marsupialization surgery

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Hello everyone

Anyone did marsupialization surgery....

I want to tell me how much is that hard??

did you have to rest 2weeks or more???

Is walking hard after this surgery?????

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    Hi Sadeem,

    I had marsupialization done 10 days ago and its the best thing i ever did.

    My gp did it in her surgery under local anaesthetic as it was an emergency.

    I was a little sore after and took it kinda easy for about 5 days.

    Stitches came out after 7 days and today at 10 days im feeling amazing.

    Its healed up great.

    I wont risk any "trauma" to that area for another week or so to be on the safe side.

    But if u need it get it done. Its so worth it.

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      Thank you very very very muchsmile

      So it is easy...

      I was terrified but now I'm relaxed

      I've been suffering for 7 years

      Now the whole area are sowllen

      But it is painless

      You encouraged me to tell my mum and go to a doctor ......

      But i have one question

      Was your bartholin glan painful????

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      No my cyst wasnt sore at all sadeem. It was just a huge lump. Unsightly thing and kinda heavy feeling. I ignored it until my doc insisted we do something so she drained it and it was in fact infected, which i didnt know. So went home and 1 week later it swelled up and i could hardly walk. This time it was sore. It then burst on its own so she took in me in on emergency cause i was in agony. Hence the marsupilization.

      I feel great now.

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    pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaseee   pleeaase

    I want to see more experiences please girls........

    I want you to encourage me to do this surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    please leave a comment even if it is just two words

    I hardly walk , I just sit all the time even in vacations

    the both sides are sowllen , and the external labia included

    i hate my life


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      Hellow girls

      till now i did not do anything

      the area became sowllen more and more

      i want more excperiences girls

      tell me all the details


      I need youredface

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      i just had the surgery done this morning. I was in hospital for about 6 hours total, arrived 2 hours before surgery for prep, surgery was 1 hour and then slept in recovery for a few hours before going home. I napped and rested all afternoon and evening at home. I felt well enough to eat. I'm sitting, laying, walking around the house and using the toilet comfortably enough. I'm sure I'll feel even better tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be back at work in a week, and feeling 100% within 2 or 3 weeks.

      The drugs and the nurses and doctors were great. I've been using ice and Tylenol most of the day and swelling seems minimal.

      i had one cyst for about 2 months, about the size of a golf ball. they didn't bother to try draining it and I chose this surgery over a word catheter as I just want this to be over with. They put me under and I don't remember a thing. I told them I was nervous about being set up while I was awake due to a history/memory of sexual assault and they were very kind to me, I'm glad I told them I was scared of that.

      Go for the surgery, get it over with, heal and then get back to enjoying a pain free life! Your current suffering for months is unnecessary, I know you may have your own personal reasons and fears that are stopping you from doing this, but find your strength and the support of a family, friend or even tell a nurse like I did. You'll be very happy to put this behind you. 

      Good luck, my dear! xo

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    I had the marsupialization surgery about 1 year ago and it was the best decision I've made. I suffered with cysts on the right side for years. I had them drained several times but it always came back. It would occasionally abscess but most of the time it was painless but very large (larger than a golf ball). It honestly looked like I had a testicle. Needless to say this was very uncomfortable and would make the entire area inflamed from the stretching to accommodate the cyst. I tried every home remedy that all the forums touted but nothing would ever drain the cyst. I had been very nervous to try marsupialization because I had read so many horror stories but finally I decided to give it a chance as I was so sick of having it drained to only have it reoccur in days/weeks.

    Unfortunately I did have to have the surgery done twice. The first time my surgeon did not make the incision large enough and the cyst started to come back about 2 weeks after the surgery. We scheduled the 2nd surgery immediately and this time he made the new hole much larger to make sure it would work. Even with the negative first experience, I would do it all over again for the end result that I have now. I have not had any reoccurrence since the successful marsupialization.

    The first couple days after surgery were difficult in terms of sitting and walking. You would want those days off from work. I took sitz baths several times each day. I did very little in terms of work or activity for the first week. I wasn't taking any chances and wanted to give this the best shot possible of working. After a week I felt significantly better and just felt some occasional pain from the healing and stitches being in such a sensitive area. I did have 3 follow up visits with my doctor during the 6 weeks which gave me great peace of mind.

    I would highly recommend getting the surgery and not letting fear talk you out of it. My only regret is not getting it sooner. Good luck!

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    I had my cyst drained and found it was such a relief !! Worth it! I had a week signed off work but was completely fine straight after. I could walk fine, peeing didn't even hurt. Obviously no sex or anything until it is completely healed and they will give you antibiotics to stop any infection

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    I had one in November. Was out that day that had it done. Pain was gone. Surgery went great I was up walking around once I left hospital that night. No complications. Not even sore. Just some itch a few days after where it was healing.

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    Sounds like it is different for everybody.  Mine did nothing.  Had a cyst back within 2 months.  Sounds like it worked for some though.  Have you tried Silica Spray.  I just made a post about it.  Silica changed my life for the good.  

    After surgery you just feel a little sore...walking is easy etc.  

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    I know this post was some time ago but I'm hoping my feedback may be helpful to people in the future.

    9 months ago i had my first experience of a Bartholin cyst. It grew to the size of a grape within hours and as I didn't know what it was, i went straight to my doctors the following day. They prescribed me antibiotics just incase an infection kicked in and told me to do hot and cold compresses, sits baths (where the water is as warm as you can get it, only inches deep to cover the area and sea salt). They also told me to drink plenty of water and put tea tree oil on at time to ease the pain. It went down to a pea sized lump about 2 weeks later and was like that ever since but there was no pain or discomfort.

    14 days ago another came up. Again I phoned the doctor right away and they again prescribed the same as previous. That was a Monday. Wednesday night it grew larger than an egg and i was in agony, didn't get a single minutes of sleep and by 5am Thursday i was crawling about on my hands and knees, it was honestly the worst thing I've ever experienced.

    I phoned nhs 111 and they sent an ambulance as they didn't want me to have to wait in a seated area on the hospital. I also live alone and was incapable of driving.

    At the hospital they done urine and blood tests. While waiting for results they gave me morphine as the painkillers were doing nothing. All the tests came back clear but by now the whole right side of my vagina was red raw and swelling. They said it had developed into an abscess and the hot and cold compresses I'd been doing through the night had probably punctuated the abscess which was the cause to most the pain and how unwell I'd been feeling.

    They looked at a few options and in the end decided to do a marsupialisation. I was literally out of it on morphine, didn't really have a clue what they was saying but was just desperate to get relief so i signed the papers.

    I was put to sleep and awake again within the hour with huge relief in that area. I was sore, I'd be lying if i said I wasn't but i was in no where near as much pain as before the op.

    Two hours past and i wanted to get up to use the toilet. I nearly freaked when i saw the hospital bed as there was a lot of blood but had i of known it was there I'd if been okay. I walked fairly unaided and again it was sore but not painful. It did not hurt to pass urine at all - i was surprised!

    They packed the wound with what i could best describe as one long cotton strip. I'd seen a little but hanging out when i used the toilet so when the nurse said 4hrs later that it had to be pulled out, she gave me the option to do it in the shower or for her to do it at the bed. The nurse suggested it would be less uncomfortable if i could do it in the shower while getting it wet so I went for that option. It probably was the better option but it wasn't pleasant. It hurt a little and what surprised me was how long it actually was but in the end i got there.

    The following morning i was checked over and discharged with co codamal and told to continue with the antibiotics the doc had given me on the monday.

    At home i felt dizzy, lightheaded and very sick. It was sore to walk but not painful, again it was not painful to pee but i ended up being constipated for several days (i wrote a post about that on this forum).

    The following day i went food shopping. Again, sore and i had to walk slowly but it was okay. I still felt dizzy, sick and lightheaded.

    4 says after being discharged the hospital phoned to say the biopsy results on the cyst had come back ans they wondered how i was feeling. When i told them they said i needed a much stronger antibiotic due to the bacteria found. Two days after starting them the sick and dizzy feeling went away.

    Its now been 14 days and everything is completely normal for me. The wound is looking good, stitches are yet to dissolve which does cause me to feel a bit itchy but there is no pain at all, not even sore.

    I'd say after this op you need to take things slowly for about 5 days but after 2 days you really are able to move about without to much discomfort. Bending down was a little tricky and sitting up straight on a chair was a little uncomfortable for about 5 days but with really soft cushions it was absolutely fine.

    I'm a week away from my period starting so me and my boyfriend agreed we'd not try to have sex until after my period. So that would be giving myself a full month before trying to attempt this. He did however have a very soft play of my clit yesterday and it was fine and everything seems in perfect working order.

    I pray the horrible thing never returns and unlike when i had it the firsr time around, there doesn't appear to be a small lump there anymore so fingers crossed it was completely removed.

    Going forward i am going to start taking one serrapeptase tablet a day. I've done a lot of research as to what might help prevent the little suckers and these appear to be doing the trick for a lot of people but who knows. I'll also hot a hot water bottle in that area for 20 minutes once a week to help clear any small blockages early.

    If however it does come back (god forbid) i would not think twice about having the same proceedure again. Yes it was uncomfortable and a little on the sore side but it was 100 times better than the pain i was in with the cyst. Don't be afraid ladies, fingers crossed your experience will be just as positive as mine and you'll be 100% fit again in no time x

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    I just had mine done yesterday, I feel great right now. I can walk, pee, sit up, etc. But not trying to do so much since I just got my surgery done yesterday.
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    i had this done 11th Jan to a small cyst. It wasn't causing me pain but I didnt like how it looked. However, I wonder if it was a mistake as two weeks on theres a big hole and it looks worst than the lump. The surgeon said it should shrink but didnt say how small it will become. Its a lot bigger than I expected and I didnt realise you would be able to see it. Has anybody had this done and will the hole get lot smaller or will it remain big and visible?

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