abdominal discomfort like scratchy sweater

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Okay so, abdominal stuff isn't new to me. I have had IBS symptoms since late July of last year, so in general I'm pretty used to aches and pains in the tummy area. But recently I've noticed a new sensation that comes and goes day by day. I can only describe it as the feeling of wearing a scratchy wool sweater with no undershirt, except beneath the skin. My anxiety is telling me it's something horrible and I'm going to die of septic shock, but my logical mind is trying to figure out what's going on before panicking. However I can't seem to find any other cases of this kind of discomfort, probably because I don't know how to properly word the feelings I'm having. (Side note, I know that infections almost always cause a fever but I don't know if I have one or not, as my thermometer is broken and I do have a way of projecting symptoms onto myself. But I do have a warm feeling in my sinuses.)

Does anyone know what this could possibly be? It's really unhealthy to constantly be worrying about it, and it's not like I can just walk in to see my doctor today.

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    The itchy feeling can be due to the abdomen stretching, but can also be due to a more serious issue, sorry I can’t be more specific. 

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    Could be ibs talk to your doctor have tests done to rule out anything serious I get anxiety a lot and my health issue getvworse I try not to stress over it but I know it’s hard when all u wanna do is find out what’s wrong I get a lot of tummy discomfort a lot had loads tests and still don’t know what’s wrong 
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    Itching could be caused by any number of things such as a food reaction, or a side effect of medication or eczema if you have itchy spots with it. Try a food diary to see if the problem is food first of all.  

    It may also be caused by a material in your clothing such as wool.  Some people have intolerances to it.  Clothes washing detergents may also be the culprit.  You could try an antihistamine to see if that helps. 

    Panic, stress and anxiety can also trigger itching.  Try distraction techniques such as a hobby or light exercise to take your mind off it.  Consider all these simple, non threatening causes first and do not worry.

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      Thank you, you are always very helpful in these discussions. The sensations themselves don't itch, but they definitely feel like rough clothing material. It's hard to explain but it feels almost like a very dull nerve flare. Though at one point when I had them, I panicked before I realized it was just the metal from my jeans pressing on my skin, so realistically it could just be another situation like that. It's difficult but I'm really trying not to cry wolf so much.

      I appreciate the reply.

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      I have chronic nerve pain flare ups but they are not like the sensations you are getting.  Nerve pain flare ups include stabbing, throbbing pain with numbness, and pins and needles.  Try out the things I suggested first to eliminate possibilities.  

      Where are you getting these sensations?

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      They're sort of like being poked with a hot, but dull needle. They don't really hurt but they're definitely uncomfortable and unwelcome. I can get them all over my body but I worry marginally more when they're in my abdominal area. Though to be fair that's where they happen most often. I keep worrying that it's gangrene because it feels "dirty," or bowel cancer even though my risk of said cancer is extremely low.

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      Sometimes you can get burning, poker like sensations with nerve pain.  If you have nerve pain, there is nothing much you can do about it.  I have tried all sorts of medications for it and none of them work.  The only thing that helps is heat.  I once got burning sensations in my shoulder blade and I got them in my spine after chiropractic treatment irritated the nerves and then eventually led to IBS because of the trauma and stress.

      The best thing to do is not to worry and try distraction techniques to take your mind off the discomfort.  This will help you to live with it better.

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    Could be inflammation of stomach lining....that's gastritis. Perhaps get an endoscopy done. Also, test for H Pylori. I worry a lot too and it's sooo unhealthy. Sometimes I'm not able to enjoy things. For example, i love to watch movies and tv shows but sometimes when I'm watching a show I'll start thinking about my symptoms or i'll feel a sticking pain in my stomach and immediately i stop enjoying the show. It just consumes my mind and causes a great deal of stress. This forum helps though. Doing medical tests have a way of putting your mind at ease too. 

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      I had an endoscopy on December 1st that was totally clear. I was supposed to have a colonoscopy done too, but I'm only 19 so my chances of having something are too low to be worth the risk. I'm thinking about doing stool samples though to compensate. I'd like to think more tests would put my mind at ease but it seems like my brain is totally intent on worrying about anything and everything.

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    Stool test would be useful. 

    Seems our brains are very much alike. 

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