hard lump after incision and drainage... help!

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Hi everyone, 

I had an abcess that was treated with an drainage operation and word catheter. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful and the abcess grew bigger so they sliced me on the outside, did the drainage and used a packing gauze that was taken out the next day. Its been a week since and the pain is gone. All that's left is a lump that I feel under my skin and when I walk and sit. Has anyone experienced this? Is it just a part of the healing? How long before it goes down? Any help would be great.

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    I just had a marsupialization one month ago. I took about 1 week recovery from the operation. Now just like you, I also feel like there is a hard lump. There is a bit sore if I poke it, sometime sitting will make it sore too.. 

    I dont know whether you condition and mine are a part of healing process, im just sharing because I have the same hard lump as yours too... do you feel anything when you touch it?

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      I don't feel any pain or discomfort, only the lump. I  do feel that it might be shrinking... Its been 10 days for me since my insicion. I would say it took 7 days for me to start seeing and feeling some changes. Its only sitting that I find uncomfortable. I had the soreness for a few days as well but once you get walking regularly, it goes away. I have a follow up appointment in a few days... I'll update after that. Hope that was helpful.
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      I think yours is the sign of healing process. As long as it didnt start to grow you should be fine. My doc said mine need to wait abt 6 month, if the lump is still there then I have to go back again and check.


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      hi @memeng

      jumping on an old post and slim change you may read this i know but this is me now . what was your outcome? did it go?

      waiting for a follow up with gyn


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    Hi everyone..

    My story is that I had a catheter put in a few days ago, around 15-20. It had only stayed in for 6-7 days, then I lost it.. yep, couldn't find it. went to the gyn they said it feel out. Ever since then I have been doing hot soaks and hot compress 3-4 x's a day.. I still feel a little lump don't know why.but the doctor did say it could just be scared tissue, and to give it time. I'm doing just that, I'm going to wait a few more weeks of using heat methods and see how it goes.. I'm praying for myself all the time and I pray for all of you that have went through this..  

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      Hey Cindy, 

      Mine was the same(hard lump). It has been about 3 weeks since my procedure and the lump has gone down at least 80%. I'm almost sure it was all scar tissue and swelling. I stopped my sitz baths about a week after my procedure and resumed work, etc. So far so good... I'm continuing to heal, no lump interfering with my walking or sitting. All i have is a small scar and a sensitive area where the packing gauze was. Hoping it goes away with no issues.

      Hang in there! 

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      Chanel what ever happened with the lump and healing? Did it go away?  Did you have any issues since?  I'm in the same boat right now. Thank you.

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    I have the same thing plus discharge still.

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      What ever happened with the healing for you? Did everything go back to normal and stay that way?
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    I know this is an old post. I, too, had an I/D done. The mass was huge, but there was also a much smaller second lump. That lump, according to my surgeon, was cleaned out. Yet, it's been 2 weeks and I still feel the lump and the area to the left of it feels hard too. It doesn't hurt upon touching it. But I do feel an ache? a zinging, shooting pain? I don't know how to describe it--in that area. I'm not sure if the infection is coming back or if this is residual pain from the I/D. Seriously, it was so deep. I had a huge cavity. Doc says it's healing great though. Still, I don't know why the lump is there. Or what exactly it is that I am feeling.

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      Hey Carly,

      I had an I&D for a Bartholin gland abscess over 4 months ago. The doctors said I was healing fine but then I had a cyst just 4 weeks later. On that occasion the cyst was treated with medication because it was not an abscess yet (not as big or as infected as when I had the I&D). I was on antibiotics for two weeks and then the cyst was gone. All that was left was a lump and some swelling.

      This was 3 months ago. The lump of what doctors believe is scar tissue is not gone. It is not painful, but can be tender to the touch. I want to believe it's only scar tissue but last week it bled. Doctors won't do further exams just yet, but one did recommended a biopsy at some point.

      I hope this helps. I'll keep updating as I find out more. If any of the old posts have updates, I'd appreciate input based on your own experiences!

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      I had an I&D done on Wednesday for a ping-pong ball sized perirectal abscess. Abscess was the after effect of a sphincterotomy. The abscess before my surgery would drain so much pus and it was unbelievably uncomfortable to walk or sit and I had to have gauze stuffed in between the booty cheeks to avoid an embarrassing situation yet you could still smell the infection. Not that anyone wanted to or that I wanted to put anyone in the position to have to smell that. After my surgery I noticed immediately that the "pain" had gone, but there was a sore feeling more like a bruised area. I had the gauze packing that was to be removed from the incision the next day during my first sitz bath.

      Little off topic, but for any readers wanting to know what removing gauze strips feels like: put duct tape on a sensitive hairy area and gently pull it off. That feeling you get as each hair is ripped out is something similar to the feeling of gauze coming out of the incision. Gently does it, but expect some slight stinging and pulling feeling. For some it may not be as bad, but mine was right on the brown star, so maybe I'm just one of the unlucky ones.

      Back on topic, it hasn't even been a week, but for the last few days, I've still been getting pus draining out of the incision along with a fair amount of watery blood. All normal according to the doctor. What is not normal I've been told is for draining to stop completely and to begin having pain again. Fever, chills and all that other stuff are also things to watch for. But what they don't seem to tell you is about the "lump" or "bump". Now, I'm still getting small amounts of drainage. Hardly any, but still getting some. Zero smell. What concerns me, is that the hard area that was the abscess seems to still be the same size only without the pain, smelly discharge or the pressure. Hey, I'm not complaining, but I thought it would feel more like a void other than a hard lump. If anyone happens to know for sure how long to expect this lump to last, please feel free to share. Is it weeks? months?? YEARS??? I mean, I just don't want to walk around feeling like I have a golf ball next to my rectum for the rest of my life. Can abscesses turn into cysts? Could this mean fistula?Someone give me something to work with here. Rough estimate.

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    I had an abscess on the side of my head that came up 3 weeks go, went to the doctor to have it lanced, he didn't drain it well enough closed up and got bigger with in 2 days i was in the ER having it cut open and drained and packed. packing was changed 3 times and I was tested for MRSA finally and put on BACRIM. its been 13 days since the acutal cuting and draining and packing. I now have lump no pain from it the only Zinging, sharp pain is coming from the skin and sculp hardening back up. I am hoping it will go away on its own.

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    I had abcesss surgery on my left buttocks 9 days ago, stopped antibiotics 2 days ago. Now feeling affected area is bit hard, my nurse said you need appointment with Gp so she may give you another antibiotic course that dosage might be harder than last one, i'll update after appointment with GP.

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      I was given Bactrim then ciprofloxacin should I take all the antibiotics when I started ciprofloxacin I started to have insomnia And felt so weird

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