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Fibromyalgia Syndrome

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  • Gilly77 1

    Aches and pains

    Please help I am 50 years old and on hrt patch 10 months now it stopped the hot flushes but I have chronic neck and shoulder pain and off balance when walking feel like I have ms symptoms I have gained so much weight to since going on the h rt thinking of stopping it anyone any advice

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Fibromyalgia Introduction and Resources

    This is a discussion where users can post their signs and symptoms, treatments, history etc. There is also a list of useful resources links etc below. If any user has any suggestions about additions to this please send me a Private Message rather than replying here or trying to post links in this

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  • jessica93013 3

    Headache at the same time

    Has anyone else experienced headaches at the same time every night fr the past month or every night at about 730 I get the start of a headache just that feeli nf of one coming on.. and by 8 it's a full blown headache every single night. I'm not sure if this can be a symptom of fibromyalgia.

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  • deirdre17922 1
  • kippy7 2

    The Never ending flare

    It seems this flare will not let me go and every prescription side effects were as bad as te fibro symptoms.I havent had a good night in weeks and the pain seem to have muscles in my back feels like they need to be constantly neck and shoulder muscles are tense and i get

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  • anna 28 1

    have had the worst 2 weeks

    I have had febromyalgia for over 10 years and always have pain but in the last two weeks I have had such a bad time and leg pain so bad find it hard to walk even with a walking stick 

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  • minnie4 3


    hi everyone and happy Easter.  Approx two years ago I herniated discs which ultimately led to to my diagnosis of fibro.  As part of the disc problem I have lost some sensation in the left foot and also fingers but moving on two years apart from back 'ache' like you wouldn't believe and fibro flare

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  • princessemh89 2

    Does anyone else with Fibromyalgia get any of these symptoms??

    My GP says he's pretty sure I have fibromyalgia after going back and forth to him with different symptoms for almost a year. I now have an appointment at the hospital in early December with a rheumatologist to discuss the symptoms further, have a full examination and hopefully receive a diagnosis.

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  • UrAlliGOt 3

    Sore to touch rib cage

    My problem is at my left flank side I think the 10th last rib connected to your sternum, when I touch, press or rub the lowest part of the 10th rib (waistline).. it hurts like sharp pins and sore, inch in lenght and size, after a day my right flank develop the same but milder. It doesn't hurt when breathing/

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  • Brooksie67 1

    Any advice for newly diagnosed

    After a year if tests I've finally been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I also have underactive thyroid and asthma and am going through the menopause. I'm 50 years old. I'm having trouble getting going in the morning as i feel so have pain most of the day but it's always worse after I've sat

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  • Mac87 1

    Quit Smoking & Fibro Flared?

    So, as the title suggests, I quit smoking and it seems my Fibro flared up but I'm not entirely sure the two are related. I quit smoking 4/8/17 (so not long ago) and since then, I have had a few days spread out to where I am hypersensitive to touch of any kind. Any pressure on my skin and it burns!

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  • kippy7 2

    Heart palpation and Fibromyalgia

    I was wondering if anyone else experiance heart palpatations with fibro;especially when there is a flare up? When my pain is really bad i find that i get them quite frequently and it is scary. I am in a flare right that has lasted about two started when my sesonal allergies reared its ugly

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  • gayle68653 2
  • EarthaKitt 3

    Crushed ribs and bruised colon feeling

    does anyone else have this? Had it for months. I have coeliac disease and fibromyalgia when I wake it's crippling. Bad kidney pain. It lasts all day now. Very very painful. Anyone? rhanks

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  • Gilly77 1

    Aches and pains

    Please help I am 50 years old and on hrt patch 10 months now it stopped the hot flushes but I have chronic neck and shoulder pain and off balance when walking feel like I have ms symptoms I have gained so much weight to since going on the h rt thinking of stopping it anyone any advice

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  • Nemma1990 2

    Is this normal?

    Hi, I've never posted in any of these groups before as I hate to dwell on things but I'm desperate for help! I'm 26 years old and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 2 years ago. Back then it was manageable. I was always very active (used to go running, did mechanics, worked very physical jobs,

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  • alison 44707 3
  • Michelle2468 2
  • kippy7 2

    Seasonal allergies are making my Fibromyalgia worse.

    I've noticed a pattern since i was diagnosed with Fibro when it comes to seasonal gets considerably time i didn't even get out of the first round with this thing. I am prone Sinus inffections and it along with other allergy symptoms threw my body into what seems like a

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  • Fibro3 1


    I Was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about a month ago. Went to a rheumatologist. I had blood work done and all came out negative. Except Vitamin D. Which is fairly strange because I tend to spend a lot of time outside. I was put on trepeline and tramado and Vit D . I was told. Y the rheumatologist

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  • lucy90079 1

    Do I have fibro?

    Hi I have been experiencing back pain and random pain recently, also tiredness. I went to the doctor and they did a fibro trigger point test on me, I did not feel any more pain from it so she ruled it out. I have had low vitamin d before and she thinks it may be the pain can be really bad

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  • lizzie67 4
  • gwendapolly 2

    Flu type virus Essex uk

    hi wondering if anyone else has had this or got had sore throat hot and co,d dry cough and very blocked nose sinus type bad head aches , coukd not breath through it at all, fir couple of weeks, then it went to very runny nose like a tap,  then couple of days began to feel bit better,...

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  • alb90 2

    Newly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia

    Hey, very new to this site so not sure how it all works yet. I'm 23 and I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last week after Rheumatologist ruled out all other diseases. Not going to lie, I'm finding it quite tough - especially as I have a small child to look after too. My symptoms are mainly just

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  • trisha87499 5

    I miss at my lowest

    i was coping so well, however I feel I can't be who I am, I like with my group up son, who works full time, most of my days are staring at 4 walls, even if I try to do something it is vetoed by my son. I have a grandson and I would like to spend more time with him but it is constantly frowned on,

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  • karen95101 2

    Newly diagnosed

    Hello everyone! I have been newly diagnosed after 3-4 years of going round in circles to find out why I feel as I do. It is a relief to know I'm not imagining my pain and my tiredness is nothing to do with mneopause. I now have some control as it now has a name.

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  • DiddyC 2
  • sweetheartedly 2

    Sudden onset of symptoms, is that normal?

    I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by both my rheumatologist and general practitioner for the past 3-4 years, however, have been dealing with it for much longer, so I'm no stranger to the illness. Typically my symptoms consist of mild headaches, chronic fatigue, insomnia,  severe joint pain,

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  • annalee58641 2

    urine infection

    I was told i have a urine infection which is very painful could it be associated with having a bladder stone?

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  • Tomatom 3

    Itchy skin with fibro?

    Has anybody else had itchy skin with fibro? My doctor thinks I have fibro and I'm currently on the waiting list to see a rheumatologist. I've been getting pains in various places since early November (mainly chest, neck, armpits, upper and lower back, hips, groin - sometimes in wrists and calfs). I'

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  • Comfused74 2

    Any tips

    Need any help with how people deal with pain , neck constanly sore , and when walking any distance my knee hip and ankle get really painful and sometimes give way , painkillers doing nothing now

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  • ashley090309 2

    Cymbalta for Fibro

    Hello all, I've had Fibro for 10 years now. Up until this point it has been manageable. My doctor just gave me isn't that an anti-depressant? Thoughts? Does it really work or is he a quack?

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  • amanda56823 1

    Pip assessment.

    Hello , I was just wondering if anyone else has had there pip home assessment cancelled by them at the last minute. I was due for a assessed to come to my home on watch 2017 at 9.15. At 8.40 they rang and cancelled. I was annoyed as my representative had come to be with me at assessment, they then

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  • stephanie1972 3

    Fibromyalgia and nausea

    Do other fibromyalgia sufferers have continuous ? I'm getting fed up of it as I can't seem to eat or drink anything that will help ease this awful Does anyone have any ?

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  • AmandaA38 2
  • amanda56143 2

    Myriad symptoms

    Hi all, I am still waiting to see a reumatologist after an appointment mix-up but in the meantime I am really struggling with the head symptoms. Is it normal with fibro to find it dificult to turn your head from side to side and nod or shake your head without pain? I also find tracking moving

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