Abdo pain, sore gritty feeling in eyes and problems urinating! HELP

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I am looking for some help. Hopefully someone has experienced similar symptoms and has some answers as it has been 8 months now and no Dr seems to know what is wrong with me. I am a 30 year old male, normally fit and well. Before all of this i was attending the gym 6 days a week, now i do can't due to the pain.

I have had the following symptoms over the past 8 months:

Pressure on the right side of abdomen and back (feels like there is something inside that shouldn't be there. This is a constant feeling and never goes away.

Abdominal pain, varies from dull ache to sharp excruciating. Again the pain is there every day.

Cramp feeling in my stomach (worse in the mornings). I open my bowels most mornings.

Pain and discomfort in my eyes (feels like grit) this comes and goes. Worse on mornings and evenings. I have had my eyes checked and all ok.

Recurrent UTI (not normal in men). I have had blood in urine and a VERY severe UTI recently. Third lot of antibiotics now, still on these.

I have been leaking after urinating. Even though i am aware of this and stand at the toilet for a while after urinating to make sure i am finished, i still leak.

I am suffering from headaches and migraines which i have never had problems with before.

I suffer from dizziness and feeling sick - this symptom comes and goes. And sometimes just one or the other. Not always both i.e. i don't feel sick because i am dizzy.

I have pain in my testicles and penis - not sure if this is relted to the problems with urinating and/or the recurrent UTI's.

I have a general loss of appetite and try to eat because i know i need to.

I keep getting a sore on the inside of my left nostril. 

I am very lethargic some days.

Numerous trips to GP surgery, nurses, A&E and Walk in Centres. I have a consultant referral to both Gastro and Urology. Appointment with Gastro Monday 16th Jan. Urology 10th February.

I have had bloods done, not perfect but nothing worrying (is all they keep saying). Kidney, Liver, Protein measures not quite right.

Urine and stool samples done. Stools fine, Urine not so fine. On my third lot of antibiotics for another UTI which i believe is very uncommon in men.

Chest XR - fine. Abdominal Ultrasound - showed enlarged Liver but otherwise fine (not sure if this is normal). 

I know this is a LOT of information but i just wanted to give you all everything.

The symptoms started around the end of May start of June.

I hope someone can help

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    A UTI will poison your whole system and may be causing the nausea, dizziness, fatigue and loss of appetite.  The antibiotics may be disagreeing with you as well and being on them for a long time could be upsetting your gut flora. Probiotics are beneficial after a dose of antibiotics.  The gritty feeling in your eye could be conjunctivitis which can be treated with ointment from your doctor.  It is possible to get secondary infections after a prolonged initial infection.

    However, wait to see what your forthcoming tests show.

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      I have only had UTI in the past couple of weeks the health problems have been ongoing since May/June. again antibiotics have only been in the last few weeks.

      I have had my eyes checked, all fine.

      Thanks for your comments


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    I forgot to mention that sromach pain can also be a symptom of a UTI.
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    Hi Kerri,

    I'm sorry to hear all your going thru, sounds horrible and painful. Idk what to say but that your doing the right thing in seeing your doctor's. I pray they find what's going on with you. I understand pain and it's horrible. Take care

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      Thanks Louise smile was hoping someone had been through a similar thing as i dont think i am going to have a quick answer.

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    I feel very sorry that you are no feeling well and have so many issues and pain.

    Enlarged liver is abnormal I think you should go to see doc. I am sure that causes fatigue and you are lethargic. You seem to have UTI also I thogutht you should suspect Gallstones (lower right ab pain + back pain)

    I hope you will be handled by professionals soon and feel better

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      Thank you for your wellwishes and comments. I do hope that i have some answers soon.
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      Hi My dad that's 80 had very similar symptoms as you last year and he found out he had enlarged prostate. He's fine now. Had surgery to remove it. I hope you find answers very soon. It's horrible when we don't feel well. Best of luck xx

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    Hi kerri82993

    As far as your eyes are concerned you may have dry eyes..... you can get artificial tears from the pharmacy to lubricate them. Did you get checked by an optician ..you may have an eye condition called blepharitis. When you see the Urologist he/she will more than likely want to perform a cystoscopy to investigate the bladder wall....this is a short op under anaesthetic..then you will have an MRI scan to see what is going on with your kidneys liver and abdomen in general. I have been through these investigations they are not invasive. I would think your abdominal pain is related to your kidneys......just relax and wait to see the Uro and Gastro....best wishes for a definite diagnosis...☺

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      I have been checked by an optician, they said all okay. I have been using eye drops thanks for the tip smile

      ?Thank you for your insight into what might happen i am just stressing about what is wrong with me. It is comforting to hear that others have similar issues. Thank you for your well wishes.

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