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  • nicole36226 1

    Continued use of Amitryptaline for Migraines and side effects

    Hi everyone, I ended up on Amitryptaline back in 2011, as a result of being told I had a Cholesterol Graniloma, which turned out to be incorrect.  I ended up at Stanford Neurology with Dr. Steven Mc Intyre.  He had me do an MRI on my neck and I ended up with Anterior and Posterior C-4 through...

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  • amanda59745 3

    amitriptyline withdrawal

    Hi all, i have tried unsuccessfully to withdrawal from amitriptyline twice.  every time i get down to 5mg i start with awful symptoms, bad headaches, nausea, belching, abdominal cramps, back ache and  my bowels get so upset they feel like they are swollen i get bloated have wind and abdomen...

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  • marilane37950 1
  • dan48195 1

    Can amitriptyline cause suicidal thoughts when used only for pain

    Iv been diagnosed with crohns disease for a couple of years now and around 6 months ago I was prescribed amitriptyline by my consultant for the pain and sleepless nights After a couple of weeks of takeing 10mg I started getting suicidal thoughts really badly so contacted my ibd nurse who in return had...

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  • firecracke63810 1
  • Jackie2016 2

    Amitriptyline 10mg for headaches and anxiety please share

    Hi, I am new to the forum. ​I have struggled for many years with health and general anxiety, i am at a ppoint now that I have to hold my hands up and admit I cant do this on my own anymore. ​I am on day 3 of taking the amitriptyline, i am scared every time i take it, what could happen. ​Please can...

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  • faye 87429 1

    Has amitrip caused anyone's heart to race

    I was given elavil for IBS depression years ago and I don't remember the dosage but my first dose caused my heart to race. I told my doctor and he took me off. Now many years later another doctor wants to put me on it for severe IBS and stomach pain. I told him about my prior issue but he isn't...

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  • Punkyskully 1

    Can taking a higher dosage of Amitriptyline cause side effects?

    Hello, I have been prescribed Amitriptyline for around four weeks, starting at 10mg each day for a week, and then upping the dose by 10mg each week. So 20mg for the second week, 30mg for the third week etc. I'm taking this type of medication as I suffer with chronic tension headaches and migraines....

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  • patrick34872 2

    Amitripiline Withdrawal symptoms

    Hi,  I was taking 75/100mg of amitripiline for chronic pain.  (5 Yrs)  The pain has now disappeared & i came off amitripiline over 6 weeks.  After about 3 to 4 weeks, i am still waking up extremely early & having trouble going to sleep.  But the main thing that concerns...

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  • thomas96833 5


    Hello, So I have suffered with anxiety and depression for around a year now bought on over a high stress event combined with sinus problems (ongoing). I have tried numerous anxiety medication over the last two years from Mirtazapine, Sertraline and Fluoxetine to Propranolol, Buspar and Diazepan....

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  • tracey93417 2

    Weight gain on Amtriptyline

    I have been taken amitriptyline for about 4 years for hormonal headaches migraines. I started on 10 mg and over the years and now on 150mgs, well stopped last night. My weight has been gradually going up over this time, and I have only realised it must be the medication I am 2 stone over weight now....

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  • Fizzy11 2

    Amitriptyline 10mg

    Does anyone take this for nerve damage please? I've had surgery on my elbow & a new radial head joint but somehow the ulnar nerve has been insured causing horrible nerve damage in my wrist & little finger. Come off Tramadol because it wasn't helping nerve pain & co codamol doesn't...

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  • hildy 63403 2


    Has anyone experienced a rapid heart rate while being on amitriptyline? Other affects include feeling faint, light headedness, chest pain... not sleeping well like I did in the beginning. Taking it for IBS and anxiety. A few times I have had difficulty getting to sleep because my heart was beating so...

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  • clowny1 2

    amitriptyline & weight gain

    Hello, Ive been taking amitriptyline for about a year for chronic tension headaches and i'm convinced they have made me gain weight. I've always kept an eye on my weight and i know how it can vary from day to day, but i always remained 2lb's either side of my ideal weight. Since taking...

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  • lucylu33 1

    Side affects of amitriptyline

    I have been on this for 8 years ! I'm only 24 an have SOD disfunction does anyone find it causes to sweat really bad? And ideas on how to help that?

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  • secretsan 2

    Coming off Amitriptyline cold turkey

    I have spent 4 month trying to ween off, now its cold turkey. stopped taking amtrip last night. already feel slightly better, but heighten anxiety..Scala of 1-10 2.  cheers Secretsan   

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  • stephen73292 3

    Wanting to come off amitriptyline

    Hi everyone. I've been on amitriptyline 20mg since april 2014 for migraine & sleep problems. I now want to come off the medication. After reading nightmare stories from members experiencing terrible withdrawal symptoms, i am so scared to come off them. However, i really do want to come off...

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  • Moose 21732 2

    Amitriptyline-Urgent help

    Just been given some amitriptyline as I have been to the walk in centre,the doctors, a&e and back to the doctors twice more with agonising pains. These pains are lower abdominal pains and lower back pains, it has been put down to a stone in my pelvis and two cysts on my ovaries. I had neproxan and...

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  • hollie92553 3
  • amanda53485 2

    Amitriptyline For Headaches & Facial Pain

    Hi Guys,  I'm pretty new to this so here goes - I have been prescribed Amitriptyline for headaches & facial pains/tingles. After alot of research online my symptoms are along the lines of someone suffering Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN - I also posted a discussion in the Trigeminal Neuralgia...

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  • joyceb 2

    Been taking Amitriptyline for 2 weeks, side effects

    Hello all.  I wonder if someone could tell me if the way I am feeling at the mo is normal when first taking these tabs or if I should be concerned.  I was prescribed 10 mg Amitriptyline some while ago for pain which was thought to be sciatica.  It is now discovered I have a bulging...

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  • louise35160 2

    hand tremor

    hi has anyone else experience this hand tremor when lowering thee dosage of amitriptyline please x

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  • dee88278 2

    Withdrawal first day after cutting back by 1/4

    I've been on amit for 20+ years - 25mg.  I started one summer with absolutely terrible disassociation, almost non-functional.  Psych started me on elavil 25 mg.  About a week later, gyn tested my hormone level and said it was terrible, so stated me on hormones - but never mentioned...

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  • casey 07011 2
  • andrew61400 2

    Amitriptyline withdrawals

    So I was prescribed 10mgs of Amitriptyline for post-concussion syndrome 1.5yrs after a motorcycle accident. I was getting 3 or 4 migraines a week (I'd had them as an adolescent but in adulthood only one a year or something) and after a visit to a neurologist they prescribed this. I've been...

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  • n06513 2

    Severe reaction to ampitriptyline

    I am a 32 year old mom that was started on 10mg then 20 mg after 1 night. It was to help with tingling in my right foot from physical shape change after pregnancy. The VERY next morning I woke up I had: -Intense tingling in my legs -Could barely use my legs they were cramped so badly my toes turned...

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  • ecsuee 2
  • Harv8yCooper 1

    Headaches and Amitriptyline

    I have just started taking Amitripyline for joint pain ( toes).  I am on 10mg. It has helped but I now wake up with a headache, is it okay to take paracetamol with this tablet? 

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  • helen182 1

    Amitriptyline...use for sleep problems?

    My mum was recently prescribed Amitriptyline by her GP. She told me it was to help her sleep, but I have looked up info about it, and it looks like an andtidepressant, that is also sometimes used for migraine. Q: does anyone else know of it being used for sleep problems? Does it help? What side effects,...

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  • Leesylovebug 1

    Amitriptyline and setraline

    Hi I have been on amitriptylin for headaches for over20 years and about 4 years ago was put on sertraline for depression 50mg I have got memory problems and my new doctor said it was because I shouldn't have been on both. Has anyone else had the same problem? And did your memory come back? Have been...

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  • marie31094 3


    I have been taking amitriptyline for a long time now a the strength of 75mg at night and I have put on a lot of weight, despite being very careful of what I sugar, no fat or junk food. I exercise every day too. I cannot lose the weight no matter what I do and I wondered if someone else had the...

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  • rose 72472 3

    I have been on Amitriptyline for 5 years and have gained 10 kilos

    I have been on Amitritylins for about 5 years now (50mg) for a number of issues, mostly sleep disorder and anxiety. I have found it wonderful. It is fast acting and apart from the few side-effects experienced by most patients in this forum (dry mouth, constipation, occasional tachycardia), it has alleviated...

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  • chelsey1992x 3

    Quite scared to start amitriptyline

    My doctor today has prescribed me 10mg of amitriptyline for chronic pain I've been having for what they have said either anxiety/costochondritis/fibromyalgia not quite got a definite answer yet... Anyway I'm currently on 10mg citalopram also, I was on 20mg but lowered the dose because it was...

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  • peter19691 2

    Tension headaches and groggyness

    Hi there. Every 6 months or so I suffer with what I think is tension headaches. Like a tight band around my head or pressure building in the head. Causes me to loose concentration and focus. Can cause my mind to wonder and obviously some anxiety kicks in as it is a permanent thing. Doctor prescribed...

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  • kathy95326 2

    Taking amatriptaline 10mg for migraines

    Hello people I have just been prescribed amatriptaline 10mg for migraines, mine started around 16 years ago going through the change, I have never taken antidepressants or any other kind of medics but very concerned of the side effects especially the drowsiness as I work out at the gym slot have a job...

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