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Been diagnosed with a abdominal aortic aneurysm, now I have a gut, seems to be getting bigger, its not because I am fat, I used to have a 6 pack, now I dont, the muscles are still there, but my stomach just pushes out

Am I ever going to have a flat stomach again or am I just going to look like a fat bloke ?

I exercise quite a bit, so I think I am quite fit, so does my doctor

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    Hi Derrick

    Hw were you diagnosed with AAA, did you undergo the surgery, my hubby underwent his surgery last year, his tummy has got bigger, but he does not exercise so it does not help I have heard that some people went and got it checked out due to the pot belly even though they exercised, the main thing is to thank God if it was diagnosed early so they could keep an eye out and monitor you. my hubby was I think diagnosed a few years before he underwent his operation last year, as long as you are fit and healthy that i the main thing and you are watching your diet I honestly do not think there is much you can do about it though.  Hope and pray everything works out in your favour with God's Blessings HG

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      No I havent had surgery, I dont know how big mine is, I dont really care how big it is, I just want my 6 pack back I had be3fore this thing got hold of me, I'll undergo anything to get rid of this aneurysm, mine dont hurt or cause me any proble3ms apart from have a fat stomach, the muscles are there, its just something is pushing them out giving me a fat bloke appearance, I have never been fat, I have quite a good appearance apart from a gut

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    I have just had a letter from my doctor, I not only have this Abdominal aortic aneurysm

    I have interstitial lung disease (I think I have got this from my previous jobs though) something else I have never heard of

    But the doctor did say she was amazed by how fit I was (well its something I have prided myself on) she put me on a rowing machine, 6000 meters, 25 minutes, then a step machine, I got more out of breathe on the step machine than the rowing machine :-(...I am on 10mg of Prednisolene each day

    I thought I would do an internet search for this interstitial lung disease as I had never heard of it and here is a link


    Then I did nother search, which opened my eyes a bit more..


    The condition, which is part of a group of disorders known collectively as interstitial lung disease, causes inflammation and scarring of the lung tissue and sufferers have an average life expectancy of between just three and five years.


    After reading that I have decided that I had better get in all those things I have always wanted to do and just never got round to doing, but at least I have MY best before date :-)

    If you dont hear from me in a few years, you will at least know what's happened to me

    Emis Moderator comment: I have replaced the given link with a link to the equivalent article on our site.

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      Yes, you do have a point there

      There are a lot of things that are curable now that werent when I was a kid

      But its trying to fit in everything I want to do and fit  in appointments, they keep changing them, its not their fault, they can only work so much and they work bl**** hard

      I'm glad I aint working any more so unless I am travelling these appointments arent a problem, its just getting an appoinmrent with cardiology before I see the doctor and receptionists cant get their heads aroiund that, no point in seeing cardiology after I see the doctor, he needs the results from cardiology first

      Regerence this interstitial lung disease, it may have come from my time at LHR, I used to be in the  boiler house and tunnels, there was lots of dust, asbestos dow there, in the QB it was in a terrible state

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      Hi derrick, glad to hear that you are keeping up with the appointments that is very important, My hubby was diagnosed with silicosis (nodules in the lung) he is also an ex smoker , stopped a few years and now has the occassional smoke when with his brother.  We see a lung specialist, Dr. Hunt, every two years, he is due for check up but keep postponing it, He was a moulder by trade, he was diagnosed around 2008 I think when he had to have a chest xray from the company and they noted the change in lungs, he used to have them done throught the company regularly every couple of years or so and there was nothing there until 2006,we had to do so many test to rule out everyting, none of the nodules has changed since then, he has slight emphasyma noted on the x rays, he has a pot belly, as he does not exercise at all his weight is only on the belly mainly, Anyway there is always hope, have faith, and things will be alright God Bless you all HG


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      I dont know how I could prove I did get it from LHR, the buildings have all been knoocked down the company taken over, I dont know if they still have my medical records

      We all used to go for yearly check ups when I was there, by the time I left the medical center had closed down

      The medical we used to have yearly were better than anything you could get on BUPA or any private company

      This was a time when you were proud to work at LHR, they had personel, not HR

      When we went for our medical, it became a competition who was the fittest (I invaribly won each year, even though I was the oldest)

      Then it got bought out, medicals stopped, inoculations stopped, training stopped

      The only medical you get now is, 2 arms, 2 legs, a pulse and a go on the scales, if you are breathing you get a job

      They used to check your weight to see if you were obese, no more, there are a lot of fat people working there, but LHR doesnt care about staff any more, as long as the passengers go througfh, thats it job donefrown

      Still enough of my bitterness cry I'm out of there now, life goes on

      I use a rowing machine at the gym, I get out of breath but not blowing, I walk upstairs and I am out of breath, I dont get it, so I just carry on, nothing I can do about it

      I dont think this  interstitial lung disease can be cured, it just hangs about forever

      I train with blokes half my age at the gym, I can still keep up with them, most times, but I dont lift some of the weights they do (I used to though)

      I was stronger than kids of 18-20, I could out run, out lift anyone

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    Got back from my scan about an hour ag, 3.2 they said, no difference from last time (I did ask this time) I had my BP taken, that was normal, my resting heart rate was 54, she said I could do with dropping a few pounds, but in all I am in pretty good condition

    I asked them about exercise, I was told to carry on with weights, the Ab wheel, running, walking and the rowing machine, I had been down the gym this morning and gave them the list of my work out, squats, incline bench... press, flyes, 70 kg wide grip pull downs, (3-4 sets, 8-10 reps) 6000 meters on the rowing machine, then 20 minutes on the stepper (like a moving stair case) then off to subeay for a mega melt,

    Both the nurses said the workout was impressive and to carry on if I enjoy doing it, the same as my travelling (I had my scan early, because I am going away in April, back end of May)

    They also told me to stay away from the internet, because there are too many scare stories and wrong information there, they gave me a phone number to call if I have any worries or need more information :-) (pretty much what my GP told me ) :-)

    Well thats me done for another year


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