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Hello ladies, I am writing to share my story with you and my amazing home remedy that actually works! After nearly three years of suffering from these horrible, nasty, painful monsters, I finally found a cure.

I had my first abcsess at 25, it was excrutiating pain and went to the size of a tennis ball. I tried all the advice on the internet (sitz baths, hot compresses etc), none of these worked and I eventually had the marsupilaziton surgery (which for some people, is a permanent cure). It was uncomfortable and I was in hospital for around 10 days.

My second one came up around 6 months later, again extremely painful. I was admitted into hospital for surgery again but fortunately, it decided to burst itself in the night whilst in the hospital. I was discharged the next morning and was pain free.

A few months later, another one decides to pay a visit. So as usual, I go to hospital, which by this time, the gynae doctors are familiar with me. The doctor examines me and says it is not as big as the first two and that if I want, I can have it drained there and then. Obviously, this would mean that I would be awake throughout the procedure but also that it will be a quick fix and can go home the same day. I choose to have this and with a bit of numbing cream and squeezing of my moms hand, the abcsess is drained. 

This procedure is painful, but NO WHERE NEAR AS PAINFUL AS HAVING THE ABSCESS! When you are desperate, you will do anything to make it go!

A year and a half passes by (present time) and my 4th one arrives. I went to the hospital within hours of feeling that familiar pain. it was not as large as it had been but I wanted to nip it in the bud asap before it got to that size and that horrendous level. The doctors turned me away twice over two days and said that they cannot do anything as it still isnt big enough to operate on. 

Absolutely distressed, in pain and physically drained, I went home, where me and my mom frantically googled other peoples home remedy ideas, desperate to find a cure. We kept coming across a remedy involving,tumeric powder, coconut oil, baking soda and sea salt.

First, I mixed tumeric powder with the cocunut oil, to make a paste. This bought all the puss to the surface of the abscess, making it almost triple in size and the skin layer very thin, almost ready to pop. i left it on for approxamatley 2 hours. it does get very painful and uncomfortable but u can see that it it is ready to burst. A few painkiller kept the pain tolerable. Once it looks ike it is about to burst, mix the baking soda and salt in some water and dab on with a coton pad. I left the cotton pad there, held in pace with my underwear and sanitary towel. 

Baking soda and salt are supposed to burn the skin. So when the skin is very thin, it shouldnt take much for it to tare which will lead to the abcess draining.

i left the cotton pad in place for twenty minutes and realised the pain of the abscess jad dissappeared. When I checked, it had burst! the pain relief is instant and you feel almost back to normal.

I am now writing this less than 12 hours later and I feel great. There is very little pain (only to touch) and hardly any swelling. The abscess is draining itself. I have been having warm baths to keep the area clean and speed up draining but overall Im feeling happy and relieved.

Please try this as it really does work! Be patient and brave no matter how hard it gets, and believe me, I know it gets hard! If u think about it, this is a logical remedy- the tumeric (an anti-oxidant) makes all the puss come to the surface, making the skin thin and the baking soda and salt (an acidic formula)  burns the thin layer of skin making a hole for the abscesss to drain.

Good luck ladies! You can do it xxx


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    I wish I could try this, I've tried everything and like you everytime I go to the hospital or doctors they turne away. I begged the doctor last time to do the procedure I cried while begging and they refused to do it. Now I'm 18weeks pregnant can't take any pain killers only Panadol and over the last two days the cyst has re emerged and is now the size of a golf ball. I can't sit I can't stand and now I'm back to the hospital to plead with them to please please do something! I would so love to try this remedy but if it gets to painful I can't take any pain Killers.

    I just wish there was more research I to these and that there was a quick and easy cure for us sufferers. I honestly don't think the doctors realise how excruciating the pain is and how mentally and physically draining it is having to deal with this on a daily basis

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      Sorry to hear you're going through this.

      If u can't take painkillers, why not try numbing it with a nice pack for pain relief before an during procedure. I have tried this in the past and it is a good temporary pain relief.

      Good luck x

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      I saw you mention Panadol so I'm assuming you live in Australia (like me). Go to your local GP and get them to give you a letter to take to the ED. It pushes you along because you've been referred by another doctor.

      I had mine flare up after 7 years of laying dormant, 5 weeks ago, I went to the dr, was told to come back in 2 days if no better. Two days later I was in so much pain that when I walked in to see my dr, I burst into tears. She gave me a letter not thinking that the hospital would do anything but I was admitted within an hour for surgery. I had surgery the next morning.

      I guess they may be a little concerned about putting you under due to your pregnancy but even ask for them to drain it.

      Good luck I hope you get it sorted.

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      I've found tea tree oil to really help with the pain.  Put a little on a cotton ball and apply it to the cyst.  It tingles a little but really does numb the pain. 
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      I was wondering how to be 100% certain that it is a Bartholin's abscess. I also wonder if it is possible for a 17 year old to have this.

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      i got a cyst at 14/15 and i was not sexually active and was very healthy i was in sports. it just happened. ive had 6 since then currently dealing with one rn its so painful and have to wait to be seen by a doc

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    I've found tea tree oil to really help with the pain.  Put a little on a cotton ball and apply it to the cyst.  It tingles a little but really does numb the pain. 
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    I currently have one but it has not yet develop a head. Do you think this remedy will help it to?
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    Thank you so very much for sharing your remedy, i tried it and it worked wonders!! I was amazed! And it didnt actually hurt at all! smile x
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      surprised to know that it didn't actually hurted you at all,must be lucky...

      i was appling the turmeric+coco oil then Baking soda+sea salt twice a day followed with salt sitz bath,my cyst just got triped the size,it was almost ready to pop but wasn't finding way to come out..It had become so so painful,i can hardly express in words, finally today i took the courage and poped a safely pin to it and it started all draining out, instant relief for god sake..

      i popped all the puss out for almost and hour.. pain has disappeared like anything..Hope so it heals completely now on it own...

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    I have suffered from BC for a while....had a minor operation to drain the abscess April last year and now(February 2016) is the 5th.am tired of it and decided to check online for home remedies and just came across your one.am actually laying in bed with the baking soda and salt(pt2 of the process) so hopefully it will burst.fingers crossed,will come back and let everyone know if it workssmile
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    Am back like I said I would.....well,unfortunately,the bc didn't burst after applying the baking soda and sea salt mixed with water although it really brought it out to the surface.the nxt day,all I could think of was master the courage and burst it with a needle but I couldn't bring myself to it!so I had a warm bath and repeated the baking soda therapy becos since its on the surface, I dont need the tumeric application any more.

    The damn thing did still wasnt bursting,i layed in bed the whole day weeping so around 10pm,i decided Iv had enough of the pain and took a taxi straight to A &E so I will have the minor operation done.

    As I laid on the bed waiting to be taken to the operation room,the damn thing decided to burst on it own!yeeeesss!finally!thank you Jesus is all I kept saying!my dress and the bed were all stained.a lil pressing and pushing was done to bring the rest of the pus out.that was quite painful but not as painful as the timeit was swollen.

    So,in conclusion,i think the tumeric and baking soda works wonders bcos it brought the cyst to the surface just that u must exercise enough patience if its not bursting as our system or bodies are different.

    Good luck to all of us ladiessmile

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    I have had a painless Bartholin cyst for almost two years. It is around the size of a small egg, and although painless it is unsightly and really bothers me! I've tried silica tablets and others found on forums and came across this home remedy discussion so thought I'd give it a go! I've just mixed the turmeric and coconut paste and have applied it to a large cotton pad and placed it on the cyst. Currently not feeling anything to report, I'm just pre emting pain more than anything! I don't usually contribute to forums such as this but having experienced this annoying cyst for so long, I really want to contribute my experience as to whether this remedy worked for me! So, with this space! Fingers crossed! 😀

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      Hi Hollybush, did your cyst burst after applying the home remedy? Please let me know. Thanks.
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      Hi Jen,  My little bugger of a cyst reared its ugly head yesteday when I was at work.  It became inflamed and hurt quite a bit before I got home.  I bit the bullet and made a turmeric and coconot paste, Slapped it direcly onto a cottom pad and wodged the pad up there.  Sorry tmi.  I wore a sanitary towel.  The tumeric stains like a bugger.  I left it there for 2 hours and suddenly realised it didn't hurt as much.  I checked and it had gone.  Just the usualy lumpiness I have.  Its a bit sore and bruised feeling down there today.  But its the first time ever that its burst so quickly.

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      Hi Holly! I also get painless cysts and so nothing I do helps it burst sad Did this remedy work for you?? I have been trying the tumeric + coconut powder on and off for a few days now but since its not an access (infected) I dont think its working. Currently have the baking soda + salt + water as I type this. But was wondering if it ended up working or if you found something else that helped?

      I hope you get to see this, I really want this huge cyst to go away sad Sending love to you all!!

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      Hi Erika 82665 and Hollybush

      Same here, painless cyst, I have had it for almost 8 years now. Never an abscess, never pain. It's the size of a nut, painless but unsightly and really bothers me.

      In Holly's text, I don't understand what happened with turmeric powder and coconut: did the cyst disappear? Did it burst?

      I'm afraid to have it bursting at home, it's not painful so I'm afraid I might do worse.

      I'm looking for some home remedies that reduce it or make it disappear without bursting it, is that possible?

      Thank you so much

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