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Hi everyone!

I have great news. I wanted to share with you that I am healed and cured from the Bartholins Cyst! For those of you who read my previous posts, you would have known that it came to a 'head' last week and started oozing out stuff. It was never much but I guess it's because there was nothing much in there although it was so big( size of a walnut with shell on, to be exact) and it became very hard. I continued to do the sitz bath with salt ( NOT epsom salt). Thank you to Jayneejay for suggesting regular table salt. I use sea salt and regular salt, whichever one I have at the time.  The area where it burst has healed so now there is no discomfort when I sit, etc. The only thing I feel now is when I touch the area where the cysts was the  hardest, it's still a little bit hard. Just a little bit. Everyday it's getting smaller and  also where it burst is still discolored. I guess over time it will all blend in and look normal. Also, the entire left side(problem area) does not look the same as the right side. It kinda looks lopsided. I guess in time it will even out. Hey, I'm not complaining smile. If there's one thing I can advise to anyone who is dealing with this is first, patience, patience, patience. You must be consistent with the hot sitz bath. I think doing the sitz bath is what helped in that the cyst never getting infected or painful. I used many different things(you can read my previous posts) but I will continue to take the serrapeptase as a daily suppliment. I now take 2 capsules first thing in the mornings and with my beakfast I take 1 silica tablet and 1 vitamin D3. For the rest of the month I will do 1 sitz bath after my shower in the morning and 1 before bed. Moving forward, the week before my menstrual period, I will do 1 sitz bath per day as the 2 times I got the bartholins cysts were about a week or two before my period. I have also read on other blogs that some people made the connection between their menstrual cycle and when they got the bartholins cysts. I also want to point out that when you do the sitz baths/soaks you should try and get the salt water into your vagina. Jayneejay specifically mentioned that and I did. Before that I would just massage while soaking but I do think you should try and get the salt water in there and in my opinion, epsom salt is a waste of money. I had gone through many bags at $6.99 plus tax per bag and it did not help. The regular table salt or sea salt works. 

Good luck to anyone who is still dealing with this dreadful thing. Don't give up and keep the faith. I also believe a healthy diet is important. (((HUGS))) to all and be well.

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    Hi Corrine

    yay.. Thats great..

    give it time to settle now ..

    try not to touch as you dont want to be getting bacteria in the pore again and it all starting again 

    so pleased ..

    for other ladies reading this ..  This is what my doctor told me to do years ago..

    salt is the best healer and unclogs the blocked pore and the heat of the bath water draws the fluid out .. But the water must be enticed in the entrance of the vagina and the cyst must be massaged .. ( thumb just inside vagina and fingers on the external part so you can feel the whole cyst) then gently massage with the water around the pore ..

    cup full of normal table salt or more in hot bath water to dissolve then top bath up to the hottest you can bare it .. Water need not be a bath tub full .. Just to the top of thighs .. ( twice daily if poss) 

    Years  ago when people had their ears pierced it was same aftercare tabke salt ..

    dissolve salt in boiled water and when cool bathe ears with a cotton wool ball .. Its a great healer ..

    and costs next to nothing ..

    it worked for me mine was walnut size -  i didnt take all that commercial other stuff..

    and it never returned ..

    so pleased for you

    jay xx


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      Dear corrine, how are u today? Are you still cyst free? Was your walnut size cyst infected or not, when you mannaged to make it burst with just hot siz baths?

      I would be gratefull for any update, because mine is ahout that size now and I am losing my patience, its been yaers now :-(

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      Hi Helena,

      Thank you so much for your concern. I am 100% cyst free. Everything is back to normal. I am so sorry you are still dealing with this on a continuous basis. I would advise that you continue to do the hot (as hot as you can tolerate). Put in regular salt and you can also put some Apple Cider vinegar in the water also. That's exactly what I used the last 2 weeks before the cyst burst. My cyst was never painful and it was never infected. I think it's because of the hot sitz bath. Try to get the hot salt water in there and massage it.

      I am so sorry it's taking so long to heal. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please try not to worry. Be consistent with the sitz bath. Good luck and take good care.

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      Dear Corrine, this is also important to me-how long was the cyst present and how long did you practice sicz baths? I've had this since 2011, every time infected and I wonder if this can be cured in any other way other than surgery :-( That is something none of us wants to do, I am sure, but it's just exhausting :-( So, any success story is a ray of hope :-D I am so happy you are free of this evil! Thank you so much for your support! :-D
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      Hi Helena,

      The first time I had this was in 2011 and because I had no idea what was going on down there, I quickly rushed to the Dr.'s and she did her thing (very painful), she had a culture sent. In a nutshell I healed quickly and no lasting effects until it came back last August. This time I learned from reading online that a Bartholins cyst can be taken care of at home so that I did. It took a long 2 months. I hope this is it for me. I wish I could tell you of some magical way to rid yourself of this. I will urge you to keep up with the sitz baths, etc.


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    I had a cyst for the first time on my right side about 3 years ago and had never heard anything about them before. Without doing ANY research at all, and suffering with a huge cyst for over a week, extremely nervous and embarrassed about telling anybody about this (even my mother) I went to the ER and the doctor who came in to check on me took one look at it and said, "Oh that's nothing to worry about. I'll just lance it and test the drainage" All I could think of was, this guy I just met is going to cut into me and I don't even know what it is. Of course, all I could ask was if it would stop hurting if he did that. He said after a couple of days, the pain would go away.....and no big deal. He would give me some antibiotics and pain meds. He gave me a local, lanced this cyst, and sent me on my way. This particular cyst did in fact go away..... But now, 3 days ago, I noticed one starting on the left side. I've been doing more research this time, and I find this discussion randomly. I'm I really going to have to do sitz baths twice a day?
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