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Its finally going! - signs of healing

I'm so relieved - I can happily say that my PR is finally clearing up. I've had it for about 8 weeks now. About a week before it started to fade I think it 'peaked' it was intensely itchy and very dry and flaky. A week later the itch had all but gone (except when after a shower) The patches enlarged and flattened and started to fade from the inside of the patch outwards. During this time my skin was very flaky. Within a week the rash had faded down to a tan colour and once the flaking had gone the tan patches were dry looking but flat. The early patches and herald patch have almost completely faded and the patches I got later on are still there but beginning to go.

Its been a horrid 8 weeks but I'm glad that it seems to be going - I'm just praying that its gone for good and will stay away for my wedding next year.

For those of you in the middle of it and feeling miserable - IT WILL GO AWAY! I really felt that i would have it forever but I'm almost normal again now and I'm so relieved! There is hope - hang in there eveyone!

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    Hi, I also have just started to get clear skin back! I have had PR for approx 4 weeks now, at the worst i thought my skin would stay that way forever! But thankfully I have just started to get better, the spots around my neck were so bad i had to wear a rollneck, but now it has gone!

    Good luck to everyone, it will go!!


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    [quote:cbf64b57db=\"tashavivvy \"]Hi, I also have just started to get clear skin back! I have had PR for approx 4 weeks now, at the worst i thought my skin would stay that way forever! But thankfully I have just started to get better, the spots around my neck were so bad i had to wear a rollneck, but now it has gone!

    Good luck to everyone, it will go!!

    X[/quote:cbf64b57db]Its great to read that PR does finally go i'm into my 4th week with it and its driving me mad its very itchy and still spreading, thankfully though not on my face. I thought i would have it forever but knowing it reallly does clear up makes me feel so much better and knowing i'm not alone helps as well. Hopefully mine will start to go soon as i am not allowed to go to work with it.


    Heres to not getting it again.

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    I found it was at its worse at about week 5-6 - it got really painfully itchy and very red and dry. Now its really fading at week 9 - the only think it is has left my skin very dry and tight feeling. My skin feels a bit like crepe paper so I've bought a load of body scrubs. I can't seem to find a decent moisturiser to do the trick though.

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    The best moisturizer going is Palmers Cocoa Butter!! You can get it anywhere - costs around £2.

    • Ms. Kay Guest

      Thanks for the tip on moisturizing!  I actually have some Palmers Cocoa Butter Sensitive (fragrance free & Determtologist tested).  I havent been using it but instead I have been moistirizing with Vaseline.  I defintely did no want to use anything that may irritate the rash. I'm so thankful for your post.  Take care and best of luck!   

  • nooralhakeem Guest

    Hi there. I'm really glad to know that someon had PR and got rid of it.I'm new at it ,i think i'm in the first week becouse the rash starting to spread on my chest and little bit on my arms ,and it is scary,but knowing that it will go away eventually is a great relief. Please i want to ask you ,is the patches go and will not leave marks on the skin?or it will always be there on the skin as a just faded color?please please reply to me.I went today to the doctor and he told me not to worry and he asked for a blood test.,but i want to know from your experience if the ugly patches will

    not leave marks on the skin.Thanks😄

  • kendra102099 Guest

    So I have the rash too. It's been about 10 days and I'm in the stage where the patches are flakey and I cannot stop itching ... Do you know if itching it will make it last longer ? Also, I've been putting hydro cortizone on it after showers and taking allergy medication but both don't seem to be affecting my condition at all.. It seemed like it was going away today but then I noticed it on my calves, which it wasn't there before it was just on my upper body and thighs .. What should I do ??? Please help

  • jennifer 17214 Guest

    Yay! I'm so glad to hear that this does go away ! I'm not sure how far along I am with mine but it's covering my neck, chest, abdomen and back with a few patches on my chin, legs and arms !! The herald patch stated October 27ish and the others just came at diff times !

  • ms72 Guest

    Anyone had experience with a fresh outbreak when you thought it was going away ??


    I had the herald patch about a month ago on my neck – a week later my body was covered. Chest, neck, sides, groin area and tops of legs and arms. Was house bound for a week as unable to wear clothing and I got very down with it all knowing it could last months.


    After a week it started to fade rapidly and the redness disappeared, my skin started to peel and I was really pleased. Yesterday morning (five days after all redness had faded) however I noticed some of the patches looking a little redder (it could be some of the old patches inflamed again or could even be new ones). They’re a little worse today and I have a few more. I’m now dreading a fresh outbreak to follow in a few days – I don’t think worrying about it is helping !


    Is this common with the condition does anyone know ? I’m doing all the right things to help it go

  • sarah65118 Guest

    Hello everyone. I got a cat about 6 weeks ago which i found on the street. The cat is completely fine but within a week of getting her i developed a strange rash on my hand. It was circular (you could just about make it out) and flesh coloured bumps. Skin within the bumps was normal. About a week after that i started getting red spots (different to the flesh coloured large one on my hand) all over my body (arms, legs, stomach and back). None on my hand or feet, lower legs or face. These spots were red and crusted yellow. They were about the size of  a 5 pence piece. I went t the doctor thinking it was ringworm but she said it was pityriasis Rosea. I thought this was a good diagnosis as i thought ringworm would be a nightmare to get ride of with a cat. She gave me anti histamines and a cream to use twice a day. They spots started fading. I went to the doctor a week later and she said it must have been pityriasis rosea as ringworm wouldnt cure itself within a week. However that night i developed new spots on my legs and arms. She refused to take a skin sample. What should i do? Im really worried it is ringworm and that i am spreading it to other people but without a proper analysis i have to trust the doctor. I should mention that the spots have all been extremely itchy. Please help.

    • Katie L sarah65118

      Hi Sarah

      So sorry to hear that you are suffering. I've actually had both!....I caught ringworm off a cat I rescued in Egypt (now lives in the UK with me)'s very different when you have experienced both. Ringworm spreads very quickly!

      With pityriasis rosea you get a mother patch (usually on the torso) ......have a look at some images of the two on Google.

      If it's pityriasis rosea ....get on a sunbed got rid of mine (which was bad) within a few days.

      Ringworm took about 2 weeks with cream to go x

    • sarah65118 Katie L

      Thanks for your reply, Katie. And i'm really sorry to hear that you've had both :-( I had about 10 spots in total at the beginning and three new ones appeared a few days ago. The problem is that the typical ringworm rash that i see on google is not what i have at all. They're raised red patches (with a yellow pimple in the middle). The rest of the patch is almost flat. They expand in size over the space of about 24 hours and then they dont grow beyond that. I've searched so much on google that im sure that some of the pictures look similar to each other. The dermatologist thought the initial patch i had on my hand was the herald patch but i have to admit that when i first saw it i was convinced it was ringworm. I used lamisil for a week but then saw the dermatologist who told me that if it hadnt started to clear within a week it was unlikely to be ringworm.


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