Abdominal pain for months, is it appendicitis?

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In October/November I've started feeling a weird, dull ache just below my right rib. The pain would extend to the back, also below the right rib. A week or so goes by and the pain got more severe. It was endurable and I could do normal actions, but it would hurt a lot when I would sleep on my back or lean on a chair. After a few days it subsided and returned to the usual dull pain, but this time it has traveled to my lower right abdomen. Sometimes the pain there would feel like gas got stuck, but it would never come out as gas. Other times it's a bit sharp, as if a metal stick was horizontally put in my lower abdomen. The pain in lower right abdomen also extends to my lower right back. I'm fearing I could be having appendicitis, but my friend who had her appendix removed told me that her abdominal pain was very sudden, came in one day, and was so severe that she couldn't walk. Also, I don't have a fever, nausea or vomiting. I do suffer from constipation (on and off) and I've had many hard stools (sorry TMI) for which I've heard could cause appendicitis. My right abdomen is also very tender, I clench my muscles to the touch. Blood work was good, my abdominal ultrasound was also good (I had it done because of urinal tract issues though) and my doctor was also poking me in my upper right abdomen (at the time only there I felt the pain) and she didn't mention appendix at all. Could this still be appendicitis despite the pain going on for so long? It's not my gallbladder, liver or kidneys... what else could it be except for appendix? I'm sorry for such a long post, I am just really worried and don't want to rush so soon to my doctor as my pain isn't excruciating.

Any help is very much appreciated ❤️

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    You can get a grumbling appendix which can come and go for weeks rather than coming on suddenly. However, I would have thought an abdominal ultrasound would have shown this and your doctor would surely have mentioned it. Have you had a CT to completely rule this out? Gastritis can cause pain below the ribs and can cause upper abdominal pain. IBS could also cause ribcage pain in some people and IBS pain tends to move about all over your abdomen and causes bowel habit change such as constipation. I have IBS and experienced generalized, lower abdominal pain with constipation. Have you noticed any triggers such as stress or food? Have you tried a food diary.

    Keep going back to your doctor for further testing and a diagnosis.

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      Well, the ultrasound was focused on my urinal tract back then because my doctor suspected this pain was because of my kidney or gallbladder. I haven't had a CT scan yet though.

      IBS and gastritis should be considered, I already have a really bad LPR and I've read people often struggle with them simultaneously. I wonder if IBS causes back pain as well? I am definitely under a lot of stress because of school which is why I wouldn't like it to be my appendix. The surgery and recovery take too long.

      Thank you for the advice!

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      IBS does cause lower back pain which I I have also had on top of my back injury. Don't try researching anything on google about your symptoms because it doesn't give accurate answers and causes anxiety. It sounds more like a gut problem you have; I haven't heard of constipation causing appendicitis. I have chronic reflux and I am having a very bad bout of it just now following a cold.

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      I suppose so. My entire life I've had issues with my gut. The pain in my lower right abdomen has worsened since I started thinking about this and now I'm experiencing nausea too. It's probably psychosomatic. I will just try to modify my diet for now, it was quite bad before and now I haven't been eating much.

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      My IBS often got worse when worrying about it. The gut brain axis is very strong.

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    It's not your appendix either. If it was you would be nauseated and vomiting. Also appendix is lower right just below your right hip. Appendix pain doesn't go away. It should have burst by now if it was. Do you exercise and run hard. Any muscle issues?.

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      The pain never really goes away. It's always there, but sometimes it's dull and feels more like a sensation of something "being there" and sometimes it gets worse. I've read that not everyone will have all symptoms of appendicitis.

      At the moment, I do not exercise. But just before the pain started I was doing dancing and there were a lot of movements which required me to move my torso to the left and so primarily I thought it was the strain that the dancing could've caused. But it has been nearly 5 months since I've quit dancing and the pain is still there. Do you think I could've strained some muscles in the process that possibly haven't healed yet?

      Also, thank you for the advice!

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      Sometimes pulled muscles can take up to eight weeks to heal; I had this with my shoulder. Maybe you trapped a nerve.

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      It could be. I probably should have mentioned that I also had an X-Ray of my lower back and it was alright except for a light scoliosis and also an EMG of my legs to check for peripheral nerves, which was also alright. Thank you for all your help, it has certainly given me comfort ❤️

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    Hi Jennie12083

    Have you had a scan of your ovaries?...Your ovaries are in the area of your appendix. Perhaps you should go back to your doctor and ask for an ultrasound of your ovary or referral to Gynaecology incase you may have an ovarian cyst which is very painful....

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      I was actually supposed to visit the gynecologist after my round of antibiotics for a UTI, but I gave up. I think gynecologist could be my next stop though, an ovarian cyst doesn't sound so far off from what could be causing me pain. Thank you for the advice!

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    I don't see any mention of Diverticulitis. It is a very common condition and a possibility for your symptoms.

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