it was in a yellow tube..but anyway im sure you've already tried these kind of things. Fingers crossed the sunbeds help xx

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      Hi Kim, just reading your post and i am EXACTLY the same as you! I sleep for about 2 hours before the insane itching starts and thrive on minimal sleep all day long. I have tried everything from diprobase, to anti-fungal cream, head and shoulders, coconut oil, betnavate you name it!! Eventually ended up in hospital on intravenus drip i itched it that bad but still i get no answers to what it could be, so i diagonised myself with PR and in 99% certain it is this! Just wondering if you ever had any luck with the sunbeds at all? I cant carry on with this condition im 25 and have only been out twice in 3 months apart from going to work because its that ugly of a condition! 
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    Wish I had found this site before I went a month with that horrible rash. I basically diagnosed myself after looking at some pics and knowing that it wasn't ringworm. I covered myself in coconut oil, and some kapha balancing oil neither seemed to do anything so I finally went to a doctor. He asked me some questions and looked around at my skin, he was at older man and didn't even diagnose me lol, he wrote a script for benadryl, hydrocortisone and told me to rub on some baby oil. Rash literally started clearing up that night. I mostly slathered on the baby oil bc the benadryl is almost coma inducing, and bye bye pityriasis whatchamacallit
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    This forum has been a lifesaver. Last December I noticed white spots on my arms, and then what I now realise was a Harold Patch. I figured it was just reaction to something and didn't think much of it. A few days later I noticed a flat circlular rash on my chest, breasts, stomach and lower back. 

    It it was Summer in New Zealand and my rash seemed to react to the heat and the shower. So I googled it and ended up here.

    I figured it must be related to herpes, I get sores in my mouth and have noticed that the rash seems to pop up at the same time. I figure it needs to be treated by some sort of antibiotics, but what kind are the question.

    ive had lots of success with using Head and Shoulders. Fades it and takes it away after a few uses. Dries out the spots though, so lotion seems to help, I've started taking a multi vitamin and that seems to be helping as well. Vitamin C and D seem to help a lot too.

    Im wondering if stress influences flare ups as well. 

    At any rate, it's so annoying and makes me really self conscious when it happens and I hope something will finally work to stop it from the inside out.

    Thanks for all of the great info and tips.

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