Anyone else had a Bartholin Cyst removed with C02 laser

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I finally found a doctor in LA using C02 laser to drain cyst and remove cyst wall. Just had it done two days ago. According to medical studies online, this is the procedure that has the lowest reoccurance rate of Bartholin Cysts. Any other women out there had it done and care to weigh in on results?

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    hello 27red32,

    how are you feeling? 

    I am currently looking for a gyn that uses CO2 laser for bartholin removal in NYC area. 

    I have read and watched numerous procedures/articles and it is found to be the best approach to treatment or removal. My gyn knowledge is limited, but knowing how laser operates, it helps with bleeding and swelling (supposedly). Wanted to follow up with you and see how was your recovery and if you have any recurrences?

    also, my gyn was against of gland removal, saying that it will cause physiological deformity. ( like an empty gap where gland used to be.). On the other hand, the ability of plastic surgeons are amazing now, so I'm not that concerned. would you please share your experience.


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      Hey!! I was just wondering if you ever managed to find anyone in the NYC area who does this? Thanks so much!

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    Hi Ladies

    im in Boston, and I too am looking for this procedure.

    im having difficulty understanding why this isn't readily available for such a horrific p, and pretty common condition.  Everything I've read indicates it's much better than all the other barbaric options. 

    I'd appreciate hearing how you made out.

    Hope everyone is well!


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    Hi girls,

    i've read a lot about this laser therapy. You should know that it was tried out in A STUDY in ITALY by a few doctors and professors in the university of Florence, i even have their names.

    The thing is - it was a study, hence, probably not available yet world-wide. sad 

    The study also mentioned these CO2 lasers are very expensive and in Italy for some reason they are used more than in other parts of the world. My gynaecologist (a well respected professor) uses the laser (called "mona lisa" for vagina pain - apparently it has other uses as well) but didn't hear about this procedure as of yet, and if he doesn't know about this, nobody does. I think we should just wait, or maybe try to e-mail these guys who made the study, but they are in ITALY - not much help to us huh?

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      So I live in Charlotte NC and had the CO2 laser treatment done 2 weeks ago. Very simple surgery.. lanced it on the inside labia and  then cauterized it with the laser ... no stitches or anything. I had some discharge and draining for a couple weeks and the incision site is still tender if I happen to rub it wiping by accident or something but I really don’t even notice that it’s there. I am told to wait the full 6 weeks before sex so I am trying to abide. I think the incision would make it tender (just like if you cut yourself shaving and the wound has to heal). I will say that there is a knot the size of a large grape that feels way too much like The gland felt when it was filling up with fluid .  I can gently massage it and it will go down but then it will go back to that size again in a few hours. That makes me nervous because I thought it would be “deflated permanently “ after the laser zap. Only time will tell if that knot will stay there. I have to hold out hope that this procedure is had positive results for a lot of others and I’m hoping that will be the long term case for me 
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      I think there is confusion here.

      There is CO2 drainage - as in, just using it to make a perfect hole in the cyst only to drain it, instead of cutting it and draining..

      And there is the new CO2 procedure which penetrated the whole cyst wall and destroys it and/or the gland as well..which i really honestly doubt you had..


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      Hi I have friend in Italy. Do you know doctors name and hospital location ?I will contact them and try get price. I very tired with my Bartholin cyst .Thank you Anna
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      The doctors that have written the journal articles on the co2 laser procedure are all at University of Florence.
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      I am haveing the exact same experiece,

      did the laser but there is a hard grape that feels like a problem, did yours go away, i'm devastated and freaking out.

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      could you share the name of this doctor? I am dealing with the same type of cyst and I can’t find somebody in Charlotte that will treat me with the laser.

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      Did you have just a drain & cauterize procedure with the laser, or did you have CO2 laser ablation where they vaporize the cyst wall using the laser? I see it was 1 1/2 yrs since your last posting, how has your recovery been?

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    Did anyone ever find a gyn in New York or Boston? I am in New York also. I think I would even go to Italy if possible.
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      me too im in nyc. i have this cyst for a year now! its affecting my wetness during sex. i wanna unblock the duct!

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    I just realized you said you had it done in LA. Would you share and recommend this Dr? How did it go?

    Thank you!!

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      Hi, Yes I had the laser cyst ablation performed in Los Angeles by a gyno who has done it many times. His name is Dr. David Ghozland. I highly recommend him.

      Knock on wood, have had no reoccurences in 8 months. And his follow up care was stellar.

      You do have to pay out of pocket.

      I will post his info, but if if gets censored just Yelp him.

      11645 Wilshire Blvd

      Los Angeles, CA 90025

      Phone number(310) 393-9359

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      was it $2500 or more? did he test for carcinoma as well? did the actual laser part hurt like hell? i'm looking into going to LA.

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      how much did you pay ? did you get put to sleep as well ?

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