My Pityriasis Rosea Story; (Picture of healing included)

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Hey guys, I just wanted to create this discussion, as like many of you who are probably reading this, pityriasis rosea has kind of taken over my life the last month or so. But there IS hope.

?To begin with, I think my case is pretty atypical. I had the classic 'Herald patch' which at the time, I didn't think anything of it; I hadn't even heard of this skin condition! One day after I decided to go for a long walk, I returned home, had a hot shower (God I miss those) and I was horrified when a sudden rash covered my abdomen, hip and my legs which were the worst! I immediately began searching the internet and like many other people, I was convinced I had ringworm! A few days later, I visited the walk in centre and the nurse told me it was definitely not ringworm, it was likely to be a viral rash which will 'Go away on its own', GREAT! I thought to myself, at least it isn't contagious. I then asked her if there was anything I could put on it, any creams, moisturiser etc. 'No' she said and I left with mixed feelings. Little did I know until I began to search this condition (I must have spent hours and hours looking this up!) it can take up to three months or even longer to go away! EEE, I spent so many hour crying over this horrible rash.

?You see, I'm quite a healthy person, I've lost a lot of weight over the past few years, I eat healthy, my job means I am on my feet for hours on end, I drink plenty of water, no underlying health conditions etc. So why me? 

?Then I realised, just over a month before I came out in this horrid rash, I suffered from some kind of EXTREMELY painful throat infection which lasted a few weeks. So you could only imagine my horror when I found out this rash was probably related to the throat infection.

?I believe I am one of the lucky ones, as since the secondary rash has appeared (around 5 weeks ago) it has been limited to my hips, my stomach/abdomen and my legs which is still the worst of it. I'm not sure if I have several herald patches as the ones on my legs look different to the ones on my hips and stomach, they're spread out and have merged together over the past month or so, very unsightly! 

?However, the original herald patch has more or less disappeared, and quite suddenly too. I have been drinking a LOT of water and orange juice, taking vitamin C tablets, eating plenty of fruit and veg and trying to distress as much as possible. In the space of a month, it has gotten worse but parts are healing and fading now. 

?I will add a picture of the spots on my abdomen to show how they have spread out and faded more into my skin. The past week or so I have been showering with head and shoulders classic clean shampoo, and although it stung quite a bit and looked very inflamed after the shower, I have woken up today with it looking a lot less inflamed and it's flaking off. 

?The last month has been the longest month ever, and I know the whole of the rash will take another month or two at the very least to fade completely, but I have never been so happy to see my skin flaking and fading.

?I go on holiday in less than two months and I'm hoping the sun exposure will even things out, but I won't ever take my skin for granted that's for sure!

?I'm no guru on this condition, I've learnt pretty much everything from reading forum posts of other people's experiences, but feel free to ask any questions and I'll do my best to answer.


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    Literally the exact same thing has happened to me the last week or so. Convinced it was ringworm bought and used anti fungal cream... Doctor today said 'nope... It's this... Don't treat it don't do anything just leave it be' 

    Is that what you've done? Just left it alone and it starts to get better? 

    It's horrifying!

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      Hi Charlie,

      It is horrifying, it’s even worse to be told to leave it alone!

      I’ve been using head and shoulders shampoo for about a week now and I’ve noticed a huge difference! The rash is/was worse on my leg, it’s still visible but it’s turned from a red/pink colour to a pale pink/tan colour and it’s not as bumpy now, my skin feels a lot smoother, I’m hoping a few more weeks of this will fade it even more! When I first used the shampoo my legs felt like leather! They were very crusty and dry and I thought I had a bad reaction, but the next morning the crusting has subsided, it was just flaky but a LOT paler in colour, I have frequently been using coconut oil and aveeno moisturising lotion also when my skins been very dry, but only when needed, as for me letting it dry out has helped the most. Also, the newer spots on my hips and abdomen have been flaking a lot too!

      I have also been taking vitamin C, drinking a lot of orange juice and so much water every day to boost my immune system, so I’m hoping that has helped too!

      Tanning is supposed to be quite good too I’ve heard! I’m yet to try it though.

      It will get better I promise. I’ve had this for about 5-6 weeks and my herald patch a month longer (herald patch is almost invisible now). I swear I have taken a picture every day since I have had this horrid rash, and whilst it’s definiyely gotten worse, it’s also now getting better and it’s encouraging to see it!

      Don’t be disheartened if things don’t work at first, it is only temporary and it isn’t forever.

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      Thanks so much for getting back to me! Really helped... So do you wash the rash with the shampoo itself directly onto the skin?

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      I usually just use my hands and work it into a lather, let it sit for two or three minutes and then wash it off, about half an hour later it really dries up my spots/patches and even though they are growing still, it seems to be slowly fading and flaking the skin from inside outwards, which I’m hoping is a positive sign of healing! Also, just to add I’ve been sitting in the sun as much as I can the past few days and this also seems to be helping to dry it up and fade!

      Let me know how you get on :-)

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    Hi there! I can see it's been four years you've posted this, but if you still get my reply, I would love to know how did your rash feel under your touch? Was it wrinkly, slightly rough? Or completely gentle on touch?

    I have been having the exact same skin rash as you do on your photo. Mine activated a week ago, several months after the main (herald) patch, but it is still mild, with a few patches that had already turned pink to orange, and several more on my stomach and back, which are still kind of "active" (red and mildly itchy). Yesterday morning my lymph node on the right side of neck became suddenly swollen, so I went to the general practice doctor, mentioned the skin rash as well, but he refused to even look at it and just sent me to a dermatologist, who is only available in another city, so it's quite frustrating. Like you, I have spent hours today searching what it could be and Pityriasis Rosea seems to be the most likely cause. I have had three Covid infections in the past two years, so I assume compromised immune system triggered it. My patches are mildly wrinkly and rough to touch - like leather material. If this is the same "feeling" as you had with yours, then I am totally sure mine rash really is Pityriasis Rosea and I don't have to waste my time travelling to another city to see a dermatologist!

    Well, anyhow, thank you in advance, and I do hope you are now fine and your skin has totally cleared 😃 image

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      Hi! I can't believe its been 4 years but I can tell you mine dissapeared and I have no scars or anything to say it was ever there.

      My skin felt bumpy - I know that doesn't sound very specific, but the affected skin felt raised (especiallly after a shower or bath it became more raised). I definitely reccomend drying it out if you can (luckily it was summer for me so i sat in the sun a lot), i used head and shoulders shampoo and this helped the skin flake and slowly fade away.

      I do still think mine came about from a horrible throat infection i had which had me hourly on painkillers, but i was also going through a lot of stress at the time too, so i'm not really sure where it came from.

      Also, i mentioned i went to see a nurse at my local walk in centre who advised it wad probably a viral rash, but a month or so later when the rash was slowly dying down i went to see my GP and he had no clue whatsoever what it was...(helpful!)

      i actually didnt realise my herald patch (i don't know how honestly it was bright red at first),what i noticed was the patches would grow and spread out from spots into circles.

      again, i didn't have the 'usual' rash on my back anything, it was mainly my legs and my lower stomach / thighs.

      my best advise and what worked for me was drinking lots of water, taking vitamin C & trying to dry out the patches as much as possible.

      I would say it took about 8-9 months for mine to completely dissapear with no sign of it at all (but again, i didn't have the 'usual' case. And i haven't had it again since (fingers crossed).

      I hope this helps but if you have any questions i am happy to help! 😃 xx

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    Hello there,

    I see its been a while since anyone has posted on this thread but i guess im just looking for some kind of hope 😦 my husband has this horrible rash and has had it about 3 weeks now. His torso is covered, round his ears and top of his thighs. Like yourselves the doctor just said to leave it and it will heal however im really hoping to speed things up for him as not only is itch bothering him we are due a baby any day now as im 39 weeks pregnant and he doesn't want this horrible unsightly rash present when when arrives. Esp for any skin to skin cuddles. Were really considering sunbeds just now. I am also going to try the shampoo, at present doctor said Eumovate and antihystamines for itch. Do you think drying it out has been for you both? As im thinking if we try dry it out with UV light & Shampoo then surely i am feeding it again with moisturiser. We are at our wits end with this god awful rash!! He had an ear infection around 3/4 weeks ago so i believe its come from that.

    Hopefully you see this reply & thank you 😃

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      I am glad I found this discussion. I am two weeks in from the herald spot. It developed days after a mild mild sore throat. Now ten days later spots have spread to 50 percent of my body from neck to upper thighs. The initial spots have gone from red to brown and scaling. New areas red. Just a bit itchy only. I am going to try the head and shoulders and sun exposure. Looks like this going to be with me for a few months at least start to finish. Hopefully 90 days total and it will be in final fading stages. I hope the spreading at two weeks is almost done!!

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