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Fibromyalgia Syndrome

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  • Emis Moderator M

    Fibromyalgia Introduction and Resources

    This is a discussion where users can post their signs and symptoms, treatments, history etc. There is also a list of useful resources links etc below. If any user has any suggestions about additions to this please send me a Private Message rather than replying here or trying to post links in this thread....

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  • lindsey65522 2


    Hi everyone, i was hear last year and used to chat to a lot of people was diagnosed with fibro around 2014 but had symptons for years. However just before xmas i was getting really serious pain, did go to my GP a few times blamed everything on the fibro and in the end December 2016 i went to A/E as thought...

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  • kelly0206 1

    Worried about some of my symptoms? Please help

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last year so it is all quite new to me. Dr gave me amitriptyline and I was taking that and had a huge improvement in my symptoms. I then fell pregnant and have not long had my baby boy (7 weeks ago) I started taking my meds again a couple of weeks after having him because...

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  • UrAlliGOt 3

    Sore to touch rib cage

    My problem is at my left flank side I think the 10th last rib connected to your sternum, when I touch, press or rub the lowest part of the 10th rib (waistline).. it hurts like sharp pins and sore, inch in lenght and size, after a day my right flank develop the same but milder. It doesn't hurt when breathing/deep...

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  • Mac87 1

    Quit Smoking & Fibro Flared?

    So, as the title suggests, I quit smoking and it seems my Fibro flared up but I'm not entirely sure the two are related. I quit smoking 4/8/17 (so not long ago) and since then, I have had a few days spread out to where I am hypersensitive to touch of any kind. Any pressure on my skin and it burns! Whether...

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  • arual2014 3

    Upper back pain and pins and needles

    Suffer form fibromyalgia Having a lot of upper back pain lately. Very tight muscles on shoulders as well. Also getting pins and needles across my shoulders. Any suggestions on what to do. Not taking any meds at the moment apart from ibuprofen. It's almost impossible to get a doctors appointment

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  • helen68654 2
  • paul335 1

    Does this sound like Fibromyalgia?

    I'm 27 yeas old.. About 8 months ago I got sore tender ribs which went away after a while so I didn't pay attention to it. Just recently I started getting achy elbows and wrists on and off, bad back, then I found a few hard non tender lymph nodes on and above my collar bone on both sides, 1 on my cheekbone,...

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  • johnny81801 1

    Fibro possibly, any advice would be great.

    Just over a year I was viciously assaulted and a group of men decided to kick me in the head once I was knocked out cold from one of the attackers. Ever since my complications are unbearable.. For the first two month I was back and forth to A & E and the local doctors, getting no answers or assurances....

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  • bic24773 4

    Fibro with?

    Has anyone here with fibromyalgia got another chronic illness? I mean like arthritis in the spine or me? I've had fibromyalgia symptoms but I have Ms and cervical spondylosis, narrowing of the spinal canal and facet joint disease, the neurologist thinks my symptoms are of the latter stuff not Ms. Thanks...

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  • alicia 93236 2
  • Gerrymoo 4

    Burning and tingling thighs and legs

    Hi ! I have episodes of the most awful burning and tingling in my thighs and legs. I don't have a diagnosis but wondered if this could be fibromyalgia. I have had upper back pain for the last year now but the awful.pains in my legs is wearing me down. Does this sound like fibromyalgia?

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  • Smiler1981 2

    Fibromyalgia and Mental Health

    Hi all, I've just joined this site in a desperate attempt to find something that can help. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 6 months ago after a few years of unexplainable pain and the usual arguing with medical professionals. It's been a tough year as the pain and symptoms are increasing all...

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  • aimee1926 2

    Does anybody suffer with this???

    Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me, recently I've been getting something strange going on and wondered if it was part of Fibro and normal?? My throat and neck feels tight and the gland underneath my chin is tender to touch and feels slightly larger than normal? It can be here for a few hours and here...

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  • Mary2017 2


    Hi, just been diagnosed with Fybro yesterday one thing my husband and kids queried was is it the reason why I have head tremor? does anyone else experience this as well? TIA

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  • amandadee 2

    Have Fibromyalgia, Thinking That I Should Not Marry

    I am a 36 year old woman and I have come to a place of realizing that I probably would not be able to take good care of children if I had them. And now, I am questioning whether I even have the strength to be a good wife. I can't even take good care of a fish right now. I am having to give my fish back...

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  • linda51222 4

    Fibro trembling and tingling

    hello, Does anyone get trembling and tingling when their fibro is in a flare up, I have had fibro for many years and managed it fairly well, but in the last few months I have been in a flare up that has included the things I have mentioned above. L.

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  • DebbieHurts 3

    Gabapentin and Fibromyalgia??

    I was given gabapentin after a kytoplasty on my back, and I noticed that it helped the pain of my fibromyalgia quite a lot.  Anybody else take it for fibro?

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  • ouch109 3

    What do tender points feel like

    Hi All I just cant figure out if I have fibro or not.  Can anyone tell me a bit about their tender points.  I have spots where it hurts, but it doesnt actually hurt where I touch.  For instance, I might push on my neck and it hurts down my back, my muscles are super tight and achy and I think it is...

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  • valerie44361 2

    Brain fog

    I have just found out about Brain fog, this was something i worried about.   

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  • sarapainfree 4
  • princessemh89 2

    Does anyone else with Fibromyalgia get any of these symptoms??

    My GP says he's pretty sure I have fibromyalgia after going back and forth to him with different symptoms for almost a year. I now have an appointment at the hospital in early December with a rheumatologist to discuss the symptoms further, have a full examination and hopefully receive a diagnosis. Over...

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  • ouch109 3

    Do i have it

    Can anyone help. I am in sooooo much pain. It is very severe and is the reault of muscles seizing up (at least thats my subjective experience.) I started with pelvic floor seizing up two years ago I have spent a fortune on physical therapy. Now i have a painful frozen shoulder and my back constantly...

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  • ouch109 3

    CAn anyone tell me if I have fibro

    Hi All, My GP is inclined to diagnose me with fibromyalgia, but I'm not sure.  I have Widespread Chronic Pain and sleep sidturbance but nothing else.  I am not fatigued, I have no cognitive issues, no tender points My pain is pretty bad, it feels like all of my muscles keep seizing up.  It started...

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  • fulham boy 2

    Constant chronic pain with probable fibromyalgia

    Severe pain below right shoulder blade through to chest. Also down right flank. Aching arms and hands (cramp like sensations). Same in legs and feet. Very breathless with slightless exertion. Anyone else got these symptoms? Thanks

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  • wilson42 1

    Food induced fibromyalgia???

    So I've been suffering from chronic fatigue for several years. I've recently discovered a "cure" of sorts. As long as I don't eat, I start to feel fine. As soon as I eat *anything*, I start to feel like I fell down a flight of stairs. I seem to tolerate small amounts of fresh celery but that's basically...

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  • scottymar10 2

    Elevated CK levels... should I be worried???

    So I went to the ER yesterday, bc since Friday I have not been able to stand up for more than 10-15 minutes without getting so tired or light headed that i need to lie down. I have had off and on mild nausea and bad muscle aches in my back, stomach, and chest. The doctor did bloodwork which showed my...

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  • currychic 3


    Hi, i was just prescribed with lyrica, for my chronic cough of all things, does anyone else have a chronic cough as part of there fibro? Anyway i thought oh this might be good for my fibro pain too anyway i read the side effects and i am a little worried about taking it so i was wonder what other peoples...

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  • sharon64378 1

    need pip advice

    hi, can anyone give me advice please , ive been suffering for the last 2 years now and got worse over the last 6 months but have finally been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. and also ostioarthritis in my hane which ididnt realize i had. . i was working 2 jobe last year but had to give my second job up due...

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  • Nipper01 1

    First symptoms

    Hi, I have pains moving around my upper body and now hips for about 3 weeks now. Sometimes achy arms, rib pains, back ache, they can be very sharp at times but can also be dull. If i press on certain points they really hurt. I am not using painkillers at present as pain not constant. I have no other...

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  • Faith2016 2

    Shoulder blade, ribs aching

    I have had constant aching beneath my shoulder blades on both sides the past few days. It's above my kidneys but below my shoulder blades so at first I thought maybe kidney infection but I have no other symptoms of that. My rib cage is also sore to touch and has been for a while. I love to work out but...

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  • aimee1926 2

    Fibromyalgia Medication

    Can anyone tell me there experience with taking pregabilin? I've been given it by my doctor and I've not yet taken it.. I read the side effects and googled other people's experiences and took major anxiety 🙈. I want to try them to see if they make me feel better but scared of them not agreeing with...

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  • caroline271 3

    Cymbalta and paralysis

    Hello to my fibro friends, you may recall that I have joined discussions relating to cymbalta/duloxetine and side effects but principally that in December I was hospitalised due to a severe adverse reaction followed by several episodes of collapsing with paralysis which has traumatised me. My GP, neurologist...

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  • lorraine50727 1


    ive re applied for incapacity benifit as mine stopped after getting money from ex hubby ive been for a essenment how long will it take to get and answer and would i go back on high rate as ive still not been able to work but money has run out  please need advice i also applied for pip recently

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  • kathy14376 2

    Fibromyalgia help

    Hi. This is the first time I've asked about my Fibromyalgia problems. I was diagnosed about 11 years ago. I never realized how many other problems can be related to fibro. It started with joint pain and fatigue. Every diagnosis I received over the years surprised me to learn was related to Fibromyalgia....

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