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I am still stressed with the same pain, I need you to assist me on this issues, Direct me on what to do please i need this pain to reduce so that i can be happy again. I hate this pain , Please i had a pile on my anus which i felt has gone, and that other left side pain started, please i need advice on what to do to stop this pain , It affect me seriously. I have gone to the hospitals and nothing could be found, I need an advice of something that i need to do as well. Thanks people

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    I have used two things to help me..

    Now is the brand name

    it is called

    liver & detoxifier & Regenerator..

    and I also use

    rick simpson;s oil  look up on youtube.. for info on that. I am almost pain free..

    and I was really hurting.. and my doc didn't know what else to do.. so I did the above.. Ihope thi helps


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      Thanks so much noppie, I still have not heard of those drugs before, But i will look them up on the youtube as you said, I really hope it helps, Thanks a lot... 
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    First of all piles come from straining to poo. You start by regulating that. Use a probiotic like activia and a stool softner or  a colon cleanse to clean out all if any stool that is backed up. Do thjs before taking an meds. See if that helps them try adding a little more fiber to your diet to keep you regular. You should have a bowel movement everyday because we eat everyday. Stay on a probiotic that have bifidus or bifidum. If you like yogurt then do activia 2 a day for 14 days to get your stomach together and if you prefer chewable get acidophilus with bifudus 2 tab with each meal a d stay on it . They are great for our gut flora. 

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      Dear Simba,


        Thank you so much for that , It is a great remedy tip for my pils, I will try the yogurt, Because i think i like that and it would be at my reach as i will take them daily for seven days as you have specified. I am happy for the love.. I will experiment on this and then see how it goes...

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    Dear paschal,

    I had piles a year ago. The first thing to do is to get your diet right. I agree with sexysimba, getting proboitics into your diet and increasing the amount of fibre you eat worked for me.

    I was diagnosed with IBS and I can control this by watching what I eat and avoiding stress. I must avoid wheat, rye, barley, milk, cheese, citrus fruit, coffee, fats and oils, fizzy drinks and alcohol.

    If you are diagnosed with IBS you might like to take a look at the low FODMAP diet which limits your intake of fermentable carbohydrates.

    If your pain feels like cramping try Buscopan or Mebeverine these are anti-spasmotic drugs and I find they help. You can get them over the counter at the pharmacist.

    I had this pain down my left side and had to lie down to help it go away, I think the correct diet, exercise and keep stress levels down is the answer.

    Hope something here helps you

    Best wishes


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      Thank you so very much mr robert for your help , you are such a kind person, I have not been ere for a while now , But i am happy that i still have people who like me, Well for my pain it has not reduced as i still feel same pain almost everyday.But i simply pray God helps me maybe with your new advice on what to do, I can find something good that can help me.

      I will try the buscopan and see if it works, I simply believe it will work this time. Thank you so much once more mr Roberts, and happy new year.

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    Dear paschal,

    Buscopan is an anti-spasmotic drug which should stop cramping in the bowel, some people respond better to mebeverine but please be advised by your GP.

    I can say that the diet thing was all I needed to sort out constipation. When we eat wheat and dairy products something strange happens to our digestive systems. I am not medically trained so I cannot tell you what it is. All I can say is that it has completely cured my constipation problem to the point that I no longer require any laxatives at all and I have lost seven stone in weight. I saw my old GP today, she was the best doctor I have ever had, very caring. She has been retired for two years now and she hardly recognised me. All I did was tell her that I no longer eat wheat or dairy stuff in any form. She just looked at stared with her husband.

    If you stick to it you will not believe the difference it will make. The only side effects may be that you have lots more energy and you will not get so tired but I am sure you will cope with that.

    I wish you all the best, be well

    bob ( bobscratchit )

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      Dear robert,

        Thanks alot for your message , As i have already seen my GP and had my blood tested , nothing was found i am very clean , I still dont know whats wrong, But it noticed at times when am stressed i feel the pain, and when i eat some kinda meail, But i have not figured out the meal thats causing it. I will sure take my time this time to check it out.

      And for the med, I guess i can try buscopan later on to see if i get a change



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    Dear Paschal,

    The problem is we are all different so it really is a good idea to keep a food diary. You will then have a complete record of what is going on. From a food diary you will be able to pick out the recuring foods which cause you problems. For me it was wheat and dairy foods.

    I do hope you find out what causes your problems. Remember to drink enough water and avoid alcohol and coffee. I was like you, I don't know what makes us like this. I saw my GP today and she said it could be due to an alteration in bowel bacteria, very complicated stuff. I had all the tests done, colonoscopy, X ray's, blood tests and CT scans. They found nothing. Some people think it is a lot to do with stress so keep calm if you can. Stress will make your symptoms a lot worse.

    Lots of people try the low FODMAP diet and find that it almost completely eliminates the symptoms. It works for me. Make sure you choose an NHS site, because other sites can vary the lists of foods you can eat.

    I really do hope you feel better soon. Some people think probiotics help but you must find what works for you.

    Very best regards, let me know if I can help you later on, I will try and give you helpful advice but remember I am not medically trained, I am just telling you what I have done. Always speak to your GP before doing anything you read on this forum.

    Thinking of you

    bobcrachet (bob )

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