A week on Amitriptyline

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So I have been on Amitriptyline 10mg for a week now originally prescribed for migraine prevention. I am a bit conflicted as to whether to keep taking them or not. My GP wants me to up to 25mgs for this next week.


My anixety has reduced a lot (unexpectedly)

My sleep quality has dramatically improved - I don't kick all night or lay awake frustrated that I can't sleep. I do sleep about 3 hours longer than normal as well.

No longer feel fatigued or exhausted everyday.

Racing thoughts have eased off.

No longer feel groggy in the morning (wore off after 4 days) though I am still zombie like in the mornings.


My Migraines / facial pain is definitely worse - significantly more painful. Actually had a migraine for 3 days straight now. It's not spiking though, it's just a lingering dull throbbing pain in my sinus / behind eyes.

I keep getting zaps (only way I can describe it) like cold zapping sensation over my left side of my face. It's pretty unnerving, it's intermittent but getting more frequent.

My heart rate is a lot faster than normal and I have calve cramps.

I know it's still early but part of me is thinking that upping the dose will only up the side effects and the con's have just bought on a new set of problems to deal with.

Can anyone else relate?

I am seeing my neurologist next week and she did say Amitriptyline will either help or make the migraines worse and that propranolol might be better if so.


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    Hi Thomas

    ​I was put on Amitriptyline to counter severe sciatic nerve pain and certainly had the initial side effects that you mention. I slept well but had the zombie mornings, but at 50mg dose it did not help the nerve pain. I had the facial zaps and pain like a migraine and after just 3 weeks I suffered Sudden Onset Acute Angled Glaucoma in my right eye and within 36 hours had lost my sight - fortunately a friend got me to hospital just in time for them to save my sight but they told me that it was Amitriptyline that triggered it. It is a very rare side effect but it happened to me. I will never forget the excruciating pain in the outer corner of my eye as the pressure climbed up and up and am damn lucky that I got help in time. If you are suffering side effects this may not be the right drug for you and you should consider stopping it. As it is a short time use you should be alright to stop it without any withdrawals but it is your decision and perhaps talking with the Neurologist will help you make it. 

    For the cramps I find Magnesium Glycinate very helpful, and also some find Potassium good as well.

    ​In my opinion if a patient suffers side effects that are unnerving on a new drug it may be that your body is trying to tell you something - listen and I hope whatever your decision you get the help you need quickly and feel well again soon.


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      Wow I am sorry that this happened to you and glad you were able to get help in time. 

      The thing is the common answer you always get is "give it more time". The zombie like feeling is definitely catching up on me. I am struggling to stay awake in work today. 

      The frustrating thing is these medications just replace one set of problems for another. Think I need a break from medication and try a bit more of a natural route. 


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      You are right, we are given a man-made medical drug, then another drug to counteract the side effects of it, then try this one or that one, but you have to give it chance as in over 6 weeks to see if things settle down etc etc. I am slowly coming off Pregabalin (given as an alternative to Amitryptyline for nerve pain) and the side effects of that for me are acute brain fog, memory loss, loss of balance, ringing in the ears, zombie like mornings, vivid nightmares and the list goes on. Like you I am going to try Natural Remedies that may help me but without side effects.  I am trying Passion Flower and 5HTP to help with sleep and relaxation but they take time to build up in the system so patience is the key. At least they are not damaging to my body! I hope you find helpful things as you research and at least you won't feel like a zombie at work

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    Hi Thomas, amitriptyline will make your heart beat faster mine does. Some people it works for  with migraines and some it does not. It is trial and error but i think people are on more than 10 mg. there are many posts on here re ami and migraines so have a look through. The only thing is if you up it you may feel a little more  zombie like. I have been on this drug  almost 2 years but most of the last year i have been weaning off this drug. a my peak i was on 30 mg for a couple of months but weaned down to 20 mg  and have been weaning off 10 mg since January. The effects of just stopping and even cutting it in half were horrific. I have the drug in liquid form to reduce very very slowly to allow my brain to re adjust. speak to your GP re your leg cramps. x
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