Abdominal Myomectomy at 40

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I have had heavy bleeding non-stop for 20days. My haemoglobin levels are at 10.5 which normal levels would be 12. I turned 40 this year and want to have kids asap. My surgeon said that my fiberoid is not so huge 4.5cm and I only have one but its so far back in my uterus that laproscopy may not be successful and that he will probably make an open abdominal myomectomy. He also said the fiberoid would not have prevented pregnancy but it has to be removed to stop my uterus from bleeding. My surgery is in a few days and I'm dreading it. 

1. The Dr. said because of my age and heavy bleeding I have slim chances of getting pregnant after mymectomy but he will do his best to avoid damage to my uterus.

2. I have no idea how they can do the surgery with all my heavy bleeding still going on. 

3. I have no idea what to expect with open abdominal myomectomy surgey except after reading blogs that the pain is huge. 

4. I'm already panicking and the stress factor has hit the roof with me today. I am still heavily bleeding with huge cramps and really bad headaches. 

5. I keep thinking to look for another surgeon but this Dr. is the chief surgeon in the gynecological unit of the hospital and I really dont have much choice here as the bleeding has got to stop asap.

Would appreciate some advice. 

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    forgot to say that the Dr. only gave me an ultrasound. When he had problems trying to locate the exact position of the fiberoid, I suggested an MRI but he said no. I've been reading that most patients on this forum have had MRI's so Im worried why my surgeon didn't think it was necessary. 
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    I am so sorry to hear this.  I had bleeding with a fibroid but it resolved - by the time it was diagnosed it had stopped.  Can your GP not give you anything to stop the bleeding whist you think about surgery or get another opinion? Bear in mind a diferent consultant may say something different but you may have already received the best advice for your situation.  But you have got to be happy before you go for surgery, And drugs are not necessarily free of side effects, I took dianette for a bit but it caused awful migraines and I had to stop and I know it has caused clot problems in a very small number of women.  There is also transemic (I can't spell it) acid that can reduce heavy blnd make it bearable.  I hope it all works out for you.


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      I started taking Cerazette, it a progesterone only pill. The surgeon said usually his patients take this one month before the surgery but as I want to start having children my time is limited because of age factor and this very obvious bleeding problem and he wants to do the surgery asap.  He said his main focus and priority is to make the surgery and make sure I recover in the next six -12 months and then refer me to another team for fertility to help me get pregnant. He said he normally recommends hysterectomy for women at my age but since I never had children and want to (I just got married in June, so  the reason for waiting was none other than finding the right man!) 
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      There is another aspect to this, a surgeon is going to recommend surgery as this is how he has been trained to manage the situation. And as others have said, there are other ways of dealing with fibroids although perhaps not so effective as surgery but as they may have fewer side effects they may suit you more.  Were you not trying to get pregnant prostap may be yet another option to switch off your periods while you get on with your life. But again, drugs too have side effects and I didn't like this drug.


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    Hi Helen,

    There is website called British Fibroid Trust, if you would like to take a look. I think there are other options involving lasers, ultrasounds etc. Have a read in this website for different options. Also why don't you talk to your GP to see if there is some medication or change of diet or suplements to manage your heavy bleeding. Also, I think as a patient you have the right to have a second opinion, if you are not very happy with your team of gynaecologist in one hospital, talk to your GP to see if you can change to another team of gynaecologists in another hospital. Have a read in NHS websites of right of patients to a second opinion, I also think there is a phone number.

    I would research properly and read websites and I would consider as many options as possible to make a proper and well informed decision.


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    Wow so sorry to hear. I carried to babies with fibroids a lot bigger than yours and I just had a c section has a result. 

    Second there are few  none surgery option that you should consider before considering myo.. surgery should I think be last result in my case it was and believe me I saw 5 different consultant before I decided to have this op.

    If you have any doubts I would get second third option in my case 5 lol do not feel pressured into going for something you are not 100 percent. Has in my case dr wanted to do hystro and felt pressure from them to do this. But I stood my ground and went with meyo.

    Don't get me wrong now iv had the meyo I'm feeling so great and so glad i had it done!!

    But for someone who has no kids yet and a small fibroid I defo think u should explore all the option go online and write down all the none surgery option and present them to the dr sometime they don't give you these option unless you ask, I only was turn down for none surgery cause mine was a huge monster lol

    Please don't worry I spent the best part of 1 year worried sbout 

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      Continue: worrying about what to do and my op.. which for me was not that bad at all.

      You just need to way up your options and do what's right for you.

      I do wish you all the best and hope everything works out for you.

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    My Gp just refers me to my Gyno, my Gyno just refers me to a surgeon at the hospital. I could go back and speak to my gyno but I dont see how its going to help. I'm due for surgery in four days and was only told today. My gyno managed to push me to seeing the surgeon without the waiting period due to the massive blood loss and clots. I did ask the surgeon if we could delay the surgery by a couple of weeks and he asked me if I had any priorities to get pregnant. he said the faster the fiberoid was removed, the faster the bleeding would stop and the faster I could get pregnant.

    to be honest I dont know what to think.....

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      Hi Helen, glad you  posted here as sure lots will offer advice.

      On a good note, your iron levels are good.

      Some of my thoughts:

      Where is the fibroid located as the size of it does not sound problamatic ? as i know you can get pregant and have fibroids but doubt there is anything happening to make a baby with all the bleeding ;(.

      Secondly, when i first saw a gyna (im mid 30s), she said if i wanted to have kids i should do it now, as she was not willing to operate on the fibroids as the resulting scars can be an issue if wanted to get preg.

      To solve the bleeding, have you tried Tranexamic acid, as some on here have used it to reduce bleeding. Not ideal for you, but the contraceptive pill can stop bleeding.

      I would really echo what tanza has said as it sounds like a very small fibroid, when i was diagnosed mine were 7cm, now grown to 11cm. Could you get a second opinion before you jump into surgery 

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    Hi all, just to update you with my story.

    I took your advice and seeked a second opinion. I found a surgeon that specialized in minimal invasive surgery for myomectomy. He was 100% confident that he would not have to perform an open abdominal surgery. Open surgery was my biggest worry. So I booked the surgery with him.

    Today is my third day fiberoid free. I have three small cuts on my abdomen, nothing major....the gas they pumped into my abdomen hurts more than the surgery itself. My fiberoid was 5cm and was an part intramural situation far back very near my fallopian tubes. During the surgery he found three other very small fiberoids that the ultrasound did not initially pick up and removed those as well. He showed me photos of the entire surgery which were taken laparscopically. The biggest fiberoid looked pretty evil and glad its out.

    I am still bleeding but the Dr. said I will continue to bleed for two weeks post surgery...also my period is due soon...so more blood :-(

    Now many might ask why I chose surgery over medicine. Firstly I am 40 years old and want to have a baby. Unfortunately I discovered this problematic fiberoid after I came off the pill and my period came and would not stop. In fact I was literally flooding blood for almost 30 days. I cant get pregnant while bleeding and my uterus was completely deformed and would not hold a baby. I did not want to risk a miscarriage or have it compete with a growing fiberoid. Being 40 also doesnt give me time to watch and wait for meds to work or not. So I opted for surgery and in 2 months the dr. said it would be safe to become pregnant. I have about 2 years to get pregnant now as the Dr. estimates the fiberoids may return after this period.

    Im glad I did the surgery, now my uterus is free of these evil monsters and on its way to healing and hopefully at some point be able to grow a baby.

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    Hi there, all surgeons have procedures they follow when diagnosing, I have today point blank refused an MRI scan (they terrify me, I am so claustrophobic), so just as I have refused something, then you can push to have an MRI scan, this is YOUR body and no-one elses, ask again to either have an MRI or ask if you can be refered to someone who would send you for one, you are entitled to another consultants opinion, I was an Auxiliary nurse for many years so know that people regularly ask for second and sometimes 3rd opinions before agreeing to any procedures.

    Good luck. :0)

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