TEA BREW--------ONLY PERMANENT SOLUTION that worked for me

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I had my first Bartholin Cyst at 26.  I was unaware what it was at the time, but knew something was wrong.  I was lucky, and the cyst went away on its own after a few days.  This continued for years, but the cyst did not grow, and always went away after a few day, so I thought nothing of it.

Flash forward to 29, and I experienced my first abscess.  It was absolutely horrible.  Through some research, I was able to figure out it was a Bartholin Cyst, and started doing some of the homemade remedies suggested online.  Nothing helped, and I was constantly sitting in the bathtub for any relief. It became clear (since I could not walk, sit, or go to the bathroom without it hurting) that the cyst was infected, and this time it would not go away on its own.  I reluctantly went to the doctor.  

I was very lucky to have a thorough and compassionate female ER doctor.  I was petrified if I went to the hospital they would insist that I be lanced, and from everything I had read, that did not seem like the option for me.  I did not seem to find any real success stories from surgery;  I really wanted to at least try to have my body heal itself.  The doctor prescribed me antibiotics and pain medication (if your cyst is incredibly painful, and you cannot walk, sit, pee, etc without pain, definitely go to the doctor, as it is definitely infected) but agreed to my wishes of not lancing.  

The pain was far less after taking the antibiotics (no doubt the pain medication helped), and the cyst even shrunk, but it did not go away completely.  Placing a hot, damp cloth, with some Tea Tree Oil, and Witch Hazel, helped the cyst drain more, and shrink even more, but again, it did not fully go away.  Regardless, I was somewhat satisfied, because at least I no longer had a golf ball rubbing between my legs. This was July 2016.

Having the cyst heal fully took much longer than I expected.  I was married April 2017, and found myself trying to figure out a ratio of how often/when/how I could have sex without truly upsetting the cyst (rough sex ALWAYS triggered my cyst.)  It had improved, but I still did not feel like my full sexual self.  It definitely took a toll on my mental health, worth, and sex life.  

The end of July 2017, a little over a full year of first experiencing the abscess, I finally found a solution that has made the cyst go away.  My sister-in-law and I had been discussing infections (great conversation, I know) and we both learned that each other experienced routine bladder infections (she also experiences horrible stones.)  In the past, I simply drank a lot of water each day, and that kept most UTIs away.  Since recently moving abroad however, that strategy was no longer working.  She recommended a tea brew that her mother taught her (her mother, my mother-in-law, is an OBGYN...I never asked her about my issue, as 1. I was embarrassed to discuss such a personal issue with a woman I had never met in person.  2. Did not want to discuss my sex life with my husband's mother) Anyway, back to the tea.

The tea is made with three fresh herbs.  

-Yarrow (Millefolii herba)

-Stinging Nettle (Urticae folium)

-Marigold (Calendulae flos)

Boil a large pot/kettle of water. Once water is brought to a rolling boil, reduce to simmer.

Place 2 Tablespoons of Yarrow, 1 Tablespoon of Nettle, and 1 Tablespoon of Marigold into the water.

Let herbs steep for at least 15-20 minutes.  

Drain tea, and remove herbs.  

Drink the entire pot/kettle over the course of a day.  

Repeat for a few days in a row, and continue as necessary.

I have left the herbs in the water for longer than 20 minutes plenty of times.  This is fine, it will just make the tea taste stronger.  A batch of this tea will stay good (effective) for up to two days.  

I initially started drinking this tea to help with my UTIs.  It did help in this regard, but to my surprise, it completely shrunk my Bartholin Cyst!  Ever since this tea, I have been able to resume to a near normal life.  I still run warm water over my vagina for 1-2 minutes after sex (just because I think it is important to wash myself after sex, and since I have been in the habit of this ever since the cyst) but I hold the tea responsible for shrinking my inflamed Bartholin duct back to a normal size.  These herbs all have strong anti-inflammatory properties individually, but combined they really help specifically for female anatomy.  I highly recommend reading about these herbs and learning more.  

In addition, I have found (before I discovered the tea) that decreasing inflammatory food (dairy, gluten, sugar) from my diet, incredibly helped my cyst.  There were time when I hadn't had sex and weeks, and seemingly out of no where my cyst angrily surfaced.  Once I started looking for patterns, I realized quite often the cyst became aggravated from me recently eating a carb heavy, dairy filled, or sugar crazy meal.  I also have hypothyroidism, so minimizing any inflammation is necessary for my overall health.  

Having an infected cyst in my vagina was one of the worst things to happen to me.  It was the worst pain I had ever experienced, and I felt I had no control over my body.  I want all women currently experiencing this problem to have hope.  I was not even 30, and convinced I would never have pleasurable sex again, and constantly be worrying about aggravating a little demon between my legs.  With the help of a compassionate doctor (I only saw her once to receive the prescription for antibiotics, but having her listen to my wishes of no surgery was exactly what I needed), lot of research, talking to friends/family members (my sister in law, mother in law were life savers, and through talking about this issue, I realized two of my cousins have experienced the same thing...genetic?), and paying attention on to my body (what are triggers for the cyst, what activities did I participate in, what clothing/fabric was I wearing, what did I eat) I was able to rid myself of the cyst once and for all.  But most importantly, I gave my body a lot of time.  It took almost 1.5 years for my cyst to fully completely heal.  This seems to be a consistent theme for many Bartholin Cyst sufferers.  

So to conclude this very long post (sorry), I would recommend:

1.) seeing a doctor if your cyst hurts, it is mostly likely infected, and you need to get the infection under control before doing anything else (I do not like taking antibiotics, but when you need them, you NEED them) Make sure you explain YOUR desires to your doctor.  I was very firm on not wanting to do surgery (personal decision, something internally told me to not do it) and my doctor listened.  I was lucky and was able to receive relief from the antibiotics within a day.  If that had not been the case, I may have started to be more open to surgery.  Every-BODY is different, listen to your's.  

2.) HEAT is your friend.  I sat on heating pads for months after the cyst.  I placed warm cloths with a little Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil on them, directly onto my cyst.  This really seemed to help the draining process.  While doing this for 15-20 minutes at a time (1-2 times a day until the cyst shrunk), I really concentrated on visualizing my cyst drain.  I also did daily kegel exercises.  With the combination of heat and kegels, you are forcing more blood to the area, and therefore more and faster repair.  

3.)  Don't be afraid to try having slow gentle sex, but more importantly don't be afraid to say no if you need more time.  I found myself very scared of sex; it seemed to trigger my cyst anytime we tried.  I honestly felt like a virgin again after the abscess.  I was so nervous and my body felt different from how it used to.  While some of that fear was valid, I found myself too scared to even try at times.  I would recommend trying sex (very gentle, slow sex) when your cyst has subsided, but definitely stop if it is painful.  I have never had children, but I imagine bringing sex back into your life after having a baby is similar to this situation.  Take it slow, take your time, and listen to your body (not your anxiety).  Be clear with your partner that you need support throughout this.  

4.) Inflammation is your enemy.  Stay away from all inflammatory foods (or at least restrict to only consuming them 1-2 times a week).  Take time to relax, such as meditation, yoga, deep breathing, etc.  Minimizing inflammation in its multifaceted areas is key.  Drinking "the tea" will help with multiple areas of inflammation, particularly in the feminine area.  

5.)  STAY POSITIVE.  This can get better, and ultimately can make you more aware of your body.  Continue trying different methods, continue talking to friends and family, find a doctor that listens (can seem impossible...I know), and take care of YOURSELF.  

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    A condensed version of my original post:

    TEA BREW (in my original post I said fresh herbs, it's actually three DRIED herbs):

    -2 Tablespoons of Yarrow

    -1 Tablespoon of Nettle

    -1 Tablespoon of Marigold 

    -Boil water in kettle/pot

    -Sprinkle herbs into pot and reduce to simmer

    -steep for 20 minutes

    -remove herbs and drain tea

    -drink the entire pot over the course of a day.

    -repeat for at least 3 days (my cyst completely shrunk after 2 days)

    -repeat as necessary (such as after common triggers, like sex or inflammatory foods) 

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      This is my first time having this cyst and I noticed that it has made my vagina very dry. Will it go back to “normal” lubricated and all, when the cyst is gone and you are healed? 
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      I just got my first Bartholyn cyst and I hope it's my last (I'm in my 40's). Started with just a little bump that I could only feel and felt like a little pinch. At the time (10 days ago) I didn't know what it was. I waited a few days hoping it would go away. These things are just not something we talk about...why??? I don't know, but this forum was great for me to connect and understand I wasn't alone in this. By the 5th day the pain became annoying. I had to be careful to sit a certain way and when I would move at night the pain would wake me up. Still didn't know what it was, but the bump was getting bigger. I made an appointment and thankfully my OBGYN had an opening the following day. It took just a minute for her to know exactly what it was. She gave me 2 options. 1- would be draining it herself, this means she would numb it with an injection which burns a lot and cutting with a scalpel or 2- antibiotics and hot baths with the hope that it drains on its own. I picked #2 and happy to say that after 2 days of doing the hot sit baths 4 times a day the cyst began to drain all on its own. A few hours later the pain was almost gone. I'm still taking the antibiotics and will continue the baths for a few more days and hope it never returns. I will be drinking the tea suggested with the hope this is a one time thing.

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      hey! i know im super late to the party, but do any of these herbs interfere with other meds like pain, sedative or antidepressants? just have to be sure! what works then for BV?

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    Hello. Thank you for posting about this tea brew. Was at my wits end and will to try anything. Suffering from Bartholyn cysts for 1 year now. None were ever abcessed. Each one was drained in the office of my GYN. Actually did have 1 surgery to remove the cyst since it was a little lower down and a hard mass, so had to be surgically taken care of with a marsupilization. Doctor couldn't understand why it kept coming back every 2 months. In a much better spot of the labia, but he had to drain it each time. Was so aggrevating with the pain of his cutting me, the healing process, not being able to be intimate in that way with a new boyfriend. He was very understanding. I started seeing a new GYN as I was so fed up. Had ice cream one night and then the next day, and saw it reforming again. I was so aggrevated. I visited the new GYN who said it was barely anything, she couldn't do anything yet... BUT I did mention to her about this TEA BREW you posted here. I was surprised she wa familar with the health benefits of each tea leaf. She approved that I could try it.

    I've been drinking the tea on/off for the past 2 weeks. I noticed after drinking a full pot on day one, then another pot on day two, by the morning of day three, my kidneys were really hurting in my back. After more research, I realized it was the Nettle, so I'm using slightly less of that, and not finishing a whole pot in a day... spreading a pot over the course of two days.  I have noticed that I'm no longer dry down there... thank goodness. My cyst is still there but no worse. It's soft to the touch and I can push the whole thing in. I massage it so as to see if it will re-absorb back into my system. Drinking the tea, so THANK YOU for posting about this. Thinking it's helping, yet it doesn't make it go away fully. Maybe over time.

    Something's different this time around though. Not running to the doctor to get it lanced this time as I don't feel those "pangs" inside that would drive me crazy due to pressure build up down there. Plus I'm no longer dry. So I'm grateful whatever I'm doing helping.

    I also have hypothyroidism. Also have mo children. Two things in commom with you, but not sure if that's a reason why this tea is helping both of us?

    I still use warm wash cloths time to time. Had tried the tea tree oil, witch hazel, etc.  All of it really irritated me. Even apple cider viniger (diluted all of these items), yet all burned and sent me to the GYN for a creme to fix the irritaion. A vicious cycle, but so far I'm managing ok. 

    Changes I made... The TEA BREW posted here. Thank you!! Washing undrwear separately using DREFT detergent (baby detergent which is grntle). Trying to limit dairy and high sugars. Warm wash cloths.  Cleaning myself well after sex (if I dare to try), by using a wash cloth or bathing/showering and using a gentle soap like "Dove."  Also they say to urinate after sex to avoid bacteria and UTIs which I had issues with too.

    All in all, I look at my vagina daily in a mirror to make sure the cyst doesn't get worse. How aggrevating, but I'm so worried about it getting bad, that I want to stay on top of it daily so as to make sure it goes away on it's own. I pray it does. 

    Thank you for posting about the tea. I made a pot today and drinking it. It has a nice smooth taste. I think everyone can try it, but I "think" I can attribute this cyst for staying at bay due to your tea, amd I really appreciate forums like this where we can help each other out.  Best wishes to you.

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    First of all thank you so much for sharing this Tea method! I actually cried reading it because I felt for the first time that someone out here was making sense. 

    What type of witch haze did you use? The only one I keep seeing is a Witch Hazel Natural Astringent I find at pharmacies but I’m not sure I should be using that one for this area. Could you please let me know which you used? Also I found the herbs you mention but in form of Teas at whole foods, I wonder if you got yours in a more natural form, like at a botanical garden?? 

    I am so desperate, my self esteem and sex life are practically non existent sad 

    Your strength at following your instincts and listen to what your body was telling you inspired me! So thank you so so much!! 

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    Hello! I was just wondering if this is still successful to this day? I literally have the same exact situation and seeing this post has made me so hopeful that I’ll finally have the chance to go back to being normal. I refuse to get it drained, but I’m running out of things to try. I’m praying that this tea brew will work for me. Thank you for posting this. 
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      Hi Halie,

      I tried this Tea method + looked into what I was eating like she suggested and IT WORKED!!! It's been 5 months since I did this and I haven't had any cysts or hint of any since then!

      -You HAVE to get the herbs fresh like she said (don't try getting them at the supermarket like I did at first). I found a herbal shop and got all the dried versions of them and the next day I saw the cyst getting a little smaller. That gave me hope.

      -To be thorough I got a Food allergies test thinking it was a waste of my money but thank God I did because  it turned out my body reacts very strongly to many foods, but all these years I had zero idea because the reaction was manifesting internally... Like Dairy which was labeled at 4 in a 1 to 5 (5 being the strongest) allergic reaction in my body. But also bananas, yeast to some extent, tuna,etc. All my favorite foods! So to begin with I cut down EVERYTHING that hurt my body. And ate super healthy while still taking the Tea and doing sitz baths. 

      -However 2 weeks later it was still there rolleyes better but still there. So I decided to just drain it ONE LAST TIME and continue to drink this Tea method to prevent it from coming back and THAT'S WHEN IT WORKED! = This healing process took me a month. But I think if I had drained it from the beginning and done everything I did above, it would have worked sooner for me.

      I know, getting cut again and again is beyond scary and you feel like what's the point if it always comes back. Buuut with this method it never did for me! I fully believe that it was thanks to this Tea, diet plays a big part in what happens with bodies but this Tea was the holy grial of all remedies I have tried. So Don't Get Discouraged! Over these 2.5 years this experience has taught me that all our bodies react different to certain remedies but there is a remedy out there that will fit your needs perfectly and get rid of these horrible cysts for good!! I had to go through a lot of remedies before I found the one that met my needs. DON'T give up! smile

      *I still follow this 'new diet' not as perfectly as in the beginning but try to stay away from the worst ones on my allergies chart. And I take the Tea 1-2 a month just to be on the safe side. Best of luck!!

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    Hey dear whr u found this herbs...??? Please help me
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      Hi! Sorry just saw this. I got mine in a shop called herbs of Mexico, google that and the website will come up. They have ALL kinds of herbs so you could shop online or pretty much any herb store near you. I hope this helped smile 
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    hi, could you pls share the syd effects allergies if any using this tea. also how much water should i keep for the remedy u prescribed. ?

    i am getting these herbs in form of leaf tea from amazon . should i buy herbs or dried powder would work ?

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    I came here to thank you with all my heart!

    I believe this tea brew actually helped me.

    Unlike you, I had an operation before and got it lanced a few times. But it always came back. Especially after the operation it got abscessed all the time, like twice a month.

    I was so depressed and it was planned to get my glands removed, but I got scared and called the operation off.

    That's when I found your tea and thought why not give it a try. I'm someone who's careful with home remedies, so I never tried all those methods with witch hazel and silicia and stuff. But with the tea I thought okay I've got nothing to lose.

    I started drinking the tea in the middle of march. And since then I didn't get another abscess!! Sometimes it's still a little bit swollen, but it doesn't hurt and if i drink the tea and watch what I eat, the swelling goes down.

    Every now and then I still have little pain (but nothing like the abscess) but by now I think that pain comes from the scarring I have internally.

    Again I can not thank you enough for posting this here!! I'm still afraid it'll come back but for now I try to enjoy every day nothing bad happens down there.

    For now I'll continue to drink a pot almost everyday until I feel a bit safer.

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