Abdominal discomfort

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I have a sore tight knot feeling under my middle to left breast bone. Top abdomen. I have a lot go gurgling in that area .. Sometimes. Goes through to back. Feels like a tight fist feeling. Very uncomfortable. I am constipated at times. Doctors say it's ibs. Anyone else experienced these symptoms

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    Pain in that area that radiates to the back sounds like classic gall bladder problems. I only know that because I had the same pain when I was pregnant (but my gall bladder was fine - I was carrying quite high and he was pushing where he probably shouldn't have been, cheeky monkey). You may not have gallstones, since I've heard those are far more painful than what youdescribe, but you could have secretion issues, a blockage that could turn into loose stones or something else...

    If you haven't had a scan in that area, I would think that would be the next step if this continues.

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      Thanks for your reply. Greatly appreciated. What is secretion issues and a blockage? I'm worried it might be an ulcer or gastritis.
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      By secretion issues I mean that your gallbladder may not be emitting the right amount of bile, maybe the ducts are blocked or just not enough enzymes.  Similarly, your stomach may not be producing enough acid to properly digest food in the stomach?  If you have gall stones that haven't moved yet, it may not be the HORRIBLE pain of gall stones, but if you have a scan, they could show up. 

      Lots of good advice/info here - Good Luck!

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    If it's top left that's where your stomach is also large colon .

    I would see your doctor to get it checked out I have severe liwer gastric pain and the top left if my colon makes a gurgling noise at the sane time I have had a few endoscopes and its only Hutus hernia and sever acid inside if you have reflux it burning it's your stomach if not its your colon no harm in getting it checked hope your feeling better soon

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    Hello I have had LUQ left upper quadrant pain for 5 years now had all the test you could think of and all the scans mri ultra's blood scopes well long story short hiatal hernia with Barrets non dysplasia which is good. Colon clear stomach clear liver clear pancreas clear spleen clear gallbladder low ejection from hida scan but nowain on that side GI says IBS and myain is daily front pain canbe in front back or side with or without gurgle with or without bowel movements so I clearly have no answer on how to stop the pain but I just deal with it and go day by day trying lots of supplement anything to help peppermint oil pills are the only thing I've found in 5 years that help oh and the antispasmodic pills I get from the dr 

    good luck 

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    That sounds more like your stomach than bowels and something I suffer, I'm getting a camera test to look for an ulcer.

    I think you should seek another opinion from a different doc at your surgery and tell them you understand you have been told it's IBS but these pains seem to be coming from the stomach itself.

    Keep us posted x

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    Hi, do you have any other symptoms? 

    I went 40 yrs being misdiagnosed with many ailments that were actually symptoms of Coeliac Disease. It is an autoimmune disorder that is triggered when a person eats gluten which is found in many processed foods, lipsticks, lip balms, toothpastes & medicine.

    You describe my pains but I suffered also with IBS, joint pain, body aches, fatigue, depression, low iron, lactose intolerance, sinus infections (I had at least 2 a yr), early menopause, infertility, nose bleeds, muscle cramps, heart palpitations, chronic hives, balance issues... I exp. over 50 symptoms in the many years I suffered. CD has a very long list of symptoms... Over 300 symptoms bc it affects the duodenum which is a part of the small intestine. I was also falsely diagnosed with an ulcer bc the symptoms mimicked one. 

    It's very hard for Drs to connect the dots... It can lie dormant in the body& you think you're alright, then BAM you are miserable again ... Many have it but don't know it.

    If left undiagnosed, it can bring on many more serious diseases. 

    There is a blood test the. Dr can order but you have to load up on gluten for several days before taking. Be pro active bc the medical community is not. The cure is a diet change & they receive no incentive where a medicine isn't prescribed. 

    Mine was actually diagnosed with a endoscopy that took biopsies of the duodenum.. I had become so sick after suffering with a stomach virus that seemingly would not go away. It hurt to eat almost everything. Gurglings, gas pains that shot up into my left shoulder & mimicked a heart attack, inflammation, GERD, diahreah/constipation, low energy, I mean the kind where it seemed a major thing to place one foot in front of the other. The biggest thing was though... A gnawing pain under my left bottom rib, sometimes mid-section. Hunger pains hurt ...probably bc the stomach acid was aggravating the damaged inner lining of my sm intestine. 

    Live long & prosper.


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