Pityriasis Rosea after COVID-19

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Hi All

6 weeks ago i was quite poorly with flu like symptoms, i was aching all over but had no cough or temperature. I was ill for 3 whole weeks but my GP assured me she didn't think it was corona virus - nethertheless we were in lock down anyway. I totally lost my sense of smell and taste which is crap as I love my food! After hearing the WHO had listed this as a symptom I had a antibody test and Voila i tested positive for having COVID.

2 weeks ago I noticed a small circular red blotch on my thigh, pharmacy prescribed anti fungal cream and said it was ringworm. 2 weeks later I am full of rash, all over my stomach, chest, back. They are slightly itchy but I wouldnt say I was unwell. My GP is not sure what it is and said it could be a viral rash as an after affect of COVID or an allergic reaction. I've been taking antihistamines for 5 days and its still spreading, doctor hopes to send me for a blood test this week.

Has anyone experienced covid-19 & had this reaction afterwards?? I am thankful I fought it off but am feeling rather run down and low with this horrid rash that keeps spreading. I am pretty sure it's PR.

I am 38 & a busy Mum with young children and any advice is thankfully welcomed..

pic of my back..


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    beginning of december last year, i was ill, chest was horrendous, temperature, body aches, just feeling awful! it lasted about a week then i gradually went back to normal. christmas eve i had a red patch appear on my stomach, i spent all off christmas day googling it and being terrified it was some form of skin cancer!!! few days later 2 other patches (not as big) were on the other side of my stomach. had a dr appointment, she was unsure and gave me anti fungal which to me i feel made it worse because a few more days later my torso was covered and it looked like it was heading up to my neck. 2nd GP appt, he didnt know what it was, he was a skin doctor and said he hadnt seen anythin like that before, i showed him pityrisis rosea on google but wasnt that familar!! it got worse so i readmore and found tips.

    1. wash with head and shoulders shampoo
    2. Prezze cream from America

    so i ordered this cream from America as a last resort, now in january and it wasnt any better. i paid £80 for the cream (i was desperate), it arrived within days and 9 days later my rash was fading and days after that it went. the skin doctor thought it was a miracle!

    whatever you/ me and have had virus wise was that powerful to bring out this horrible rash! google the cream and look into it, if it happened again thats what ill be doing!

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    i had very similar symptoms to you but back in december 2020 and beginning of jan 2021 and this is what my rash ended up looking like after starting with just one or two patches. imageimage

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    saw a dermatologist and she has diagnosed me with Pityriasis Rosea - finally a diagnosis.

    prescribed me with oral steroids and steroid cream. Fingers crossed it goes soon!!

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    I tested positive on 28th Dec (luckily my symptoms were very mild) Early jan, i noticed the herald patch. and im getting more little itchy spots daily.

    theyre worse in the evening ? Anyone experienced this?

    Not extremely itchy (thank god) but if i start scratching them then theyre itchy lol.

    I was told that cetraben cream should work - anyone used this?

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    I experienced covid back at the end of July. I noticed towards the end of December I had what i thought on my stomach (turned out to be my harold patch) an insect bite not too long after I noticed more rash on my stomach and arms soon it was on my back. I went to my regular doctor she gave me a steroid, cream, and allergy meds nothing seemed to clear up the rash. I then went to see my gynecologist who at first scared me because she thought it could be a blood infection (syphilis) which scared me. After going to an allergist with no luck or answer to my questions I went to a dermatologist as soon as I lifted my shirt he said, "oh, you have pityriasis rosea there's no cure and everything that your doing is not going to work, it'll go away on it's own". I started doing research and found that this was viral and decided to fight it from the inside using Elderberry and apple cider vinegar. While using those things the rash was spreading and the rash was making my skin darker. I went back to my gyno she had information for me and asked if I wanted to try acyclovir which she prescribes to people who have shingles and chicken pox. I asked her if covid could have played a part in me getting this rash and she said due to the weakened immune system from covid it is quite possible as covid has long term side effects such as rash and hair loss (my mom experienced this 2 months after having covid) plus covid is a viral infection so I think it has something to do with that. I started taking the acyclovir a week ago and I no more active rash (stopped spreading) although I still get itchy and due to the rash or meds my skin is dry and cracking which hurts. I am hoping to be over this soon so I can start the healing process and clear the dark marks left from this rash.

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      I'm curious as to the dosage of acyclovir your doctor recommended. I had PR at 18 years old, so when it showed up again last year just before I turned 55, I knew what it was after it was full blown. In June 2020, I got the worst cold sore ever that got infected and the doctor gave me acyclovir which cleared it up pretty quick.. I learned to take it if I were feeling another one come on, which was often last year and never was before. It stops it from presenting, but its not a cure. Last week I spotted a round raised patch between my shoulder and neck and I knew what it was. I took the acyclovir right away and got a scrip for more. I applied zincofax cream twice daily on it....now its day 7 ...I am nauseous and have hair falling out but the patch is almost gone completely and avoided the breakout hopefully. I was taking 2 mg a day of acyclovir for 6 days...I am afraid to go off it that it might come back. 3 months of itching and rash and fatigue last year was so depressing. There doesn't seem to be any instructions for PR and acyclovir even though it is helpful.

      By the way, when I went to the doctor this time, he said it was ringworm. I said no, its not, I had this last year, but I didn't come and see you. I find it interesting that a lot of people are misdiagnosed as having ringworm when it's PR.

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    The same happened to me in January 22' the first time I ever got COVID. I'm 25/Female. I had other odd symptoms too and not many of the main ones like losing taste or smell. I was nauseas, had a very sore throat, and extremely fatigued. I couldn't even roll over in bed. When the worst was over I was left with a cough for almost a month and this crazy itchy and dry rash from my neck down to my hips . The doc didn't diagnose it but said it was from the virus more than likely. I was prescribed some steroids and told to grab some Benadryl but that did not do much for the rash itself as it was starting to subside on its on. To help with scarring I've been using Bio Oil and Cetaphil! The toxins shedding from the virus in my lungs made my skin very sensitive in those areas. Chest, abdomen upper thighs/hips and my back. I still get some flares and the scars are next to none now! Granted I've had no major skin issues my entire life this was odd. Get some Bio Oil but test it on a small area first to be sure it doesn't irritate further

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