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Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection

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  • Rg 1972 2

    Migraines or Headaches prior to an Aortic Dissection?

    Just curious, how many folks suffered from migraines before thier Aortic Dissection operation?   After my surgery, one of the operating surgeons had mentiioned about knowing that I suffered from headaches/migraines without me even mentioning that to him. FYI, my blood pressure usually ran low until

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  • james99024 2

    I had a ruptured AAA aneurysm, anyone else?

    I do not hear much from people who survived a ruptured AAA aneurysm.  Are you doing fine now?  How was the experience of getting all that blood out of your stomach?  Did you have trouble bending over and picking things up for a while?   Did the pools of blood in your belly cause you to have weird pains?...

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  • DebW 2

    Diagnosed with Aortic Root Aneurysm

    Hello everyone, I have been recently diagnosed with an aortic root aneurysm that is 5.7 cm - I'm feeling like a ticking time bomb I am grateful that I was able to read the comments in this section where some of you indicated that your aneurysm was larger, and you seem to be doing well. Thank

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  • james16105 3

    at last I have a date for my AAA op

    I was diagnosed with a 7cm aneurism last August and I have just found out I am having a Fenstrate Endovascular op on the 12th April thank god, with it been 7cm I was told it could burst any time so as you can imagine I have suffered a hell of a lot of anxiety and depression and also has my wife,

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  • jennifer85396 4

    Need advice/scared and depressed for my husband

    Hello My name is Jennifer, I am writing about my 48 year old husband, who is a former body builder/power lifter.  He was recently diagnosed with aortic aneurysm/ or dialated cardiac aorta.  Hope this makes sense, he started scuba diving a few years ago and loves it, it has become his passion.  His

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  • mary marga20146 2

    Friend - 53 Type A Aortic Dissection then stroked.

    Male. 53 this January. Adopted at birth no health history. Was at emergency and had little pulse at wrists. They found a tear in his aorta then it dissected. Ascending type A. As they prepared for emergency open heart surgery he stroked. Left brain. Cancelled surgery and prognosis was dire! He

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  • Kb2895 2

    On list now for open surgery

    Jon now has made the decision to have the open surgery and consent form has been signed. We have been told that it will be in the next eight weeks. Scary but in the last 9 months it has grown from 4.8 -5.6 cm. It needs fixing, he feels like a walking time bomb which just adds to the stress. We know

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  • Ana62 2

    Ascending aneurysm and antidepressant medication

    Hello, is there anybody using antidepressant medication? im suffering from muscular pain due to fibromyalgia as well as anxiety and stress. I've been to a GP who wanted to prescribe cipralex but she insist that one of the side effects of cipralex is possible blood clots so she told that I have to

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  • namo26985 1


    im 13. let me just say this as simple as possible. these are ALL of the symptoms i have that are related to marfans. yes i do know that no one on here can diagnose me, SO PLEASE do NOT comment to get checked out by a doctor, i know i need to. but having hypochondria, i still need reassurance until

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  • emma23139 1

    complications post triple a surgery

    hello, i really need some advice. i am writing on behalf of my dad, he had triple a surgery two and a half weeks ago and his recovery has not been smooth, we have already had to call 999 three times. i will give you a bit of a background then i have a few questions i would appreciate some answers

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  • Advocate 1
  • Kb2895 2

    Partner has a date for open surgery

    My partner has his open surgery set for 14th June. Finally we have a plan,mixed blessings relief at something being done but apprehension at the seriousness of the surgery. God willing all goes well will update afterwards Kate

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  • alison 64461 2

    Symptoms of abdominal aortic aneurism?

    i have been having a pretty constant ache low in my low left abdomen/ pelvis. The pain can be also sort of twinges. It is not severe. Sometimes I also get some low central pelvic ache and low back ache but the pain is specifically in the low left area. As it started at the same time as I had a few

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  • mick95680 2

    Aaa surgery

    does any one know the time scale between the fitness test  and surgery on aortic aneurysm .

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  • mide14661 2

    Aortic Root Dilation---Lifting/Exercise?

    Hi everyone- Just found out on Wednesday I have aortic root dilation of 4.7cm. I'm still pretty freaked out by the diagnosis; I've never had any major health issues before, and reading some horror stories online has not helped. I joined this group to get some more reasoned facts/opinions from

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  • sec2709 3
  • romar 1

    Would like to compare post-EVAR experiences

    I recently received a MedTronic Endurant II AAA stent graft, in preparation for which I did extensive research (Cleveland and Mayo Clinics, Johns-Hopkins, various UK sites and the manufacturer's Web site, among others) to learn precisely what the procedure would involve and what I might expect

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  • derrick02146 2

    abdominal aortic aneurysm

    Been diagnosed with a abdominal aortic aneurysm, now I have a gut, seems to be getting bigger, its not because I am fat, I used to have a 6 pack, now I dont, the muscles are still there, but my stomach just pushes out Am I ever going to have a flat stomach again or am I just going to look like a

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  • pam24836 1

    Coeliac Aortic Aneurysm

    Anybody had this operation? The diaphram sinuse cut and a mesh bypass repair to the Coeliac Ganglia. My husband had it done two weeks ago he was fit before the operation but is now extremely tired no appetite and short of breath on moving about he is 68 so it is normal to an extent but I wondered

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  • jart5 1

    Just a thoracic aorta dilation? no big deal?

    I just had a CT scan of the chest. It turns out I have a thoracic aorta dilation of 3.5cm. 39 years old. It seems that it is on the low end of dilation, but still a dilation. The doctor's office told me this and said "he'll check on it in two years". Isn't this more serious than that? Shouldn't I

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  • glenys09123 2

    1 year after complicated aortic dissection diagnosis

    My Mum was diagnosed with complicated aortic dissection with intramural haematoma and penetrating ulcers also had pleural effusion. She was given 2 weeks to live by 4 specialists it is now almost 12months . She is still here !! Amazing !! I am glad she has defied the doctors but have been told the

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  • mick95680 2

    Ct scan revealed I have a aaa

    went for a scan in February for Sarcoid the consultants letter to the doc and my self mentioned various bit for him to refer me for like an eye problem and a rash which should be followed up in relation to Sarcoid, he also mentioned at the end of the letter to refer me to a vascular surgeon as I

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  • mide14661 2

    Traveling/Flying w/TAA

    I'm taking a trans-pacific flight later in the week, and wondering if there's any research out there on the effects of travel/flying on an enlarged aorta. Mine is 4.7 cm (aortic root). I checked w/my cardiologist and she said it was fine, and I'm not overly concerned as I was flying before I was

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  • alan65741 2

    Could I have a heart condition?

    I am a 36 year old man who is fairly active and in fairly good shape. Lately I have been noticing that I am getting tired and short of breath, especially after mild exertion. I am always feeling my heart pounding inside my chest, even when I am at rest. My resting pulse always seems to be above

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  • Needhelp asap 6

    Please, please give me some insight!

    So my neck pain is recently back. It was gone 2 weeks ago and now it's back again and I'm so scared of a vertebral artery dessection. I have a pain on my neck radiating to shoulders, and then I have a pain that radiates directly on the top of my head or , I bended over to pick

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  • darlene75724 2

    Aora valve is dialated

    went to hospital Thursday night thought I was having heart attack they done chest X-ray and MRI came back and said my aora valve was diolated 4.4 but because of my age they didn't believe it was really there so they sent me home to see my reg doc he refers me to a specialist that is going to take 3

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  • JakeAksis 2

    Could this be an AA or dissection?

    For the past 8 months, I've been having severe GERD symptoms, indigestion, heartburn, nausea, chest pains, tightness in my chest and throat, increased heart rate and occasionally increased BP, and dysphagia. All of these symptoms make me very anxious, especially the chest pains and tightness in my

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  • Kb2895 2
  • sean31343 1

    Different results on CT scan and echocardiogram

    Hi, Recently I got diagnosed with a 4.2cm aortic aneurysm on an echo. I didn't get too much further information on this and apart from this my heart is normnal. I started suffering from an anxiety disorder due to worrying about my heart and rang NHS 111 as my whole legs had suddenly gone numb.

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  • Ladytrue 2
  • boyzmummy 2

    BAV with Ascending Aorta dilation

    Hi Everyone, I have been reading your accounts with interest and would like some advice please.  8 years ago when i was 38 i had an echo after viral meningitis as they couldnt find why i was not getting better.  Anyway they found i had Co-arctation of the Aorta and bicuspid valve.  The coarc was

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  • bflare78 2

    Chances of aortic dilation in a Ehlers Danlos Syndrome?

    Hello. I am a 38 year old male who was diagnosed with Classical EDS about 10 years ago. My father as it who is 59 & his sister who is 55. Their mother, my grandmother also had it & died of what I was told was an heart attack at 45 years old. She had high blood pressure & a heavy smoker, she was

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  • sonia42005 2
  • rocky31676 6
  • stephenie31878 1

    Abdominal aorta disection

    I am 61 about 18 mo ago they did a CT & found a am desection They check every 6 mo to see if there has been any change also I had my appendix removed 1yr then they took my gallbladder 6 mo later I have been feeling fine until today just a few hrs ago I had tremors I did the Indian way of stopping

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