BC I hate them!

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Well i never knew there was so many of us women who have to go through agony! I have now got my 3rd Bartholins cyst and its horrible. I had the 1st back in september. Went to the doctors on monday the 1st with a worry about what the lump inside me was and she told me it was a BC and sent me away with flucloxacillin for a week. By Sunday the 8th i was in so much pain that i couldnt walk, sit, stand, lie down and going to the toilet was just out of the question. I ended up calling NSH24 who got me a appointment at my local hospital. Went and the doctor there said it was extreamly infected and told me to go to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness. Got there and eas examined again (which was very painful as they seem to keep poking it even though im lying there crying with pain) i was going to have the operation to lance and drain it on sunday night but an emergancy prevented this. Eventually i was given Morphine injections so i would at least lie down. I went into theater on the morning of the 9th and it was a instant relief. That night i had the best nights sleep for a week. (after a painful experience to remove the packing i might add) i went home the next day and was back at work on the 15th. They put me on augmentin (co-amoxiclav) antibiotics for a week to prevent any infection. I thought thank goodness its all over. Or so i thought. 5 weeks ago i was back at the doctors with the same issue, although not as painful, after another weeks course of augmentin (co-amoxiclav) then another of flucloxacillin i had had enough. Ever since sept i have not had 1 day where i havent bleed. im spending a small fortune on pads as well. i went abck to doctors and they sent me to Raigmore where i had 4 doctors (1 being the head gynecologist) examin me. There answer - my wound from the op hasnt healed properly and yep you guess it i was sent away with flucloxacillin again only to be told on the friday that i shouldnt be taking those as was prescribed Amoxicillin and Metridazol. Now these are not nice tablets, i feel constantly sick with them and everything i eat goes straight through me. Well after the course i felt better but then on wednesday this week (17th dec) i started having that well known pain again and on thursday the cyst burst. Went to the doctors again today where she examined me again and said it wasnt big enough to send me to Raigmore and gave me Amoxicillin and Metridazol. Im in pain, cant walk properly, the cyst is still draining. Because of the Metridazol i cant even have a drink on christmas day. This whole issue is really getting me down now and i have had enough. i am having salt baths as well to try and help and i am taking very strong painkillers....

Has anyone else felt as though their doctors are just pushing their condition to one side and keep making you pop pills that just wont work??

A very in pain Guilded Rose

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    Hello Rose

    How are you feeling now?

    You have my sympathy as I know how painful BC's are. I have found that some GP's are unsympathetic when it come to this condition and I always thought it was because the majority are men!! My GP mis-diagnosed mine. I knew it was a BC but he insisted it was a mucoid cyst. I saw a female gynaecologist and of course I was correct. I am a nurse but more importantly I had suffered before.

    All GP's are different of course but that's no consolation for you as your Xmas won't be as good but perhaps you could make up for it in the New Year!

    I may be joining you on the tee-total bandwagon if my GP prescribes antibiotics tomorrow as I may still have an infection following the surgery .

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    Yes i will definatly be making up for it in the new year.

    I just feel that im going round and round in circles with this. Is there ever a end?!!! My current one burst last thursday and it hasnt stopped draining yet.... Im doing everything i have been told to do, like take the medication and have salt baths but it just dosent seem to want to go away or heal. My worry is that my body will become immune to the antibiotics in the end and then there will be nothing i can take.


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    well i thought i would give you a update on my BC.

    It never really went away over xmas and new year and the antis i was on didnt do anything. I have been back to my doctors on friday and she is referring me back to the gyne ward at the hospital for it to be investigated again. This time i am not going to leave it. Last time they took over 2 hours to examin me then told me that it hasnt healed properly. I know this is not the case and i will tell them that. I want this sorted once and for all as i have had enough.

    I Will keep you posted.


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    I totally understand what you are going through i have suffered with this problem for 2 years now. Was constantly on anti biotics had my first marsup surgery in september having spent hours in gynae triage at hospital to be sent home to return again in agony two days later and have the surgery. Have since september spent most of my time on antibiotics crap xmas for me too, have seen various doctors over the months who range from saying it is the scar tissue causing problems and should settle down to the only option is gland removal. Ended up in hosp again and it was agreed to remove gland but woke up after theatre to be told they have done another marsupulisation and have been sent home with those yucky antibiotics that make you feel sick and awful. Cant even begin to imagine what will happen next !!!!!
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    Well i have my hospital appointment. A week today (19th feb) i cant believe im actually looking forward to it. Im just going to come straight out with it and tell them i want the gland removed. I have had enough of this now. 5 months of daily pain going from Very mild to extreamly painful before it bursts again. Since the 9th Sept i have not gone a day without wearing a pad, my last relationship ended at new year as we hadnt been able to have sex, i cant sit properly anywhere.

    I will keep you posted about what happens at the hosp next week... i swear i will go crazy of they think they can fob me off and put me back on the Metroidzol - evil pills......

    Desperate Rose

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    Guess What!

    Its back!

    It came back on staurday in a matter of hours. I was working at the time and ended up hobbling around all day.

    Called the doctors on Monday and they put me back on the evil pills (metridozol and Amoxicillin) and told me if it gets any worse then to call them back..... i still have my hospital appointment on thursday.... Off work again (cant afford to keep this up as i dont get sick pay for first 3 days)

    Has anyone else had the gland removed? If so whats the after result like?

    Kim x

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    Well im just back from my hospital appointment. Doctor is booking me in for more surgary to hopefully remove the gland, he said that the infection is a bad one and they will need to remove all the infected issue as well..

    I will keep you updated....

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    They dont seem keen to remove gland and although it was stated in my notes that the next reoccurrence I had, the gland was to be removed, the very doctor who had written the letter stating that, changed her mind, I just dont get it at all. As for relationships I am so glad I have a very understanding partner !!!!!!
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    Well this week has been bad, Im back on a higher dose of Metronidazole and today my doctor put me on Augmentin as well... Been prescribed Tramadol for the pain also.

    Called the hospital this afternoon and was told there is a 12 WEEK waiting list.... im so angry! 12 weeks!!! how can they leave somone that long, im currently waiting a call back from my consultant with regards to this.... if he cant get me booked in any earlier then my parents are taking me straight to my local A&E as this cant go on anymore..

    keep you posted as always...

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    Well the day i wrote my last post i ended up in hospital as an emergency case. Again! turns out that i had another abcess on my butt cheek. was admitted back to hosp and ended up having near on 8 yes 8 doctors examin me over the next 12 hours before going back into theater to have it drained. whilst i was under they also removed some granulated tissue near the bartholins by using a chemical (silver nitrate i think). Stayed in hospital from the friday nigth to the sunday evening. The wound on my butt was healing really well until last week when it started bleeding. Dcotors think it might be infected cos it so close to where i pee (everytine i pee the dressing gets soaked). Recieved a letter from gyne consultant today saying that he believed that my issue with the bartholins was resolved and that just to make sure he booked me an appointment for the 30th april. Was not happy to read that as the bartholins has not been resolved, infact since the last op the bartholins has flared up 3 times. called him back and explained it to him. he said he will put me back on the list for the surgery. got a callback today from him.... i have my operation date of the 15th May.. woo hoo.. i can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel!
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    well i had my op to remove the bartholins gland on friday just gone (15th May) and it all went well. was under for a hour, when i came round i had quite alot of pain which is understandable but after some morphine i was more comfortable. I was able to go home the same day. Everything has been fine since (touch wood) not much pain, more like a dull ache but i have strong painkillers for the pain. Im hoping this is the last op and the last i will see of the bartholins. My doctor has signed me off for 4 weeks so far. will just have to see how it all goes.
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    My experience of a BC/abscess is almost identical to yours!

    On the Monday GP prescribed a week of Flucloxacillin, after three days she added Augmentin for a week. By the Friday I was in so much pain she sent me to the Hospital. They kept me in and operated on the saturday. Did Marsupialisation. Was really painful afterwards. Came home with another weeks supply of Augmentin. By the next Saturday I couldn't sit or walk. Went back to the GP on Monday morning, she sent me back to the hospital. Where they said I now had two more BC. They kept me there most of the day and then decided that they would not operate until both the BC got bigger by aother CM. They sent me home on another week of Flucloxacillin and Tramadol for pain.. They said that when they get bigger come back. if they stay the same size then I have to wait!!!

    I still have drainage from the operation. I buying pads like there is no tomorrow!! Everyday I'm in pain, sick of having to wear pads, have sitz baths, sex life is just not remotely possible.

    When is it going to end? This is getting me down.

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    I am sorry you have suffered so much Rose. I hope that you find a permanent solution soon.

    I suffered with a BC on and off for 10 years until I had a marsupialization 3 weeks ago. I think it came up almost every two years. The first time my then boyfriend accused me of having an STI. that sent the relationship down the drain. The people I saw at the clinic I went to seemed to be as confused as I was as to what it was!!! Could you believe that? I live in an African country and my society is a bit touchy about Gyne issues.

    I had it a couple of times again but it only formed an abscess once, at the time I was in Europe, after some excrutiating pain it burst on its own and the gyne I saw cleaned me up nicely and sent me home with a good education about BCs. The next time I had it, it drained on its own again after a few hot sitz baths, no abscess. The next time it was really big, I was in Europe again and the gyne drained it. It came again 4 weeks ago, real big and painful. A nice Asian female gyne I saw booked me for immediate surgery and here I am, free. I was very nervous before the surgery but this and a couple of other online fora helped me a lot. I spent only one night in the hospital, 3 days on bed rest but the pain wasn't too bad. I had some anti-biotics and a week after surgery I was up and about.

    I just hope that it doesn't come back again ever. It affected my social life very negatively, men just don't seem to want to get an education about a woman's anatomy. Just want to enjoy it!! I am very lucky my current partner is a saint. He has been very understanding and supportive and extremely caring.

    For those who are experiencing this cyst, I am sorry and hope you get well soon.

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    Hi. It's many years. Do you still battle with bc. Did you find a solution. I am battling. It's now 17 years.

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    I am so glad I found this forum, I felt so alone. I've had bartholyn cysts every 2 months since 3 years and was always on antibiotics until they burst. In May, I got marsupilisation and thought it would be the end of it, but now I just got it again and am in so much pain. I can't move from my bed, my whole labia is also so swollen and I can't sleep, walk or sit. I am taking ibuprofen, but not helping much. I don't know what to do, am in so much pain. I can't even sleep in bed, that I sleep in the bath

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      im also glad that i found this forum as well. im reading everyone's story and it's making me happy just learning about everyone's experience and that im not the only one suffering. it seems like some people have it worse than i do. having BC is definitely an absolute nightmare of an experience. i cant believe us women have to suffer like this. i have a BC right now and i am super miserable. i feel so bad not being able to do anything around the house. mind you, its the week of xmas and i can't wrap my gifts nor will i even have the possibility of going out to see my family. it's horrible. ive been bedridden, soaking in the bath and now i am trying out Phoebe's home remedy in order to see if it will just pop. last time i had this, it just burst on its own. im hoping it will do that soon otherwise i will have to go to the doctor for them to cut me open. i don't prefer that route but do i really want to continue suffering??? 😭 😭

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      i have reoccurring for the past two years and have got them drained with the balloon catheter. i’ve got one now and I went to A&E and they told me to get a marsuplization. however I have read on so many forums that draining with catheter and this procedure doesn’t fix the problem as they keep coming back.

      next week I have an appointment with a surgeon who will (hopefully) remove the glands completely. however she won’t be able to do the surgery for about a month or so I’m going on Monday to have this cyst drained and a catheter inserted. The doctor I seen before A&E today told me that I shouldn’t get the glands removed in case of chronic pain but a lot of people have said that they have fell back to normal months after the surgery. I am willing to take the risk because I don’t think I can deal with this cysts and the constant draining for the rest of my life. it is painful and I’m sick of sitting in a&e for hours in pain.

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      I don’t know if you get a notification when I comment as well but please read my comment thank you.

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