Cured Pityriasis Rosea in 1 week!

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For all the impatient people who hate long posts, here's the summary of what I did:

- washed body with head & shoulders twice a day (recommend using clinical strength if your case is severe)

- sun bathed entire naked body for about 40 minutes. Let the sun hit ALL the areas where the rash is, especially in the hard to reach areas (I am female and I had this rash all over/under my breasts as well)

- Drank orange juice every day

- Optional: put prescribed steroid cream on rash for itching

Hey guys, I never post in forums at all but I remember being desperate for online help as I was going through this, so I thought posting my experience would help others as well. Just for some background, I am female and of medium to dark-tan indian skin tone, and 23 years of age. I wrote it like a story to lighten the mood LOL. Enjoy!


I first noticed a harmless little rash on my chest. I ignored it for like 2 weeks until I realized it had gotten bigger. Showed my mom who said it looked like a fungal infection. It looked exactly like ringworm (scaly with raised edges, semi-itchy). So for a week, I put lotrimin on it without any improvement. Then at the end of that week, I woke up with a TON of tiny blotchy raised bumps all over my chest, back, stomach, below stomach, and a little on my legs and arms. None on my face. I started freaking out. But for the next 2-3 days, I kept up with the lotrimin treatment to see if it would go away with time. It got even worse. I freaked out even more. so I researched online about what it could possibly be.


I soon realized I had all the symptoms of Pityriasis Rosea, and that my initial ringworm-looking rash was actually the herald patch. I showed my mom how exponentially worse it got and she booked an appointment with a dermatologist right away. Since the appointment was still about 3 days away, and scared that it would get even more worse just in those 3 days, I wanted to waste no time and start doing everything I could to help cure this as soon as possible. I think this was KEY to clearing it up as fast is I did as I recognized it as PR only 2-3 days after my crazy rash even showed up.


After reading a bunch of posts that said to try head & shoulders, I thought it wouldn't hurt to try. I stopped with the lotrimin (it's an anti-fungal, it wont help with PR), and washed my entire body with head & shoulders shampoo twice that day. It made them so itchy and dry afterwards, but i just dealt with it. I did that for the next few days, they kept getting dryer and miraculously, no new bumps showed up. When I went to my dermatologist, it took him literally 3 minutes to diagnose it as PR haha. He prescribed me a steroid cream to help with the itching. That day, having learned more about PR from the doctor, I opened my window in my room and let the sunshine in. UV rays help to clear up the rash apparently. I took off all my clothes and just layed in the sun for about 40 minutes in my room (make sure the window is opened, otherwise I don't think the UV rays will be able to penetrate through the window). I made sure every single bump on my body got a good amount of sun exposure (just a WARNING: I am of darker skin tone, and I have read that too much exposure to the sun may leave PERMANENT dark marks even after the PR goes away. I would be cautious, maybe limit it to 10 - 15 minutes, twice a week if you're apprehensive). The sun seemed to irritate the rash and make them more itchy afterwards, but the next day, I was astonished to see that the rash calmed down significantly. Thrilled with the results, I decided to do another 10 minute sun bathing session the next day.


From that day onward, for about a week, I kept up with the head and shoulders routine except toned it down to just once a day as it made my skin super dry. I also drank orange juice every day to help boost my immune system. I only used the prescribed steroid cream about 3 times to help with itching, but even the itching disappeared after a week. The spots seemed calm down so rapidly after that first 40 min session of sun bathing, I think that's what did it. After that day, I had absolutely no new spots. The healing began, the spots became so dry and started peeling, and were no longer raised. I didn't want to put any more creams or oils on top because it felt like the dryness was helping it disappear faster. After a week I was basically completely cured, no new spots, no raised edges, no redness or irritation, and no itching. I was only left with dark marks where the rash had been (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation; this is arguably worse than the actual PR for me and probably caused me more distress lol). 

FINAL THOUGHTS: Thankfully, the spots have begun to fade even within just a few weeks. I am still trying out different treatments for it (Bio Oil, lemon juice, coconut oil, cocoa butter, exfoliation, fade cream). This part takes some time unfortunately, but feel free to message me if you'd like to hear about my progress with that. 

PR blows; I know I was probably one of the lucky ones to have a pretty mild case of it. But please keep a positive attitude and keep up with the treatments and it'll be gone in no time! cheesygrin


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    Hey, friendgirl! My name is Kathy Key fitzpatrick. I want to send you a picture I took of my chest in NOVEMBER of last year; it had been going on for a few weeks at that time. Can you give me your email address? I FINALLY went to the doctor May 5, because about the time I was at the end of my rope, it would calm down, but I finally went. Took her 2 minutes for her to tell me what it was. (If I hadn't been talking my head off, she probably woulda told me sooner). Anyway, she gave me some great cream, calmed it down immensely, some antibiotics and something for itching, which I never took cos the cream took care of the itching.

    I want to send you that picture to see if it is what YOU had. When you look at it up close, it looks like teeny, weeny varicose veins that sorta remind me of those things little kids have.... that you blow into, and it goes around and around, hellfire damnation, what are they called? Not windmills, you know what I mean?? Anyway, THAT is the shape they are, not really circular; I would use the word "splotchy".

    Anyway, I'm going to Walmart tomorrow to get the H&S, and everything on the list.

    I started putting vinegar on it yesterday, man, you talk about STING!!! Eye, yi, yi!

    I have new activity on the back of my neck right along my hair line; sorta swollen up a little, wells, and because I have been scratching it, I about had to be pulled off the ceiling when I dabbed the vinegar in it. But I noticed on my chest seemed less irritated.

    Anyway, I would love to talk with you one-on-one. Let me know if that's ok with you.


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    Congratulations!! I've just been diagnosed (3 weeks in, no sign of it going away yet) and I'm starting an anti-dandruff regime myself, thinking 3 times a week.

    I tried sunbathing for about 15 minutes outside yesterday but rash only seems redder. Should probably stick to indoors/using sunscreen for now.

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    Congratulations! That must feel amazing! I have the rash on my back, chest and abdomen and it's not showing many signs of fading after 3 weeks. 

    I've begun sunbathing for about 10 minutes a day--did you use sunscreen? I tan easily but don't want to burn/leave permanent marks on my skin. I'm part Italian/olive-skinned. I bought so zinc oxide sunscreen, but don't know if I want to use it since it has parabens/oxybenzone in it.


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    I have had the same results within a week. I was diagnosed on Monday and its now Sunday and you would never know I had PR. All I did was bath every day in oilatium then put some lipkar from la roche posea on straight after. I was also prescribed betnovate cream, Erythromycin and telefast. Along with a sunbed every other day a prayer. I am blessed it's nearly disappeared as I am going on holiday next Saturday so please do not despair people you can get rid of this unsightly rash within two weeks

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I would like to share my experience and gain some insight from the community here. I'm staying in Singapore. 

    16 September, I managed to book an appointment with Skin Specialist. I was having bad rashes at the inner thigh for almost 2 weeks plus.  I was being prescribed with 7 days fungal infection tablets, Travacort ointment and cimetidine, antihistamine tablets.  It got worst on 18 September. It has spread the entire abdomen and under breast. It was very itchy too.   

    19 September, I visited my doctor again. I had diagnosed with PR. Dr advised me to continue with antifungal tablet till it full course. On top of that I was being prescribed with erythromycin, prednisolone, famotidine and 1 tub of dermasone cream. I was given 4 days mc to be rest at home. 

    As I'm new to this disease, I diligently take my medication without failed. The itchy got worst on 21 September and I couldn't sleep. I had to take piriton to subside the itch. Since I couldn't sleep, I begin to source all online articles about PR. Someone introduce Prreze cream. Immediately I placed my order from eBay but I will only receive the shipment on 28 Sep - 5 Oct.  I was desperate as I want to attend my brother's wedding, which next Saturday. 

    22 Sep, as per what been shared by others in forum, I starts to take 1000 mg of vitamin C (Redoxin triple action), bath 3 times a day with Head & Shoulder Antidandruf shampoo (cool menthol), apply Densitin baby rash cream (maximum strength) after shower and if it's itch again at night, I apply calamine lotion. I still continue with my prescribed drugs. I stand infront my window just to get the morning sunlight for 5 mins ( total 10 mins front and back).

    23 Sep, I've seen some changes. Bumps begin to flatten though it still looks red. Some bumps even turned darker and flaky especially inner thigh and genital area.  Bumps near the chest begins to dry up and I presumed because of the sun ray.  Yes, some improvements but there're some white spots appear on my inner thigh. My skin was dry too. After the afternoon bath, I generously apply aloe vera gel on my whole body. Tonight, I will apply aloe vera gel follow by calamine lotion. 

    I will monitor the situation and update again. I try not to apply Steroids cream at this moment. Maybe I'm paranoid. Just to share, I discard 20 years old mattress. I disinfect my bedding, clothes and towels with KAO oxygen bleach and ensure all properly SUN DRIED!

    I have also been vegetarian for almost a week. No beans or legumes to prevent itchy. No spicy food too. Stay calm and relax during this period though I knew I will be very busy with work when I step to office on Monday and I need to submit my MBA assignment a week later.  Anyway, I will sort it out later. At this moment, I will just stay positive, relax and meditate. 

    I will update my progress again. 

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      Hi there i was diagnosed last week  and i have heard many good things about preeze as well. Please let me know how it is.   im desperate for some relief. I just started using the selsum blue as body wash  yesterday.  today i did 6 min of tanning but my skin feels like its on fire  spots are angry and red . This is causing me so many sleepless nights . 
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      Hope to receive my shipment tomorrow. While waiting for my shipment, I still continue with 1000mg vitamin c with 2 slices of wholemeal bread every morning. This includes medication as well. The itch always happens between 10pm - 4am. It's red hot bumps and it's unbearable. I took Zyrtec to stop the itch and I keep applying aloe vera gel almost every hour. It does helps. I have stopped using H&S shampoo and Densitin cause it makes my skin very dry and itchy. I noticed the bumps begin to subside and the dark scaly patch lightened too. I'm on my second bottle of aloe vera gel. 

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      Thank you for your input. I started taking l-lysine and oil of oregeno . I agree the itch is its worst at night . Yesterday i had to sit in in a cool shower to relive the itch at 4am grrrrrr. I think i will try the aloe vera as well . Good luck 
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      I have yet to receive mine. But I went to TCM instead. Unbelievable! On my second day after my TCM visit, everything dried up. I was having a good night sleep of 8 hours yesterday with no itch. I was given 14 sachets of powdered medication-2 sachets per day. According to sensei, the medicine is to detox and expel heat from my body as well as to moisture my skin. It's unbelievable! I should have visit TCM earlier!

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      Stazstaz i just placed my order for prrezze yeateyday i should receive it by oct 5th .  I'm so grateful for this forum  it's really help me with my anxiety. Ive only had it 1 1/2 weeks but im willing to try anything at this point. Ive already spent a small fortune in supplements creams tanning etc  but if this works it will be worth every $  . I hope prrezze is the answer to my prayers 

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      Hello MBSKL123 could you please tell me more about TCM ? What is it? 
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      Morning and evening. Leave it on. If you shower daily, put it on after your shower so you don't wash it off.

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      What is TCM? I'm on my second tun of preeze and it's looking so much worse rather than better didn't realise I would need this much cream it has the worst smell too I have to hold my breath while I apply it as it makes me physically sick the smell, if it helps tho  I'm just going to have to put up with it but so far no results that's 6 days using it. 

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      Traditional Chinese medicines . Chinese sensei. It’s a Chinese medication. They use herbs instead of drugs. 
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      Hi MBSKL123

      I have been dealing with this awful rash for 4 weeks and have tried everything but nothing works. 

      I'm in Malaysia, and we do have TCM here. Is it possible to let me know what's the prescription, or the condition to tell the sin seh? 

      I am also willing to make a trip to Singapore if you can let me know where your tcm is.

      This rash is making me so depressed. 

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      Please where do I get this cream.. Help a friend please

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      I tried yellow cream and green cream, as recommended by the Chinese herb doctor here in the Houston area. Didn't work for me.

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