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So main points including tests and medication:

20 year old male, previously healthy, no major medical history prior to this

abdominal pain started 2016

GP done blood tests and found H Pylori

Triple therapy of antibiotics with no luck

A&E visit - Laproscopic appendisectomy - May 2016

Urinary retention started May 2016 and is intermittent - had catheter > 6 times

Blood in stools intermittent, but when it does occur vast amounts of blood

Have had colonoscopy, ultrasound, X ray, CT scan, stool test, urine tests. blood testsand have a video capsule endoscopy appointment this wednesday - very sceptical about this

Been kicked out so many GPs due to this problem and me feeling they are not doing anything

Went private - £££




Ibuprofen 400mg


Metronidazole 400mg

Co - Amoxiclav 625mg

Mebeverine 135mg

Calpermin IBS Relief

Ibuprofen gel

Docusate sodium

Paracetamol 500mg

Senna 7.5mg

Maalox suspension





Cefalexin 250mg

Mesalazine 1g suppositories

Codeine Phosphate 15mg

Anusol ointment

Buscopan 10mg

Daktacort cream

Tramadol 50mg

Trimethoprim 200mg

Dicycloverine Hydrochloride 20mg

Naproxen 250mg

Scheriproct suppositories 

Scheriproct ointment

Tamulosin 400 micrograms

Co - Codamol

Dicolofenac sodium 50mg

Amitriptyline 10mg

This pain is very bad currently and no one is really doing anything. Its in my lower abdomen, genital area, pain when urinating and opening bowels, spreading in legs, in lower back.

Any help please?

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    I can see how pain you are undergoing. It is sometimes hard to diagnose the problems with symptoms. I am pretty sure it is your Dr. Must have called it as IBS as nothing is diagnosed. It is same for me with little different problems.

    I can sense your problem may be PI IBS with residual stomach issue by h pylori. Occasional little blood in stool is not to worry much, sometimes if your food is hard for digestion and sametime if your body is hot with weak stomach this has the same result. Stress will aggregate the problems in stomach.


    1. Are you taking care on your food after getting problems.?

    If not you need to strictly follow this for 2 weeks minimum.

    No uncooked food, nuts, alcohol. Add yogurt or any Probiotic food along with your dish. Also digestive enzymes.

    2. Become stress free. Best is yoga if not make brisk walk for an hour in morning.

    Sleep regular and eat regular. Don't lie after food immediately.

    As you did not find anything in your body seriously I am sure you don't have any problem it can be mild which would have taken care with diet itself. Keep in mind taking more medication also has some side effects, try to heal naturally.

    Sorry for long one. All the best

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    Did your colonoscopy show anything since you are having a lot of blood in your stools  intermittently?
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      Yes Ive been continously checked just dont know why this pain is occuring and getting worse
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      Have you tried a food diary to see if any foods are causing the pain?  If you are anxious about your symptoms, this can also trigger symptoms.  Have you been retested for h pylori since the treatment didn't work?  Sometimes h pylori is resistent to antibiotics and can come back.  Has IBS/IBD been mentioned?

      Perhaps one or more of your medications are irritating your stomach.  Appendix surgery can also trigger IBS.

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      Many thanks for your replies. 

      I have taken note of the different foods I eat and have changed them, but with no prevail.

      IBS was mentioned but then once blood and continous pain spreading from mid abdominal downwards it was taken out the equation.

      IBD they are still questioning but results have proven otherwise and so not really sure.

      I was supposed to be retested for H Pylori, but that has gone straight out the window and hasnt been rementioned 

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    Only 75mg Amitriptyline get's my daughter's abdominal huge pain under control, but makes her so brain fogged, that we had to go down to 25mg. Unfortunately at this dose it doesn't do much to pain at all for us. 

    Usually 10-20mg Amitriptyline are given to combat abdominal pain.

    Since you are a grown man, you might want to discuss to opt up that dose and see how you go. More body weight to distribute it?

    Re blood: do you have anal fissures? That's what it is in our case.And it needs a long time to heal even stool is kept soft.

    Best of luck!

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      Oh many thans for the reply. 

      No fissures just dont know where its coming from. But kind regards

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      If it's obvious red blood,

      it's from an area at the end of colon or anus.

      If it was black mixed in with stool it would be further up.

      Are you never constipated that hard stool could damage the mucosa and release fresh blood onto stool?

      (I have it very often for decades, no hemorrhoids, just mucosa splitting sometimes upon hard stool physically scratching it open just before passing, it seems. If it was cancerous, I woudn't be alive anymore since I have that since a child)

      My daughter's colonoscopy was without findings too, yet she bleeds rectally at times onto stool in bright red blood (looks impressive) and once that starts, it takes weeks to heal (seems to open more easily). Sometimes though superficial blood vessels are overlooked in rectum and could be cauterised and solve the bleeding. Maybe doc can have another look outside on anus or in sigmoid? (not full colonoscopy)

      Please mentione which kind of blood how often you see with your stool to him/her. It can be really nothing worrying at all, but needs to be checked once. 

      All the best!

      Abdomen is just a huge, huge field.


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      oh sorry, seeing that you  have been checked for fissures and hemorrhoids constantly,

      BUT in saying that, just via 'eye' by doc or with a scope in rectum?

      Not every fresh blood can be just seen by looking plain with the eye on anus and touching around with fingers, it's not always the plain outside fissure and hanging out hemorrhoids. Sometimes it's a few cm further up. If only due to scratches, fine, but if there was a blood vessel superficially inside, it will never go away and rupture very easily and is only be seen: by a scope.

      I have the feeling when going for a colonoscopy, they don't look too carefully at first cm of rectum, but the whole stretch up colon. It's not the first time a bleeding issue further down was overlooked in colonoscopy, as they concentrate more in the sigmoid, descending, transverse, ascending colon and trying to get into the terminal end of illeum. 

      Write down the frequency and keep an eye on it, but it sounds like fresh blood and not much to worry about. Still, keep an eye on stool softness and how you are doing then (magnesium, movicol....)

      All the best!

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