Cured Pityriasis Rosea in 1 week!

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For all the impatient people who hate long posts, here's the summary of what I did:

- washed body with head & shoulders twice a day (recommend using clinical strength if your case is severe)

- sun bathed entire naked body for about 40 minutes. Let the sun hit ALL the areas where the rash is, especially in the hard to reach areas (I am female and I had this rash all over/under my breasts as well)

- Drank orange juice every day

- Optional: put prescribed steroid cream on rash for itching

Hey guys, I never post in forums at all but I remember being desperate for online help as I was going through this, so I thought posting my experience would help others as well. Just for some background, I am female and of medium to dark-tan indian skin tone, and 23 years of age. I wrote it like a story to lighten the mood LOL. Enjoy!


I first noticed a harmless little rash on my chest. I ignored it for like 2 weeks until I realized it had gotten bigger. Showed my mom who said it looked like a fungal infection. It looked exactly like ringworm (scaly with raised edges, semi-itchy). So for a week, I put lotrimin on it without any improvement. Then at the end of that week, I woke up with a TON of tiny blotchy raised bumps all over my chest, back, stomach, below stomach, and a little on my legs and arms. None on my face. I started freaking out. But for the next 2-3 days, I kept up with the lotrimin treatment to see if it would go away with time. It got even worse. I freaked out even more. so I researched online about what it could possibly be.


I soon realized I had all the symptoms of Pityriasis Rosea, and that my initial ringworm-looking rash was actually the herald patch. I showed my mom how exponentially worse it got and she booked an appointment with a dermatologist right away. Since the appointment was still about 3 days away, and scared that it would get even more worse just in those 3 days, I wanted to waste no time and start doing everything I could to help cure this as soon as possible. I think this was KEY to clearing it up as fast is I did as I recognized it as PR only 2-3 days after my crazy rash even showed up.


After reading a bunch of posts that said to try head & shoulders, I thought it wouldn't hurt to try. I stopped with the lotrimin (it's an anti-fungal, it wont help with PR), and washed my entire body with head & shoulders shampoo twice that day. It made them so itchy and dry afterwards, but i just dealt with it. I did that for the next few days, they kept getting dryer and miraculously, no new bumps showed up. When I went to my dermatologist, it took him literally 3 minutes to diagnose it as PR haha. He prescribed me a steroid cream to help with the itching. That day, having learned more about PR from the doctor, I opened my window in my room and let the sunshine in. UV rays help to clear up the rash apparently. I took off all my clothes and just layed in the sun for about 40 minutes in my room (make sure the window is opened, otherwise I don't think the UV rays will be able to penetrate through the window). I made sure every single bump on my body got a good amount of sun exposure (just a WARNING: I am of darker skin tone, and I have read that too much exposure to the sun may leave PERMANENT dark marks even after the PR goes away. I would be cautious, maybe limit it to 10 - 15 minutes, twice a week if you're apprehensive). The sun seemed to irritate the rash and make them more itchy afterwards, but the next day, I was astonished to see that the rash calmed down significantly. Thrilled with the results, I decided to do another 10 minute sun bathing session the next day.


From that day onward, for about a week, I kept up with the head and shoulders routine except toned it down to just once a day as it made my skin super dry. I also drank orange juice every day to help boost my immune system. I only used the prescribed steroid cream about 3 times to help with itching, but even the itching disappeared after a week. The spots seemed calm down so rapidly after that first 40 min session of sun bathing, I think that's what did it. After that day, I had absolutely no new spots. The healing began, the spots became so dry and started peeling, and were no longer raised. I didn't want to put any more creams or oils on top because it felt like the dryness was helping it disappear faster. After a week I was basically completely cured, no new spots, no raised edges, no redness or irritation, and no itching. I was only left with dark marks where the rash had been (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation; this is arguably worse than the actual PR for me and probably caused me more distress lol). 

FINAL THOUGHTS: Thankfully, the spots have begun to fade even within just a few weeks. I am still trying out different treatments for it (Bio Oil, lemon juice, coconut oil, cocoa butter, exfoliation, fade cream). This part takes some time unfortunately, but feel free to message me if you'd like to hear about my progress with that. 

PR blows; I know I was probably one of the lucky ones to have a pretty mild case of it. But please keep a positive attitude and keep up with the treatments and it'll be gone in no time! cheesygrin


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    Hi prsucks,

    Thanks for your advice and I hope that your PR has healed now! I've had it for 2 weeks and started the head and shoulders a few days ago - I do think it's made a difference. I'm still putting on Aveeno cream after my shower but after reading your post, I wonder if I should be leaving it to dry out? It always looks much redder in the mornings and after a shower, and less red in the evening when I go to bed! I've done 2 sunbeds this week of 6 mins each but not sure it's helped as it just seems to make it more red and itchy. I'm taking loads of vitamins including beta glucans which is meant to help, plus vit C, B, coconut oil, omega 3 and turmeric. No idea if they are helping! I do seem to have days when I feel totally drained and other days I feel fine. Let me know if you have anymore advice! Thank you x

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      Hey Wantgone, thanks for your reply. Redness after showering and in the mornings i think is a good sign, along with redness after the sunbed. That all happened to me as well. Particularly after I sunbathed, it became more inflamed and itchy, but that is supposed to happen. The day after sunbathing (or tanning) it should calm down significantly. I would definitely try leaving it out to dry since I noticed they shrank and shriveled away quicker that way (peeling is a good sign!). All the vitamins and supplements you're taking shouldn't hurt at all, the healthier your immune system the better! smile Honestly the only time I used a cream is when it became unbearably itchy and needed to soothe myself a little. Keep doing what you're doing though it should clear up eventually! Mine has healed completely and all my dark spots have vanished like 99% and it's only been about a month or 2 since I have been cured. Stay positive cheesygrin

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    Hello! Thank you so much for such a detailed post!! Just like you, I believe that I have caught my PR relatively early. My school nurse/health center said it was ringworm but I wasnt so sure so I went on an researched other skin conditions and PR fits mine to a T. I still have not gone to the dermatologist yet because there is not openings yet. I am on day 2 of washing with head and shoulders but dont seem to see a difference. How many days did it take you to see a difference? I have spots that seem to be flaking or peelng, that is a good thing right? I have been using Bio oil, after showering, but if I am reading correctly, for you it was almost better putting nothing on it?  I have gone tanning once, but the majority of the rash is in my underarms and I find that hard to get the sun to either by outside or in a bed tanning. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!
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      hey, so it took me about 3-4 days to see a difference. I believe peeling is a good sign because that usually indicates healing. Though I have read that putting creams or oils after showering helps, I felt it wasn't allowing my PR to breathe and dry up. I had a lot of the rash under my breasts and just like you it was hard to expose it to the sun; it wasn't practical for me to just go out in public and expose that area (lol).  The underarms is definitely a difficult area to expose, I suggest you try what I did and sunbathe near a window. This way you can just undress and lift your arm in the privacy of your own home. I even used a mirror to make sure the sun was hitting every spot I needed it to hit. I also spent a decent amount of time exposing each area (about 3-7 min, but if you're prone to sunburn I'd be careful). 

      Also if you think the head & shoulders isn't doing much after a few days, try the clinical strength version it is more potent I believe. Be sure to keep us updated! : )

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      also, I would like to ask when you say you don't seem to see a difference do you mean that more spots are popping up or that you don't see your current spots improving?

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      Thank you so much for your quick response!! I will try sunbathing either on my porch or by a window and see if that does help smile When I went in the tanning bed I actually ended up burning my chest pretty bad (it is so red) so doing it outside may be better so I can expose to the sun just what I need. 

      I have been using the head and shoulders clinical strength version, but I will be patient and give it a couple more days to see if it works smile I dont see a difference because I dont see current spots improving. Although, I am noticing a little bit more dryness, so hopefully this is the start! 

      I am going to Hawaii for vacation this next week and just really hope that these spots are less noticable so people dont look at me like im super diseased haha. 

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      The fact that you aren't seeing any new spots is a great sign itself! It takes a bit of time for the current spots to actually fully go away, doesn't happen over night unfortunately. I do think you're in the very early stages of healing so don't give up (: and thank you, I am always happy to help! Enjoy Hawaii!

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    Hi Guys,

    Sorry I didn't reply but thank you for your advice! Last week my PR started to fade (after having it for 3 weeks) and now they are nearly gone. I'm still using Aveeno shower gel and lotion which definitely helps any itchiness. I'm not sure what made it start to go, I think using head and shoulders definitely made a difference. I also did 2 or 3 days without putting any moisturiser on (which seemed to dry it up) but the skin started to crack and get sore on my neck, so I started using the Aveeno again. I was taking lots of supplements which are also meant to help and probably kicked the immune system back into action - Beta Glucans, Vitamin D, Vitamin B complex and around 3000mg of vitamin C a day. I also did turmeric capsules for a few days (meant to be excellent for lots of things). Citrus fruits isn't meant to be good for it, but I couldn't give up my fresh lemon water! Like any virus, you need to rest, get plenty of sleep, get vitamin down you etc. One of the worst parts of it was feeling rubbish. I had a few days of feeling okay, then a few days of feeling totally wiped out with no energy, head fog and slight flu symptoms, then okay - then rubbish - seemed pretty consistent. I have also tried to minimise stress by taking Rhodiola - if you haven't tried this, it's amazing. It got me through my divorce years ago and has helped stress over the last year. You don't get any side effects (feeling sleepy etc), it just simply takes the edge off stress and helps you to feel much more able to cope smile Be assured that PR will go - and don't do what I did and panic that I'll have it for 12 weeks or possibly longer! Take care xx

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      Thank you so much for all this information wantgone! I'm so happy you're finally free of this burden. I think that taking care of your health so well with all the supplements and even getting your stress under control helped your PR immensely! So glad you think the head & shoulders helped as well cheesygrin 

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    What type of shampoo is it?
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      It is just a dandruff shampoo, Head and Shoulders has pyrithion zinc in it that helps with healing scalp itchiness so it works on skin as well.
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    I am a Mum and have just taken my 13yr old son to our local Walk-in Centre to find the cause for his strange rash and circular scaly rash on his shoulder. I too had thought he had Ring Worm or Bedbugs! Both of these luckily I had crossed off my list due to the pictures and Signs and Syptoms. Like you the Dr diagnosed it in 2 to 3 mins as soon as she saw the 'Herald Ring'! Phew! Her next sentance was; "Great I can't really do anything for you, Thanks, Goodbye!"

    ?My son has been aware of the HR for many months (pre Xmas) but in the last few weeks these rash/spots were appearing after his shower and now looking at the 'avoid these products' .... 'hot water'...... it all makes sense. He only itches after the shower so cold showers from now on?! LOL It is great to read that this PR you only usually get once in your life (presume your body's immune system is fighting against the cold?). He had a small cold before Xmas too so maybe that is still in his system? I will wait for the SUN before I suggest he sunbathes. Thanks for your story prsucks. :-)

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      Haha cold showers should help! Yes it is a little inconvenient to suffer PR during the winter since you can't get a lot of sun exposure. Hopefully your son is all cured now! Glad I can help (:

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    Hey.. so glad to find this post. I went to the out of hour GP in Kingston Hospital as it is Saturday. I requested if there is any antibiotics she can give me to calm down the itchiness thats been going on for 10 days... She did mention that it is PR.... but she also suggested that there is not medicine for PR and I definitely don't need the anti-biotics or steriods .... it takes 6-8 weeks and it will go away on its own. That's what she told me. I think after reading your post I will go tot he GP for second opinion. This itching is killing me

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      Yes, unfortunately there is not much you can do about PR besides wait it out. But I honestly think the treatments I mentioned significantly speed up the process. I hope you are all cured now!

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