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Bartholin's Cyst

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  • beverlyfern 2

    My Bartholin Cyst Experience - Abscess and Cathedar

    I had my first in January and I had never even heard of this before! At first I thought I'd had an in-grown hair or some such thing and within days I obviously knew it was something frightful. I thought my labia looked like the elephant man's disease! I could feel a lump the size of a marble and

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  • samantha 3133 2

    Does it need to burst?

    So my cyst showed up almost 2 weeks ago. I went to my GP and then my gynecologist and it is not infected so they gave me no antibiotics. They both said to just keep doing sists baths. But after reading things posted here I'm wondering if it needs to burst or not since it is not infected? My

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  • Raw50 2

    Bartholin cyst?

     Hi I'm worried sick I have a lump in the same area as many on here have described and thinking it maybe a bartholin cyst my outer labia on both sides at the front really hurt. Could a cyst be the cause of this, has anyone else experienced the same? I am desperately worried!

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  • rachel84988 2

    Bartholin gland removal

    Hi everyone. Just wondering had anyone had their bartholin gland removed? I'm am currently on abscess number 16. 16th in 2years. My last 2 burst just over a week ago and it's now back again. I've bee. Referred to a&e by my doctor but I am in so much pain right now I can't even get up from bed to

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  • sadeem 2

    marsupialization surgery

    Hello everyone Anyone did marsupialization I want to tell me how much is that hard?? did you have to rest 2weeks or more??? Is walking hard after this surgery?????

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  • ellen17641 1

    Another cyst after drainage?

    Two weeks ago I had my bartholin cyst drained (I had it for about 6 months but it became infected and swelled to the point I could sit or walk properly). I was put onto antibiotics which I took until they ran out. I then started to get really dry skin around my vagina and down the crease between my legs?...

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  • Jessie35 2

    Please Help, so scared - Bartholin Cyst

    Hi  Please could someone help me! I have scared myself stupid constantly internet searching and I'm more stressed about this :-(  I'm 29 and I felt a grape sized lump just under a week ago and went to the Dr. She said it is a Bartholin cyst and I should just try and forget about it!! Trouble is a can'

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  • Lizzie2703 2

    Can't poo after draining of Bartholin Cyst HELP!!

    9 months ago i had my first Bartholin cyst, I'm 30. It grew as large as a golf ball and i was in a lot of pain so went to my GPs & they prescribed antibiotics. I spent a week in bed and within two weeks everything was okay only i still had a pea sized lump. The GP said this may happen and there was

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  • mo1010 1

    Cyst or not?

    I have had this lump on my right side which sounds like a Bartholin Cyst. Ive read that they are usually there for 3 days, but for me ive had it for 3 years. It only gets bigger on certain occasions but im worried. what if it isn't a cyst??? 

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  • kkcat 1

    Bartholins and Endometriosis

    Hi all. I'm just wondering if any of you ladies have had investigations into the possibility that Bartholins problems might be caused by Endometriosis. The reason I ask is because this is exactly what happened to me. I won't go too much into my history as I'd be here all week but I have had

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  • rachel84988 2

    Bartholins abscess burst

    I've been suffering from bartholin abscess since may 2015. 15 times I've had it since then and once I've got the marsupialization (November 2015). Since then I have got it twice. Last week my abscess burst but instead of it being puss like always it was blood. It was like a had my period. Since it

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  • eva7777 2

    Bartholin Cyst Removal/Excision Positive Experience

    Hi ladies, I'm here to share my positive experience as there is awful or horror stories down there. 1st of all if you are reading this, you should stop doing your google reasearch before the op, this will make you anxious and negative, it's not worth it, you need to be super positive before the op

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  • rupykc 2


    Hello ladies, I am writing to share my story with you and my amazing home remedy that actually works! After nearly three years of suffering from these horrible, nasty, painful monsters, I finally found a cure. I had my first abcsess at 25, it was excrutiating pain and went to the size of a tennis

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  • lauraappelf 1

    Bartholin's cyst after drainage

    I'm 19 and have had a bartholin's cyst two timea. So i had my second bartholin's abscess drained right before christmas last year (2016) and after that i healed fine but then i had sex less than a week after, after that a bump appeared which i was able to keep small with hot water compress, so it

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  • kirstynz 2

    Open wound after surgery

    Hi, I had surgery on my absess about 3 weeks ago. I just had a look and noticed the wound is still open. Is this normal? I had disovable stitches put in, its gone but there is still the open wound. What should I do?

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  • laura37971 1

    My marsupialisation surgery experience - 'Downunder' AU

    Hey girls/ladies, thought I would share my experience because although surgergy went without a hitch, the aftercare instructions were next to non-existant!  I am in Australia So here I have probably been suffering from my bartholin cyst for a couple of years, more so a very inflated

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  • sophie22438 2

    Home remedy for Bartholin Cyst

    I had a Bartholin cyst, didn't think much of it but then after about 10 days it got very big and became infected. I took a course of anti-biotics and also looked into alternative treatments, the antibiotics seemed to take care of the infection but the fluid in the cyst remained. I also found a

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  • lovely21953 2
  • virginia0304 2

    Problem solved for me

    I would just like to say this is a horrible with this found a good way that need serrapeptase calamine lotion cotton rounds witch hazel.. What I do is I take the cotton round put witch hazel and calamine lotion on the cotton round put directly on cyst.. leave it

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  • TM01 1

    Bartholin Cyst out of nowhere came and went...

    Hey, guys. I just wanted to share my story. I'm a 26 year old, sexually active female. A few weeks ago, to be more precise, 4.5 weeks ago I developed a Bartholin cyst on the right side of my vulva. At the time I started to exhibit symptoms I only had a ridiculously persistant and pin pointed itch

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  • anne10863 1

    I have been in pain 6 weeks now.

    I am a 65 year old and six weeks ago had an operation to get rid of a Bartholin Cyst. I have had three lots of antibiotics and still have a great deal of pain and discomfort.  How long is the healing supposed to take?  Can anyone give me rough timings?  

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  • megan38992 3

    Chronic Bartholin Abscess and Cysts - My Experience

    After roughly 5 years of experience with these beasts I opted to have my gland removed. I feel as though I've been through hell and back and almost feel a sense of obligation to share my story to those who may be going through the same thing. I know I wanted to know everything about them, so the

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  • jiejie19 2

    Bartholin's cyst

    I have this Bartholin's cyst for a month now. I have already consulted my OB about this earlier and she prescribed some antibiotics. Is it really recurring or it depends on its size?

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  • tay94125 1

    Cyst keeps coming back!

    I have had this issue on both sides, the left side has been fixed on the second operation. The right side I have had five operations and it is still not fixed after the last operation The pain after sex is the worst and I'm really disappointed that I've had no relief or time when the operation

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  • teresa1977 2

    Nerve damage 17 weeks since surgery bartholin gland removal

    As some of you know I had a bartholin cyst and gland removed on 13 September 2016. Well it's the worst decision I've ever made. After surgery I ended up with a hematoma as well as infections etc. I'm now in my 17th week since surgery and still in severe pain down there 😔 my surgeon has said that it'

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  • Belle74 1

    Bleeding after vaginal cyst removal, what is normal?

    Hi ladies, I had a large cyst similar to a bartholin cyst removed from my vagina on Monday around 3pm it is now 6pm on Tuesday and I still have the blood when I wipe, only the tiniest amount on the pad so I've been told that is normal. But I'm scared to go for my first poo after the surgery, I have

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  • hanzie 2

    Post Bartholin Gland removal

    After 20 years of on going recurrent abscesses, and recently 5 months on antibiotics awaiting the operation, at last it happened 8 days ago. I am in a lot of pain and now, after going to hospital, am back on antibiotics for a post op infectied cyst. At the moment my labia is extremely swollen and

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  • lisa29315 2

    Antibiotics won't shift my bartholins cyst what can I do...

    I have had my cyst for 2 yrs now and it's right on my labia. It never bothered me or changed in size up until 4 was ago and now it's tripled in size causing pain too but my gp says it should just go, I am now getting a little worried about this. Should I just go to the emergency docs or my local a

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  • kirstynz 2

    Fear of it coming back

    Ihave had surgery 2x for my bartholin abscess and 1x lanced, and i have a fear of it returning. My last surgery was last month, then it developed an infection. The surgen cut out the abscess. The pain was bad. I'm a bit of a wuss with pain so that doesn't help. Surgery doesn't worry me but the

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  • Lamusica 1

    Word Catheter Fell Out Hours After

    Hi, I've just had my 2nd bartholin abscess in 3 years lanced. Just like the first time, the doctor put in a word catheter to facilitate drainage and better healing. The first one I had fell out I think 4-5 days after lancing, which the doctor said was fine. But this time, it fell out about 10 hours

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  • jazmine04776 2

    Word catheter put in on Saturday

    I had a bartholin cyst that developed on Thursday night and by the next day it was abcessed. I went to work anyway on Friday because we were short staffed (i work in a doctors office) so Saturday morning I had it drained at a local urgent care. She inserted a word catheter and told me to schedule a

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  • kirstynz 2

    Recurring Bartholin Cysts

    I have had Bartholing Cyst sergury last month and I think it has returned.  There is a hard lump where the Cyst was, it hurts to sit and I can feel it sometimes when I walk.  I can feel it when I lie on my side in bed, I can feel it when I wipe myself (sorry tmi) this would be the 3rd time I have

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  • girlie09378 1

    Getting married

    Im getting married on friday and I have a bartholin cyst and it's a week dr gave me 2 antibiotics but no progress at recommendation please 😭

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  • melissasunshine 1

    Help!!! Bartholin cyst for 4 years now....

    So, I've had this cyst for about four years now. It's never ever gone away, just sometimes gets smaller and dormant. I've been to son many doctors I'm at my wits end ! They always tell me they can't do anything because it's deep under the skin. I'm currently laying here with an excruciating

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  • sasso33836 1

    I need to know more about it

    Well, I am going to get married soon and I really need to know how to deal with it. My bartholin cyct only gets bigger after arousal but till now no pain while sitting or walking.. My question is "is it going to get bigger and painful during intercourse?"

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