Abdominal mystery

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Ok, let's try this. See if there are some good detectives present here. 😉

40 years old male. Some 8 months ago suddenly I got pain in the abdominal area. The pain wouldn't go away, but in the next 5-10 days it progressively lessened. I also had bowel movement issues, all sorts of weird symptoms, like not feeling the urge to relieve myself, and then feeling it late at night, only to then not be able to produce much stool. :S

All the symptoms were still present 4 months after they first occurred, but to the lesser degree.. Let's say the pain was then present only 50% of the time, it was less severe, and the bowel issues were also less severe.

Now after ~8 months the symptoms are ~90% gone. The whole issue has literally been lessening at a certain constant pace, something like 10% per month. And it seems like I will be as good as new in a few months.

Now it puzzles me what could have had been behind it. I visited a doctor, done some basic blood test, but no scans, because by the time I could get it done, the pain and all the issues were mostly gone, so I canceled it.

So now I can only conclude that some physical injury must have occurred spontaneously some 8 months ago, which has been slowly healing on it's own ever since. Or perhaps I suffered a twisted bowel, which needed time to slowly untwist itself? Or something. It was not pathogens, because a blood test would probably pick that up.

Really don't know. You guys have any theoretical ideas, what could have caused this weird phenomenon?

Thanks for any potential input or guesses.-

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    Forget about the past and look forward to a bright future.

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    Maybe just a simple case of IBS... IBS can come and go....

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    Hi darwin1

    Have you made any lifestyle changes during the time of your symptoms, such as diet change, exercise. Gave up smoking or alcohol perhaps. Stopped eating certain foods or stopped a medication?..or were you stressed and anxious about anything at the time? Have a review of the last 8 months if your lifestyle continued to be the same with no changes, then perhaps it may a complete mystery. I say something caused it but if all ok now move on and put it behind you...best wishes...

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      Thanks... I did make lifestyle changes.. I started practicing intermittent fasting and mild calorie restriction. Also started exercising.. BUT that was 4 years ago that I implemented all the changes.

      And I reckon if this was the trigger, or in case of IBS, symptoms would appear gradually... In my case it came out of nowhere one day. One moment everything was fine, and then sudden semi-severe pain hit me and never went away. It even kept me awake at night. Plus all the other symptoms. It was like I was shot in the stomach and the injury progressively almost completely healed over the last 8 months. Really weird indeed. I don't stress about it, but it's an intriguing mystery. I guess I will never know, unless it comes back. Thanks for your thoughts Mary and Beverlys.

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      For me, IBS didn't come on gradually; it happened suddenly without warning as you describe. One day, I was fine and the next day I woke with raging stomach pain.

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      Hi Darwin1

      Hey, no worries happy to be of some help. If the pain does ever come back, try and recall what you did, what you ate or drank or if any kind of trauma occurred prior to the start of the pain. Hopefully it will not return and you remain pain free. 👍😊...

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    Could have been IBS that can come and go, Were you stressed at that time and did you notice if any food triggered the symptoms? If the symptoms have gone, I wouldn't worry. However,if the problems come back, see your doctor for tests and diagnosis.

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    Hi, It sounds like a possible twisted bowel. I suffered the same symptoms for a few months, then it miraculously cleared up, but the symptoms have come back again in the last few weeks. I did have a colonoscopy, but they couldn't get all the way around, so had a scan. They said it was because of a loopy bowel. Nobody has suggested any further treatment, apart from eating a high fibre diet, more vegetables etc. I am now trying 4 sachets of Laxido daily, to liquidise the bowel motions. It worked for me last time. I will then reduce the dose slowly and start the high fibre diet again. Good luck., I hope you remain symptom free.

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    Your welcome Darin,,, My IBS pain came out of nowhere... I originally had IBS-D and not alot of pain then bam all of a sudden I started getting this unbearable pain right in the middle of my stomach everyday it was deblitating.... Everyday it would creep up but alot of times in the middle of the night I thought for sure this is something real bad I couldn't even walk... A fellow follower did give me a good tip,, now I lay down with a heating pad on my tummy and close my eyes and relax and it usually goes away by the next morning,,, the nerves in your stomach are very in tune with your brain and if you are stressed at all in anyway it knows,,, So don't no just real glad you feel better....

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