AAAAGHHH! Does anyone else have night terrors?

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hello all,

im having terrible night terrors takes me ages to calm down and realise it's a nightmare. I'm having full blown panic attacks can't breath when I wake up from the usual broken rubbish sleep around four am can't get back to sleep.

i am under a bit of stress at the moment my cousins baby just died the tiny coffin was horrific keep thinking about my twins that I miscarried. My close friend just commit suicide. My landlord just died so I am now worried I will lose my home. I am alone with no children.

does anyone else have this. I feel like my mind is slipping into insanity again and that terrifies me. My body isn't my own and my mind doesn't feel like it either at the moment.

anyone? Really frightened.


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    Well it is no wonder that you are having nightmares. With all that trauma happening in your life. I'm so sorry for your loss! This world is filled with sad events. I think that all of this is playing on your mind sweetie. I would suggest that you don't watch anything dramatic or stress inducing in the way of movies, books or entertainment for awhile. Nothing that makes you feel tense and uneasy. Just getting your head around the things that have been happening is enough for now. I also suggest that you write in a journal, all your feelings and sadness and fears. You would be feeling very insecure at the moment. Watch your coffee intake as well. Less caffeine in Stressful times is wise. You could ask your doctor to prescribe a mild sedative for you before bed. But most of all you need to get your feelings out and into words on paper or on your computer. You would need to process those feelings in order to feel calmer. Nightmares are often a way that our mind tries to process fear. Talking it out or writing it down will help you a great deal. Don't be frightened sweetie. Give yourself time to recoup from all of this strain. This too shall pass! Maggie xx

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      Good morning Maggie,

      that was such a lovely response, thank you so much. It is a tough time and I know that is life but we all know when stress hits the pain volume gets turned up to eleven. My feet and legs and back are so intensely painful. I could go on forever about symptoms but I won't.

      i do take a very low dose of diazepam for teeth grinding and GAD and agoraphobia and social anxiety. I take the lowest dose of a sleeping pill. 

      I have an appointment amazingly at the pain management clinic tomorrow so I don't know maybe that will help. Leaving the house or talking to people is getting harder again. I know that's just the stress and you are right it's tight grip will loosen and move along like it does in life.

      its watching the news too. This world is just so terrifying. I can't believe people are so horrible this world is just so full of hate it's horrifying and shocking, even though I know it from personal experience. 

      Thank goodness for you Maggie. The message you sent me was so sweet and kind. You are a lovely person. 

      It's been a tough last few weeks that's for sure. 

      You are an angel xx

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    Ohhh bless you hun, no wonder your having nightmares with all thats gone in its terrible. Im so sorry to hear about the loss of your twins. I had 2 miscarriages so I know exactly how your feeling.I too have had some really horrific dreams that wake me up in a blind panic sweating shaking in tears.I tooo at the moment because of the stress ive been through latley has had a big impact on how my mind and body are. and of course stress doesnt help where fibro is concerned.It may help you to talk to a grief councillor I did when I lost mom and a close friend of mine. sending you a big hug hun your not alone on here you have all of us to talk too. take care xx
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      Hello there Kaz,

      thank you too for answering my message. I know we have spoken before. It means so much to have the connection with fellow fibromites as you get it. I'm so sorry for your miscarriages too. Life is hard. I'm forty and as I have mentioned I am on my own and don't have kids. I always wanted children and have recently had some growths removed from my womb and they told me I had a deformed uterus and would need to have surgery if I wanted to have a child. I just don't know what the hell to do. I don't really have anyone other than mum that I can talk to about it. I know she thinks I shouldn't have a baby on my own. Time has run out and I really am at a loss I couldn't go through a miscarriage again let alone what my cousin has just gone through. I suppose I should find out what the results are from the growths. That appointment is coming soon. I know I was rushed through as they said they were concerned about them being cancerous.

      life is really rubbish sometimes.

      im so so sorry about losing your mom and your close friend.

      i have been to psychiatrists and also psychiatric wards when I my ex boyfriend was murdered and when I attempted suicide twice about my twins. I did go completely mad. Funnily enough I am slightly obsessed with things in twos. 

      thanks again for shooting me a lifeline. You too are an angel. Sending you big hugs back. Thank you agin I don't feel alone when you write to me.

      i wish everyone tonnes of love and kindness and just thanks  for being so amazing



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    Oh my goodness, no wonder you are having night terrors.  I can empathise with those terrors I suffered them for years after a mental breakdown caused by my stressful job and very non supportive manager.  

    You have experienced stress upon stress upon stress and I'm so very sorry to hear of the miscarriage of your twins and losing your close friend, not to mention any of the other dreadful things that's been happening. 

    Being alone for too long is not good, as the mind is constantly reliving things.  There was an elderly gentleman living opposite us, very independent at 90, but we had a key in case he ever felt unwell.  His son rang me one day to see if I would go across as his dad wasn't answering the phone, I did and found him dead. This was in March and I still relive that moment and can see him even now.  

    I was wondering if you have spoken with your doctor or if you have someone you could talk to. Hang on in there girl, you can always talk to us. x

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    Hi Earthakitt How are you hun just thought Id check in on you. You have had a lot to contend with. Life is so hard and crap at times. But all we can do is take each day as it comes get through it as best we can. Grief councilling may help you I found it helped me when I lost my mum and best friend. you have us to talk to also.I find when Im struggling that it sometimes helps to treat ourselves. whether its a new hair do perfume  jewellery being kind to ourselves. we all need something in our lives to look forward to a holiday spa day manicure something to help give us a lift. Thinking of you you take care sending you a big gentle hug kazxx
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