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Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection

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  • julia1961 2
  • Eightarches 2

    TAA Rib Pain

    Hi, I'm a  55 year old male and had my Decending Aorta replaced 9 months ago. It was >7cm. Replaced from arch to kidneys. Came out of surgery a paraplegic with sever rib pain. Stopped taking pain pills around 3 months and am back to work in a wheel chair. Been going to rehab twice a week trying to get...

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  • gloria10315 2

    Second opinion on thoracic aorta ascending anuersym

    Well I went for a second opinion about my 4.8 aorta ascending anuerysm and the doctor wants to do immediate open heart surgery. I'm scared to death as I know they freeze your brain and you're on a heart and lung machine and in ICU for several days. I worry I could have a blood clot or get infection or...

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  • gloria10315 2
  • DebW 2

    Diagnosed with Aortic Root Aneurysm

    Hello everyone, I have been recently diagnosed with an aortic root aneurysm that is 5.7 cm - I'm feeling like a ticking time bomb I am grateful that I was able to read the comments in this section where some of you indicated that your aneurysm was larger, and you seem to be doing well. Thank you...

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  • VeraC 1
  • deanna45779 2

    Thoracic, Abdominal Aneurysm Repair Surgery

    Hi! I am a 54 year old female who underwent a thoracic, abdominal aneurysm repair surgery 8 months ago.  The aneurysm was 5.5 to 5.6 centimetres and essentially the aorta was repaired from my heart to my kidneys.  I would like to discuss my recovery.  I am still not up to my usual level of energy in...

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  • karina79 1


    My mom is 67 years old and has an aneurysm in her aorta in her stomach. We went in over a month ago to the hospital as she was scheduled to have surgery but then they discovered her kidneys are in bad shape so now they said surgery is too risky. I need help finding the right answer for what we should...

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  • Kb2895 2

    Partners Operation last Wednesday

    Well Wednesday came, the day we were dreading and wishing for. We woke to the news of the London Fire Block does it sound terrible that I was thankful we were not going to a London Hospital? The stress of Living with a AAA is hard on all the family. If you keep thinking of all the what if's it is crazy....

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  • ericg753 2

    Chest and back pain left side while breathing....related to TAA??

    Hi everyone, I've mentioned previously of my 4.4 TAA and also experiencing slight to moderate pain when I breathe in deep, sneeze hard or cough hard. If I'm breathing normal I don't feel anything, I also don't feel pain if I lift my arms, bend down, etc.  Went back and forth to pulmonologist, gave me...

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  • ericg753 2

    Holding my breath....increase or decrease BP?

    I am leaving for Cozumel to do 1 week of scuba diving, on last day would like to do a whale shark snorkel. I have a TAA 4.4cm, cardiologist, pulmonologist and PCP all agree I should be okay to dive, just no heavy lifting which I am making arrangements with the dive crew when I get there. Also spoke...

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  • kel60895 2

    Way to ask the doctor?

    I am going back to see my cardio doctor next week and my head is swimming with thoughts. I haven't actually spoken with him about my diagnosis... his staff yes, but the doctor no. So if there is one question you would recommend as a top "need to know" what would it be? Please reply if you have anything...

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  • ericg753 2

    "Chest pain" last night, scary as (fill in the blank)

    So yesterday I was moving and grooving between meetings, stopping for lunch, more meetings, picking up an air conditioner order at PC Richard warehouse (they loaded in the car), rushing home to drop it off, back to work, food shopping.....crazy day. When I stopped by my house to drop off the AC, I have...

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  • ericg753 2

    Uncoiled Aorta.....anything else???

    Hi everyone, right now feeling p*ssed off and off the phone with my pulmonologist after getting a chest x-ray done. Chest x-ray went well, said lungs look normal, heart okay except he noticed I have an uncoiled aorta. Said the aorta is supposed to wrap around the heart, not too tight....

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  • timothy40679 2
  • gloria10315 2

    Ascending aorta anuerysms

    Just been diagnosed with a 4.8 centimeter anuerysm . Cardiologist wants me yoneait 6 months and have another cat scan to see if it's bigger. I feel like I have a ticking time bomb and want a second opinion. I'm a 64 year old female and thought I was in great health. This is devastating to me. Anyone...

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  • Rg 1972 3

    Good days bad days....

    Four months after my surgery now, I've been doing minor weight lifting with super light weights, light biking up to 10 miles, frequent walking 3miles and doing really good. Then come this past Saturday night I decide to do a series of upperbody weight lifting for 2 hours. All with lighter wieghts. These...

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  • Rg 1972 3

    Teeth or Tattoos After Valve Surgery

    Anyone else expereince any teeth problems after surgery while recovering?  I already have had to have one pulled and I hate to say it but I might need to get another one pulled, just four months after the surgery. I'm wondering if it is part of the immunity being low from the recovery, I also get tattoo...

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  • Kb2895 2

    Partner has Open surgery on Wednesday

    Getting stressful, want the operation so it's dealt with but worried over the risks and recovery for Jon. He chose to have the open surgery as it is more definitive. Really worried though keep fingers crossed for us please.

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  • alan65741 2

    Could I have a heart condition?

    I am a 36 year old man who is fairly active and in fairly good shape. Lately I have been noticing that I am getting tired and short of breath, especially after mild exertion. I am always feeling my heart pounding inside my chest, even when I am at rest. My resting pulse always seems to be above 100bpm....

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  • mick95680 2

    Aaa surgery

    does any one know the time scale between the fitness test  and surgery on aortic aneurysm .

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  • nhami021 2

    Got a bicuspid heart valve and aortic aneurysm

    I am a 21 yr/old male; 6'3'', 215 lbs... been having breathing problems for two years. Found out I was born with bicuspid heart valve with mild regurgitation and developed 4.6 cm thoracic aneurysm in descending aorta. Besides heart am perfectly healthy. Developed hbp 8 months ago but mostly under...

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  • kel60895 2

    What symptoms to except?

    Hi. I am a 36 year old life-long heart patient with a bi-cuspid aortic valve (unoperated), moderate stenosis, a murmur, and a recently diagnosed ascending aorta aneurysm (4.0). I have known my entire life that eventually I need to have open heart surgery and am fine with the six month monitoring, as...

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  • ericg753 2
  • Rg 1972 3
  • jennifer85396 4

    Just diagnosed with Thoracic Aortic Aneuryms ..scared!

    Hello my name is Jennifer, my husband is 48 year old former body builder.  He has been lifting very heavy weights most of his life since his 20's.  More of a power lifter.  Through the years he has stopped and started a excercise weight lifting routine.  Two years ago he went to a cardiologist who said...

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  • jennifer85396 4

    Need advice/scared and depressed for my husband

    Hello My name is Jennifer, I am writing about my 48 year old husband, who is a former body builder/power lifter.  He was recently diagnosed with aortic aneurysm/ or dialated cardiac aorta.  Hope this makes sense, he started scuba diving a few years ago and loves it, it has become his passion.  His cardiologist...

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  • kirstie 92875 3

    Fluoxetine dosage

    Hello i have been on fluoxetine for 5 weeks now on 2.5ml (10mg) every morning ive bin able to go out but only when im with someone i was diagnosed of general anxiety disorder in february.. well i started feeling the effects of the med but now im struggling with my anxiousness my 4 and 5yr old is very...

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  • Rg 1972 3

    Migraines or Headaches prior to an Aortic Dissection?

    Just curious, how many folks suffered from migraines before thier Aortic Dissection operation?   After my surgery, one of the operating surgeons had mentiioned about knowing that I suffered from headaches/migraines without me even mentioning that to him. FYI, my blood pressure usually ran low until the...

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  • james99024 2

    I had a ruptured AAA aneurysm, anyone else?

    I do not hear much from people who survived a ruptured AAA aneurysm.  Are you doing fine now?  How was the experience of getting all that blood out of your stomach?  Did you have trouble bending over and picking things up for a while?   Did the pools of blood in your belly cause you to have weird pains?...

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  • james16105 3

    at last I have a date for my AAA op

    I was diagnosed with a 7cm aneurism last August and I have just found out I am having a Fenstrate Endovascular op on the 12th April thank god, with it been 7cm I was told it could burst any time so as you can imagine I have suffered a hell of a lot of anxiety and depression and also has my wife, initially...

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  • mary marga20146 2

    Friend - 53 Type A Aortic Dissection then stroked.

    Male. 53 this January. Adopted at birth no health history. Was at emergency and had little pulse at wrists. They found a tear in his aorta then it dissected. Ascending type A. As they prepared for emergency open heart surgery he stroked. Left brain. Cancelled surgery and prognosis was dire! He survived...

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  • Kb2895 2

    On list now for open surgery

    Jon now has made the decision to have the open surgery and consent form has been signed. We have been told that it will be in the next eight weeks. Scary but in the last 9 months it has grown from 4.8 -5.6 cm. It needs fixing, he feels like a walking time bomb which just adds to the stress. We know it...

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  • Ana62 2

    Ascending aneurysm and antidepressant medication

    Hello, is there anybody using antidepressant medication? im suffering from muscular pain due to fibromyalgia as well as anxiety and stress. I've been to a GP who wanted to prescribe cipralex but she insist that one of the side effects of cipralex is possible blood clots so she told that I have to take...

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  • namo26985 1


    im 13. let me just say this as simple as possible. these are ALL of the symptoms i have that are related to marfans. yes i do know that no one on here can diagnose me, SO PLEASE do NOT comment to get checked out by a doctor, i know i need to. but having hypochondria, i still need reassurance until my...

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