Abdominal pain, bloating and swelling for 3 months

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Around 3 months ago, I started to have stomach pain. I just thought it was because of something I ate, I visited the doctor and he told me it'll go away in a few days. Now 3 months after, I still have constant abdominal pain, bloating as my stomach makes lots of noises when I press on it and my abdominal is really hard to press on, it's like a wall. I'm not sure if I have constipation. I used to have daily movement, however now it is every other day. I tried changing my diet to elimate wheat, dairy, processed foods and soft drinks but my stomach feels the same. I'm feel like i'm never gonna get better. 

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    Good luck to you. It's been many months for me with these symptoms, and more, and still trying to get answers. I even take supplements, and eat yogurt and drink kefir, and still tummy troubles. 

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    Try some safe stool softeners for a couple weeks and see if it gets your system back to normal. And drink more water than usual.If persists, see your doctor again and consider GI specialist. All the best!
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    I have no idea what causes your problems,

    H.pylori jumps to mind.

    but I was once told if it was something chronic and not due to a parasite, bacteria, virus or organic disease or physical compression issue: it takes years to develope tummy symptoms (our digestive systme copes with a lot often so well, that we don't notice that it actually struggles), so it can take years to get rid of them.

    I was also told, that some virus infection can take 6 months to heal to return to former full funciton.

    Does this help?

    I don't know, just to say, sometimes it takes a long time to return to normal even if 'nothing' serious is evident.

    But first of course you need to rule out abc.

    Food diary helps with locating triggers (or helps with finding that there is no trigger) and a H.pylori test would be non invasive and good to have ruled out, I think.

    All the best!


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      Yeah, Thank you! I started to keep a food diary and have been controlling what I eat. Yeah I'm going to visit a specialist next week, i'll ask if they can check for viruses and infections in my abdominal. As of now, it's still feels swollen and hurts quiet a bit today. And what is abc? 

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      sorry for confusion,

      'abc' just means to tick through a list of possibilities.

      First check a (e.g. h.pylori),

      then b (e.g.blood work for routine parameters from liver to electrolytes),

      then c (e.g. ultrasound, scopes whatever doc thinks was indicated)

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    I've been experiencing the same for the past 5 month. Was diagnosed with gastritis primarily then acid reflux (GERD ) but symptoms persisted so we finally tested for H-pylori and it was positive. My Doctor is now seriously treating this bacteria to try to get rid of it. Talk to your Dr. about taking an H-pylori test.

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      Yeah, i'm visiting a specialist next week, i'll talk about an H-pylori test. Thank you! Have your symptoms been going away as you're being treated? 

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    i agree with Sanya u need to watch what u eat it could be combination of so many things and the good news is if you work on it it will go away te bad news is it takes time to go away dont expect a miracle in few days at least i hav been working on mine for the last one year now but i can say i am 80% ok still working on it cause like sanya said mine was caused by H-pilory which from my experience and that of other which i have came across are hardly treated by antibiotics cos i tried so many times without luck until i went natural and i had to take away most processed food from my diet and stopped taking any PPI cos they nealy killed me,hope you get well soon


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      Hey, Yeah I will try that. I already processed foods out, but if you don't mind can you tell when what type of diet you have. Like for example what do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Thanks! 

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      Hi actually i prepear most of my tood from scratch and i came to find out that since my stomach got compromise i dont tolerate some foods anymore liie eggs,soy,garlic and wheat.but ginger has been very good for me it really helps a lot to ease the pain even its hot to chew or even drink but its really good for the stomach,its a full time job to make ur own food from scratch but i dont think we are left with much choice cos thats the only way foward for us cos our stomach has been compromised.and drink a lot of camomile tea i forgot its really really nice actually.
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      I forgot to mention drink a lot of apple cider to bring up the gas in ur stomach if u hav been on PPI like i was for a long time cos i think u have less stomach gas and not more like the Drs make us believe u know.

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    I have been in the same state for almost three years (had all sorts of tests and everything was clear). However, after doing lots of research and also thinking that I would not get better - I had started eating Pomegranate Peel Powder (twice a day) and this has saved my life. Now I have completely stopped my medication and I can say that I am 100% better.


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